International Campaign to close down Iranian Embassies Announcement

March 16, 2012

Islamic Republic of Iran can not buy credibility!

First Nation leaders supporting a Fascist regime

While the international mood has turned against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and while the people of Iran, despite the regime’s constant threats, mass arrests, torture, rape and executions, are organizing themselves to overthrow the entire regime of Iran, the former First Nations Chief Terry Nelson and chiefs Frank Brown of Canupawakpa and Orville Smoke of Dakota Plains Wahpeton, as well as former Sioux Valley chief Ken Whitecloud, met with representatives of the Iranian Fascist regime in Ottawa. To make the matter worse, they are aiming to arrange another meeting with the leaders of the Islamic regime in Iran. Needless to say the Islamic Republic of Iran is comparable with Nazism in Germany or the apartheid regime of South Africa. This regime’s history is just as dark, as its leaders, through anti-human state policy, have ruthlessly arrested, tortured and executed at least 150,000 people since 1979, for going against enforced gender apartheid. This regime did not hesitate to purposely burn down businesses and homes of the Kafar (infidels) which included Jews, Baha’is, Christians and atheists.  Entire families were burned alive.  This regime has gang raped children under the age of 16 before hanging them in public for carrying a pamphlet or attending a demonstration, and fed narcotics to arrested youths and students in prison in order to keep them sedated and away from protesting.   

Knowing all of this, I wonder how the leaders of the First Nations justify their meeting. They need to apologize to both their own people and the people of Iran.

Soon people in Iran along with concerned citizens globally, will put all the leaders of the Islamic regime of Iran on trial for all the heinous state crimes they have committed in Iran and aboard.  This regime has no credibility and the First Nation Leaders can not bring the Islamic regime of Iran out of isolation.

Homa Arjomand

Coordinator of the International Campaign to Closedown Iranian Embassies