Political Islam has long ago launched a war against secular democracy, see bellow. Sharia the so-called Islamic Law is its constitution.  Ever since it has been cunningly manipulating Western systems in many ways to further its goal. Now it has successfully penetrated Canadian Justice system in the Shape of Sharia-Court in Toronto. This is a cultural invasion, more serious than a military one; it is out there to destroy the hard earned secular democracy by taking advantage of the loophole of Canadian Justice system. Canadians are too naďve to realize the potential danger of “Two Laws in One Country”.  Separation of religion and State is hard-hit in Canada.


The Sharia-proponents deceived Canadians by portraying Sharia as Islamic Law and world-Muslims’ common culture and heritage. These are totally untrue. Too many Muslims, Islamic Scholars and organizations do not consider Sharia as Islamic. With too many violations of the Qura’an, Sharia fails to stand as Islamic Law. The Sharia Court’s audacious arrogance is reflected in their brochure page-9 – if a Canadian Muslim chooses not to go to the Sharia Court, then s/he is not a Muslim. We are examining the scope to file a class-suit against the committee on this ground.


Sharia laws on domestic issues are extremely anti-women with a long history of injustice, cruelty and violation of Human Rights.  “Sharia was destined to be cruel because it was created with a corrupt element called “Prophet’s examples”-. Dr. Taj Hashmi. The very concept of Sharia violates at least 20 Qura’anic verses.  The essence of Qura’anic justice is adequately reflected in the present Canadian laws. The Sharia-proponents did not point out which Canadian Law is against Islam and why. “Living Islamic Life” is perfectly befitting under present Canadian system and laws. It creates serious unrest in its followers to create Islamic States by pushing them to skepticism, deception, hypersensitiveness, conspiracy and violence. The result is Fitna, about which the Qura’an and Prophet strongly warned Muslims. Sharia-Court will divide Canadians along theocratic line and will definitely create a dangerous precedence of theocracy in the whole world leading to Clash of Civilizations. Our women are not in a position “to choose” between Canadian and Sharia Courts. 


Sharia is the constitution of the institution of Political Islam. It is not a piece-meal but a package deal of totality. Canadian Sharia Court is the first step towards Islamic Canada. Quotes bellow are from most authentic sources.


“Islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere in the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam….. If the Muslim Party commands adequate resources it will eliminate un-Islamic governments and establish the power of Islamic governments in their stead.”…. “Where an explicit command of God or His Prophet already exists, no Muslim leader or legislature, or any religious scholar can form an independent judgment, not even all Muslims of the world put together, have any right to make the least alteration of it” – “Jihad In Islam” and “Islami Law and Constitution” by Maolana Mawdudi, The Father of modern Political Islam.


*  A Muslim woman must go to the court to have the marriage dissolved by paying money to the husband. A Muslim man can divorce his wife or wives instantaneously by utterance, showing fingers, by a sticky note or by leaving a message in answering machine. Then he can marry a new set of 4 wives and continue the cycle. If the divorced couple wants to remarry each

other, the wife MUST marry another person, MUST have sex with him and MUST be divorced by him willingly.   *  There is a total agreement among the Jurists on the number of witnesses and their sex. Women’s testimony is not accepted in cases of adultery or in any capital offence.    * The evidence required in a case of adultery is that of four men…. and the testimony of a woman in such a case is not admitted.    *The evidence of women is originally inadmissible on account of their weakness of understanding, want of memory and incapacity of governing.  * Evidence of any person who is a property-that is to say-a slave male or female, is not admissible.    * Testimony of a person that has been punished for false accusation is inadmissible. If such an infidel afterwards becomes a Muslim, his evidence is then admissible.    * Regard is also to be had to a difference of religion, so that a Muslim shall not be put to death for the murder of an unbeliever.    *The Presiding Officer of the Court by which a case is tried or an appeal is heard under this ordinance shall be a Muslim. Provided that the accused is a non-Muslim, the Presiding Officer may be a non-Muslim.    *Proof of adultery OR rape liable to Hudood (God’s) punishment shall be (1). Either confession of the accused OR (2) at least four adult Muslim eyewitnesses.     * Adoption is not allowed in Sharia in any circumstances.    * Custody of children goes to mother until the kids need care, 7 years for boys and 9 for girls, after which the father takes over. But if the mother gets married anytime, the kids immediately go to the father.    * Women inherit half of men. In business transactions, women’s witness is half of men’s.    * A Muslim husband can beat his wife.


Muslim women are financially, socially and culturally not in a position “to choose” between Canadian and Sharia Courts, as is claimed by the Sharia-proponents. Muslim husbands are in a position to apply Qura’anic Chapter 4 verse 34 to force the wives to submit to Sharia Court.


We strongly demand the so-called Sharia-committee to explain (1) if they are ready to sit for a dialogue with us, provided we will record the dialogue and use as we need (2) which Canadian Law is unacceptable to them and why (3) why it is impossible to lead Islamic life under existing Canadian system, (4) why they cannot apply Canadian Laws to relieve our courts from backlog.


We also strongly demand to our government to (1) Include in Canadian Immigration Form a condition as to the applicant will protect Canadian Secular Democracy, (2) Immediately inform authority whenever the applicant changes mind about it after or before getting immigration (3) Submit all syllabus of all religious schools/institutions to authority, (4) Submit all records of sermons and lectures in all religious gatherings, conferences, seminars etc to authority, (5) 


Stand up, Canadians! You are under attack!  Stand on guard for your home and native land, now. Contact us for Political Islam’s most authentic references for all of the above information.


RRO (Resistants to “Religious” Oppressions)