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To:  all individuals and progressive organizations

International Declaration

Islamic schools should be banned

Children have no religion


political Islam, as a reactionary, anti-human, and, specifically, anti-children-and- women movement has emerged, not only in the Middle East and northern Africa, but also in Europe and North America, laying claim to political power as well as a field of action to play an effective role in the socio-cultural life of these societies;

this movement has started its campaigns by attacking all progressive and modern values not only in the Middle East and northern Africa but also in the heart of Europe and North America;

the leaders of this movement have invested considerable amount of money and personnel to expand Islamic schools globally in order to be able to play an effective role in social, political and cultural arena for further marginalization of so called Islamic communities;

these Islamic schools have become a main source to impose religion and backward traditions on children under the age of 16, and have forcefully given them religious identity and have encouraged discrimination, inequality, revulsion, segregation and Isolation right from childhood;

Islamic schools provide a perfect breeding ground for the growth of Islamism, uphold Islamic ghettos, empower the Sheykhs, parasitical elders and Imams to openly attack and limit women and children’s rights;

Islamic schools provide a perfect basis to recruit youth for the Islamic movement’s terrorist forces, decrees (Fatwas) against opponents of Islam, honour killings and brain washing the children;

One of the very basic principles of Islamic schools is the segregation of girls and boys at a very young age; imposing Hijab on young girls, teaching young boys cruelty towards women and brutality towards girls;

Children have no religion, and, therefore, putting them in the care of Islamic schools means legitimizing the imposition of religion on them on a social level, and this, in turn, signifies an openly refusal on the part of the state to defend the rights of children to safety, happiness, and welfare;

Be it therefore resolved that

- in order to guarantee that the rights of children take precedence over any national, racial, political, ideological, and religious considerations or interests, the state should call for the total separation of religion from education, and adopt a secular educational system for all children;

- all Islamic schools should be prohibited;

- any kind of financial, material or moral support by the state or state institutions to religion and religious activities should be prohibited;

- teaching any religious subjects, dogmas, doctrines, etc should be prohibited in all of the schools;

- all educational establishments must be co-educational;

- alluring young people under 16 to religious sects, religious ceremonies and locations should be prohibited;

- any religious laws and regulations that influence children’s creativity and their inalienable right to a happy life, and prevent their participation in social and leisure activities, should be revoked;

- wearing or carrying all religious symbols, such as Islamic hijab, in schools should be prohibited.


The Undersigned

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