September 27, 2014
Speech at demonstration against ISIS
Homa Arjomand
I am very pleased to be here. 
Humanity must stand firm against global aggression of Islamists, be it Islamic regime of Iran or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria!
The world must know that the only way out of Islamic extremists and their global aggression is to support the movement of people in the Middle East for freedom, equality, prosperity and secularism. People in the Middle East want to put an end to all Islamist gangsters, be it Islamic state of Iran or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, be it shia or Sunni. These monsters are well known for their inhuman and brutal acts. Terror, imprisonment, gender discriminations, denial of all social and personal freedom and mass execution, misogynist and imposition of backward roles are all considered to be their characteristics. People want universal human and civil rights to become the benchmark in the region. 
Never has it been so urgent to stand firm by the people in the region and proclaim that:
Islamists extremists are directly responsible for terrorizing people globally with their daily crimes against humanity from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan to Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Algeria and Palestine, even in the heart of Europe and the North America; from imposing reactionary and anti-human Islamic laws on people, from beheading, to planting bombs and mass murdering people;

We proclaim that the Islamists extremists are directly responsible for sustaining terrorism as a main tool in further deepening the national, ethnic and religious splits in the Middle East and keeping alive this conflict as political capital and source for gaining more political power;

We further proclaim that there is no difference between Islamic Regime of Iran and ISIS. Therefore we proclaim that every one of the leaders of Islamic Republic of Iran, be it so-called reformists or hard liners are directly responsible for assassinations and executions of over hundred thousand of people both in the region and outside of the region

We announce that defeating the Islamic Republic in Iran is a prerequisite for demolishing political Islam as a movement in the Middle East. Without the Islamic Republic of Iran, political Islam will become a significant opposition in the Middle East;

And therefore we demand:

All the western governments to break all their diplomatic ties with Iranian Regime,
We Condemn all ISIS state supporters and we demand to stop financial and political support to ISIS immediately,
We demand an International support for all the progressive forces presently active against ISIS in the region,
We demand to freeze all bank accounts of the leaders of Islamic Republic of Iran & ISIS 
We demand to expel the Islamic regime of Iran from all the 
International Agencies and no recognition for the leaders of ISIS,
further more we insist to put on trial all the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran and ISIS in an international court