One more victory for the rights of women against religious patriarchal societies

On Wednesday November 23, 2011 the British Columbia Supreme Court, Chief Justice Bauman ruled in favour of the section of the Criminal Code outlawing polygamous unions. Judge Bauman is heading in the right direction but we need to aim for an amendment of the criminal code with respect to polygamy. In order to prevent further victimization of women and compromising womenís rights for the sake of religious rights, we need to guarantee the rights of not only minors age 12-18 but also of all women who are somehow engaged in polygamist relationships.

What we the defenders of equality between men and women expect the government to do in their next step is to amend Act 293 more towards empowering women. Right now the assumption of this Act is that women and men have gained gender equality in these closed communities. The assumption is that women willingly enter into these relationships. But the reality shows otherwise. The truth is because of the policy of multiculturalism in Canada, sects and cults as well as organized religious groups were given room to grow. This means that under this policy they were given rights to keep and promote their ancient traditions, not only in homes and religious institutions such as churches and mosques but also such training has become part of the school curriculum. Children at these communities are told that one way to become close to their God, is to give birth to as many children as possible. Children are taught to follow their Godís wishes and one of those wishes is to stay in polygamous relationship so they can stay pure.



Campaign to Stop Polygamy

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Polygamy (one man having multiple wives) has expanded greatly in the last decade in countries where governments aggressively suppress freedom and secularism and where religious and regional cultures that legitimize polygamy were able to gain dominance.
The expansion of polygamy in the west is due to the increased dominance of right wing parties with a large fundamentalist religious support base, coupled with misdirected multiculturalism that encourages cultural ghettos.Although polygamy in these countries is illegal,it is met with little opposition. In places such as England, the government has even given tax breaks to men with second wives. In Norway, France, Germany and the Netherlands there are reports indicating an increasing number of men with multiple wives.
After nine women from Bountiful filed charges of sexual abuse of girls as young as 13 involved in polygamous relationships, shamefully, Canada funded a $150 000 study, that recommended that Canada legalize and decriminalize polygamy. For more information please read the full report at http://www.swc-cfc.gc.ca/pubs/pubspr/0662420683/index_e.html
It is clear that the movement of equality for women is under serious attack. It is critical that immediate action be taken to protect the erosion of our social and cultural norms.
Polygamy belongs to a prehistoric time. Legalizing it would only put us back in that same place.
Polygamy generally occurs in marginalized communities and countries where women have not gained equality with men and are considered second class. Legalizing polygamy would cause further inequality between men and women. Legalizing polygamy means legalizing degrading, male-chauvinism, and the patriarchal treatment of women in marginalized communities.
Polygamy must not only be illegal, it must also be recognized as a crime. All men involve in polygamous relationships must face serious consequences. There should be no exceptions made for immigrants coming from so called Islamic countries.

If you believe women's Rights are Universal, If you believe The rights of the child take precedence over any national, racial, economic, political,ideological, and religious consideration or interest.
Please join us to put an end to polygamy


The Undersigned

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The Campaign to Stop Polygamy Petition to Public, Medias and Governments was created by International Campaign against Sharia Court in Canada, Children First Now, International campaign for the defense of Women's Right in Iran and Women's Libration and written by Homa Arjomand (homawpi@nosharia.com).  This petition is hosted here at http://www.petitiononline.com/petition.html as a public service. There is no endorsement of this petition, express or implied, by Artifice, Inc. or our sponsors. For technical support please use our simple Petition Help form.

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