Hilary Term 2009

Event Name

This House Believes That Islam Is Incompatible With Western Liberalism

Start Date

5th Feb 2009 8:30pm

End Date




In Proposition:

HOMA ARJOMAND is an Iranian political activist, avowed secularist, and Co-ordinator of the International Campaign against the Sharia Courts. She is perhaps most famous for leading a successful campaign against the provision of Islamic courts in Canada which resulted in the abolition of sharia courts in Ontario province.

WALID SHOEBAT describes himself as a former PLO terrorist who was involved in various violent activities directed against the State of Israel. Since converting to Christianity he has become an outspoken critic of Islamism and a fervent supporter of Israel. Walid has regularly appeared on CNN AND FOX, been profiled in most of the mainstream media and is the author of Why I left Jihad and God’s War on Terror.

NONIE DARWISH is an Egyptian-born American writer and public speaker. An ex-Muslim, she is the author of Now they call me Infidel; Why I renounced Jihad for America, Israel and the War on Terror and is the founder of Arabs for Israel. She has argued that her mission is to “promote reconciliation, acceptance and understanding” between Israelis and Arabs.

In Opposition: 

BARONESS WARSI is a lawyer, politician, Shadow Minister for Community, Cohesion and Social Action, and without doubt one of the most prominent British Muslims in public lifetoday. Born to Pakistani parents in Yorkshire, her life and career are (at least for those who oppose this motion) living examples of how Islam can have a place at the very heart of Western liberal democracies.

SHEIKH FAIZ-UL-AQTAB SIDDIQI is a British Muslim scholar, responsible for launching the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal to address forced marriages within his community. He is a veteran political activist, having defended the use of Islamic family law in the UK as well as organizing demonstrations against the publication of the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.