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Call for an International Demonstration Against Sharia Court in Canada,

Toronto Sep 8, 2004 12-noon

Also in: England, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Australia and Holland


Letters to Mrs Boyd



Solidarity event with Iraqi women, and their demands for an egalitarian secular constitution.


UK representative of Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) has organized an event in support of establishing a secular constitution and the law of equality in Iraq.


Our stands and views against the new constitution as well as our alternative as secular progressive people of Iraq will be discussed at this event.

 Please do come along in support of our demands and strengthen the camp of humanity. The fist session starts 6.00-7.30

                       Speakers include:

Sawsan Salim - OWFI activist who has just returned from Iraq.

Nadia Mahmood - Representative of OWFI abroad


Khasraw Saya – Responsible of the organization abroad of Worker-communist Party of Iraq.


Houzan Mahmoud - UK representative of OWFI, and editor of Equal Rights Now!


Second session starts 8.00 to 8.30 the sponsors of the event will read messages of solidarity. After this food at a reasonable price will be served and there will be music. The entrance fee is 4 pounds


The venue:

Caxton House

129 St. John’s Way

London N19 3RQ

                                  Time: 6.00-11.00 PM


For more information please contact the organizer Houzan Mahmoud via e-mail: houzan73@yahoo.co.uk or phone: 079 56 88 3001


The sponsors of the event are: London Corresponding Committee, Organization of Women’s Liberation in Iran, Campaign against Racism and Fascism, Alliance for Workers Liberty, Communist Party of Great Britain, Workers Power, Revolutionary Democratic Group, Representative network of Union of Unemployment in Iraq abroad, Worker Communist Party of Iraq, and Worker Communist Party of Iran.


Houzan Mahmoud
Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq
E-mail: houzan73@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 00 44 ( 79 56 88 3001)



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