Send us an email  share your ideas or anything else for the Campaign, We'll post your e-mail on this


Victory congratulation letters




 Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 13:13:42 -0500

 Subject: Need Iranian journalist contact please.


Hi Homa Arjomand and Mahmood Ahmadi


I had spoken to you a couple of years back, and did an article titled Ave Sharia for the feminist magazine McClung's. The article won an award from

the Canadian Association of Journalists in the student category. I follow your campaign and congratulate you on all you've accomplished.


I now work at Independent World Television--The Real News. It is a non-profit news and documentary network focused on providing independent and

uncompromising journalism with a global reach. We are member supported; we do not accept advertising, government or corporate funding (check our

website for more info:


Here's a list of some of the people that are working with IWT-The Real News: Jonathan Schell (US--The Nation), Gavin McFadyen ( UK--Center for

Investigative Journalism), Tahgreed al-Khodary (Gaza), Leila Hatoum (Beirut Daily Star), Seymour Hersh (US--The New Yorker), Pepe Escobar (

Brazil--Asia Times Online), Munizae Jahangir (NDTV-Pakistan), among others.


At this moment we are looking for an Iranian journalist, someone either in Iran, or the Middle East, or North America, who has a strong knowledge on

Iranian issues (political, cultural, etc). It's been hard for us to get a journalist from Iran because when the Iranian government finds out, they

revoke their journalism license. I know you have many contacts, especially in the Middle East. We're looking for a journalist who can speak on Iranian

issues. We're trying to find them in Iran, in Jordan, Oman, the UAE, even North America.


If you have any contacts available, email addresses, phone numbers, would you be able to help please? It would be much appreciated.


Thank you. Keep up the good work.







Campaign Against Shari'a Law in Canada Court




Thank you greatly for coordinating this website.  I found it by searching for Hirsi Ali and I'm very glad I did.

I am Danish-Canadian and was born in Toronto, Ontario.  Being born where I was, and to the family I was, permitted me a lot of freedom in my life.  When I first became aware of crimes against women under these laws, I thought "Thank God I wasn't born there." 

When I was 19 years old, I joined the Durham Regional Police Department, just outside of Toronto.  I resigned in September 2006.  During the 13 years I was there, I observed a large influx of Muslim residents.  And, along with them were the Mosques and the Islamic Schools. 

Also during that time, I noticed a large increase in the calls for Domestic Violence.  Now, that could be attributed to the fact that women of the West are becoming more educated about their own rights....Or it could be the rise in the Muslim population in that region.

In any case, I witnessed both situations regularly. 

My interactions with Muslim couples varied at every call.  Some of the men were extremely high-tempered, out of control (usually highly intoxicated) and very disrespectful to me as a female officer. 

Others were very respectful and I felt that they treated me as an equal (some even treated me like a Goddess).  But even in those cases, I sensed that most didn't treat their wives quite so respectfully.  Having said that, the wives of the men who were respectful to me were generally "Western".  They worked, drove, wore make-up, etc...

The saddest cases were the women who weren't cooperative with the investigation because they knew that if they were...they'd "get it" much worse later on.  Except for extreme cases, men who were detained for Domestic Violence would be released on "conditons" in a few days.  In my opinion, the police handle cases of Domestic Violence much better than they did in the past, but they need assistance from the Judicial System.  Shari'a Law won't help that! 

My personal experiences there were another story but I must confess that policing in Canada is still a "man's world", and any woman who attempts to change that is often ostricized by many of the men and even some of the women.  To a much less severe degree, I can relate to Hirsi Ali's position and I am in full support of her and her cause. 

That was one of the reasons I left the Department.  Thankfully, I had the full support of the people who love me. 

I am currently in Europe with my best friend.  He has a job with family here and I'm trying to establish myself as an artist.  I'm not certain that I'll stay in Europe but I'm travelling and painting (following my dreams). 

I want to act on behalf of this campaign.  I have completed paintings inspired by the cultural oppression of women.  And, most of my knowledge comes from reading publications like Ali's (not from 13 years on the Police Department).  I am currently attached to Painters For Human Rights.  You can view my work at  I have agreed for them to sell my work (re-prints) with 30% of the proceeds going to Human Rights.  Would it be possible for me to do something like this with this campaign?  Or better yet, would it be possible to create a space for a group of artists to do this?  One way to educate is through art and people need to be educated.

I thank you for your time and hope that you will consider my suggestion. 

Please contact me with any questions or comments.


Sincerely, Lana Douglas





Sent: Monday, June 12, 2006 5:44 PM

Subject: Petition

Dear Sister

May I just thank for all your wonderful work defending the rights of Muslim women  and in particular,  I wish to thank you for taking the initiative to create this petition for A. H. Ali. Wishing you every strength and happiness in the midst of resisting the oppression.

Yasmin Alam



To: Jalil Behroozi

Sent: Monday, June 12, 2006 3:23 AM

Subject: Re: Petition to support ayaan Hirsi Ali


GoodmorningMr Behroozi, 


thanks so much for your email..


Did send it already to many of my friends , also the email received yesterday from Mrs. Homa Arjomand..

I am a big supporter of Mrs.Arjomand and whatever lays in my power to help   from this side I  do ..

I forward all her petitions to others and hope somehow that that helps in het quest for justice in this world.....

Her work is just amasing and so courageous, somehow I wish i could help her more directly in her work but how ?

Maybe one day i could meet her somewhere when she is holding a conference somewhere or something in that direction even as an onlooker only and a listener, that would already suffice......

