International Campaign to close down Iranian Embassies


Close down Iranian Embassies

 August 9th, 2012


Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Governments/Political Affairs Editor.

A permit to hold God’s Day rally has been granted to Islamists at Queens Park on August 18th 2012.

Homa Arjomand, the Coordinator of the International Campaign to Close Down Iranian Embassies claims, “Gud’s Day is another day for the Islamic Republic of Iran and its associates Hezebollah and Hamas to organize globally to sustain terrorism”.  “Concerned citizens around the world must reject Gud’s Day, and denounce the Islamic Republic of Iran and its associates”. “She stated that “Gud’s Day originated with Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979. He called for an international hate rally on the last Friday of Ramadan in support of the People of Palestine against Israel and the USA. Unfortunately in Toronto, under the concept of freedom of religion, the organizers of this hate crime were granted a permit to run another hate rally at Queens Park on August 18, 2012.”

Homa Arjomand further stated, “everyone is aware that Khomeini’s Gud’s Day is not about bringing peace and prosperity to the Palestinian people; instead, this is a day to promote hate, revulsion, distraction, and disturbance. It is a day for Islamists to catch their breath, to issue more death fatwa against freedom seekers. It is so obvious that the Islamists use this day to rebuild and organized their network to keep national, ethnical and religious splits in the Middle East alive as political capital and source for its power.”

Homa Arjomand proclaimed, “The promoter of Gud events are the ones who wanted to bring Sharia Court in Canada and are pushing to have it in the United Kingdom. They are the followers of Khomeini who have roots with Hezbollah and Hamas. They are the ones who ride on the idea of Jihad for further discrimination and to continue despicable Jihad against humanity, whether for the grace of God and Islam, or to become an active pole of international terrorism. They are the ones who actively participated the murderous history from Iran and Afghanistan to the daily crimes of Islamic terror in Israel, Algeria, Egypt, and the heart of Europe and America; from the bloody suppression of political and intellectual opponents to imposing reactionary and anti-humanistic Islamic laws on people, particularly women, from beheadings and mutilation, to planting bombs in public. These are just the highlights in the track record of these organised religious gangs.”


She proclaimed that Islamists’ action can only be comparable to the action of Nazi Germany. In this era of time no fascist could hold on to their position and carry the banner of Hitler. The question is why Canada is letting this organized religious gang with their history of terror have their hate rally at Queens Park and carry pictures of Khomeini, Khomeini and Hezbollah’s leaders.”

“The International Campaign to Close Down Iranian Embassies calls on people to come to the fore and reject this day Gud’s Day and to denounce the  Islamic Republic of Iran and its associates. We must not let this day or days such as this to become a breathing ground for Islamists.”

Media Contact:  Homa Arjomand             416-737-9500      .


Homa Arjomand

Coordinator of the International Campaign to Close down Iranian Embassies