March 4, 2010

To:   Justin Trottier

Executive Director

Centre for Inquiry Canada

Subject:  Homa Arjomand Award for Secular Advocacy

Dear Justin,

It is an honour and I am flattered to know an annual award has been chosen after my name.  Such a prestigious award with my name is something to be very proud of.  To recognize and nourish all those who strive for a modern and progressive society, is an important action in which the secular movement will be strengthened.  It will reinforce the movement that aims to end the interference of religion and reactionary culture in government bodies and society.  Further more, this action will aid me and other
activists to advance the progression of the following campaigns: Campaign for One Secular School System, Campaign against Honour Killings, Campaign against Polygamy, Campaign against Child Brides, Campaign against forced marriages, Campaign against political Islam, Campaign against Sharia courts
and Campaign to close down Iranian Embassies.

There is no doubt that this action will pave the way for greater achievements for all involved in the movement for freedom, modernism and de-religionisation,  particularly in countries where the machinery of Islam and other religions have been imposed on millions of  people and made their
lives miserable.

Once more I thank you and all those involved in this process for choosing my name for the Award for Secular Advocacy.  And I wish success upon all those who fight for freedom from superstitious belief.  I wish victory for all fighters against oppression of women and children, organized religious
apparatus and religious states.


Homa Arjomand


Subject: Notification of CFI award named in your honour



Hi Homa,
It is my pleasure to let you know that CFI has decided to name an award after you which we would like to give out on an annual basis. It would be called the "Homa Arjomand Award for Secular Advocacy." The first such award ceremony is at a banquet this Friday from 7:00 -
9:00pm to be presented by CFI's Board of Directors and Advisory Fellows as part of our weekend first annual conference.  This just came together at the last minute or I would have provided you far more warning.  However, if you happen to be available it would be great to
have you there.  Otherwise, I'll let you know the first award recipient.
The full conference details are available here:


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