Shari'a law must not supercede secular law.


Dateline: Saturday, March 13, 2004

From: Elka Enola

The threat of Shari'a law in Canada, beginning with Ontario, is great.

What is being proposed is vastly different from what is being practiced by Jewish tribunals.

Jewish tribunals use the definitions of Canadian law. The Moslems call the tribunals "courts" and insist that Shari'a law supersedes all secular laws and that Shari'a law will prevail. What Shari'a accepts as a definition of marriage, Canadian law call statutory rape. Shari'a law almost always automatically gives custody to the father. Males get twice the inheritance of females. Husbands have the authority to beat their wives. Etc.

How about a Straight Goods issue devoted to this problem with links to the appropriate government bodies for letters of concern?


Elka Enola

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