No to the Islamists Repression, No to the US Aggression

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A blink of headline news “Militarism”, “terrorism”, “racism”, “ethnicism”, “religious fanaticism”, pictures the conflict of two obvious poles- American militarism and Islamic fascists. Invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, and now the possibility of attack on Iran for its attempt of Uranium enrichment alert us of the next catastrophe. Fear of terrorism, lead by political Islam, now globally with the leadership of Islamic Regime of Iran; and military attack of Iran, lead by the USA, demonstrates a definite immense violent operation.  This operation is not over Islam, liberalism, Western democracy, freedom, civilization, security, but it is a battle between the US superpower and political movement with a global reach of political Islam.

No-one doubts the conflict of two main camps of terror. On one side the militarism of American government, the only force which has used nuclear bombs against people from Hiroshima and Vietnam to Grenada ,On the opposite side there stands Islamists terrorism with its daily crime against humanity from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan to Algeria and Palestine, even in the heart of Europe and the North America; from imposing reactionary and anti-human Islamic laws on people, from beheading and mutilations, to planting bombs and mass murder in buses, café and discotheques will bring the humanity and civilization disaster.

This is a power struggle. For the USA, the main issue is the consolidation and expansion of its political and military hegemony and dominance over the world as the only superpower through what Bush announced the “New World Order”; and for the political Islam is to expand its position globally and in the Middle East. Terrorism is the Islamic movement’s main tool and a source for its power.

If Islamic terrorism be justified by “anti imperialism” movement or the notion of Islam phobia, if we tolerate repression of political Islam, if US militarism be supported  and  the US aggression not be challenged by civilized humanity then the war of terrorists can be the beginning of one of the bloodiest eras of modern history.

No doubt this International war on terrorists has indeed become a war of propaganda of these two camps and if we don’t build an active, progressive and freedom –loving policy at the forefront of our civilization, it will clash today’s civilization.  We need to expose and break the ideological framework of this hypocritical war propaganda on both sides of this reactionary conflict.

This inhuman act must be resisted. In our camp, camp of humanity, under the banner “No to Islamists Repression, No to the US Aggression, we need to neutralize terrorism and bring terrorists and Islamic governments in the Middle East to justice. We oppose terrorism, be it Islamic and suicidal or military and uniformed with high tech. Each justifies its brutal actions by the other’s brutality. Both relay on religion, ethnicism, racism and all reactionary ideology, which has no respect for people. We need to confront both sides of this terrorist contest reactionary states as well as reactionary movements and parties. The reality is political Islam can not survive in the Middle East without Western support; therefore we need to insist on “no diplomatic relation with the leaders of political Islam and its governments, the demand to close down all Iranian embassies is a humane and progressive demand. We need to emphasize on this fact that the only way out of uranium enrichment crisis is not the economic sanctions or the use of force but to support people of Iran to bring down this anti human regime. 

We now call on all individuals and progressive organizations to stand firm for “No to the Islamists Repression, No to the US Aggression”.

By signing this petition, you are avoiding the next catastrophe at any cost. You are preventing the next disaster and its consequences.

Homa Arjomand

The coordinator