 Kindest Regards and sincerely,




Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2006 5:45 PM

Subject: manifesto

I would be honoured to undersign the manifesto for liberation and freedom.
Bart Overvliet
Guide of the Int. Raelian Movement
The Hague, Netherlands
Best regards,
Bart Overvliet



Sent: Saturday, June 10, 2006 6:05 AM

Subject: add my name


Dear Homa
 Please add my name in the list
Best regards
Amel Grami
Prof at the University of Tunis,Tunisia


To: homa arjomand

Sent: Friday, June 09, 2006 2:39 PM

Subject: Re: Hi Cindy: Would you like to sign this petition? please let me know as soon as possible. thanks Homa Arjomand


I put this (petition in support of Ayaan Hirsi Ali) to the SWAG coordinating collective and they agreed that SWAG
could sign the petition.

you can add this:

Coordinating Collective
Victoria Status of Women Action Group

Cindy L'Hirondelle


To: homa arjomand

Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2006 4:08 AM

Subject: Réf. : Re: Petition


Will youplease add my name to your list 

Name : Vesse

First name : Andre

Occupation retired



To: homa arjomand

Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2006 2:01 AM

Subject: Re: Manifesto of the third Camp


Thursday June 8, 2006


Hi Homa,


Yes please put me on your list if I'm not already on it.

I was wondering if you had seen Submission ,Theo van Gogh's short film?

I'm sending you the link if you'd like to download it to your web site. I think it makes some important statements that need to be heard. There are alot of religions out there which seem to institutionalize the abuse of it worshippers. Kind of makes me even more the steadfast on the matter of keeping a watch out for religions and their incursions into matters of the state.Ie distribution of freedom and democratic rights. The separation of church and state.

I bookmarked your website.

The best link which actually worked for the download of the film was this site (below) my guess is Spanish.


to download the short film Submission click on the top left link on the actual site and voila!

Its in English with subtitles I believe to be Dutch.

If you have already seen this film please send me your opinion of it.


Here too is a very succinct statement which I think defines the intent of many of these religions. 


"Healthy outlets for sexual impulses release the kind of aggression
that, when it is not released, leads to war. There are very clear ties
between sexual expression and democracy, between sexual repression
(including restrictions on female sexuality) and illness in the body



Sent: Saturday, June 03, 2006 6:21 PM

Subject: need help


hi i am woman from jordan ,i have married since 5years but idont have children so i went to adoctor ,he request from me very expensive tests,i dont work and my husband salary very little so i can not treat my self and in the same time i would like to have childrens so much and we rent our home so we have very complicated problems ,i would like to help me please and thanke you. name; fatma

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005 11:21 AM

Subject: Re: RE paris


Translation :

"Dear Homa,

Unfortunately, I was not able to write to you before today. Your trip in France and your interventions have shown that the problem of women's rights is a world problem, despite the specificities of each country. The essential thing is unity, and in order to achieve this unity, information must circulate, quickly.

You have been able to inform and mobilize. Bravo!

Please find herewith, as agreed:

1- speech during the gathering before the Canadian Embassy

2 - speech during your visit at the Headquarters of femmes Solidaires.

Yours truly."



Sent: Friday, June 02, 2006 7:13 PM

Subject: Sharia Court In Australia? (Legal Research)


Dear Homa Arjomand,

I am a student at
Taylor's College Subang Jaya ( in Malaysia, in South-East Asia.
As an undergraduate of the South Australian Matriculation programme, I take Legal Studies as a subject. I am currently conducting a research
paper entitled "Should a sharia court for divorce be set up in

This article "Muslim Leaders' Divorce Proposal" was published in 2005. ([157]=x-157-224686)

Although the issue was declared closed by the Australian Government in 2005, I am interested in exploring this further. While conducting
research, I had the opportunity to come across material on Marion Boyd's proposition on sharia in
Ontario, Canada, the Arbitration Act
of 1991, and the efforts of your campaign and other parties such as the Muslim Canadian Congress. Since both situations are similiar, I
would like to request your permission to conduct an interview (here through email) on your opinions on this matter. With your permission,
I would like to ask you several questions in line with my research: 1) In your opinion, what is the greatest controversy or problem that
lies with the creation of a sharia court? 2) How probable would it be that conflict would exist between the dual
systems of law (e.g. sharia court rulings and civil law)? What sort of situations would bring about this conflict, and how could they be
resolved? 3) In the absence of a sharia court, what is the existing alternative for persons with family, divorce and marital issues that need to be
resolved? Is this adequate? If not, what do you propose should be done? 4) In your opinion, what effect does the 'sharia court' issue have on
the local Muslim community as well as multiculturalism in general?
My research paper will be submitted to the course evaluator by next month. As such, your response and contribution is greatly appreciated.
Should you have any enquiries, feel free to contact me at this email address. I will be also sending out similiar letters to related parties
involved with the debate, including legal advisors and organizations in
Canada and Australia.

Thank you for your time,
Sharon Ling

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


Sent: Friday, June 02, 2006 12:39 PM

Subject: Asking for help for a degree thesis


Ms Homa Arjomand,

my name is Matteo Cena and I’m an Italian student at the University of Turin, Italy, at the faculty of Jurisprudence. I chose to make my degree thesis in Muslim law and the title of my dissertation is “Šarī‛a law in the arbitral courts of Canada”.

The most difficult point in my work is to identify the Muslim Personal/Family Law that would be used in the arbitral process if  premier McGuinty didn’t establish that “…there will be no religious arbitration in Ontario…” on September 11, 2005. For this reason, for this reason could you be so kind to let me have titles of books, articles and websites where I could find out information about the possible content of a Muslim PFL in Canada, in order to elaborate in my thesis your points in the battle against Šarī‛a in Canada and to explain the lesser aspects of the Muslim Law, which are equally not compatible with occidental framework.

Thanking you in advance for all the help that you may give me, I would like to express my solidarity to your campaign.

Sincerely your

Matteo Cena.  

To: homa arjomand

Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 1:01 AM

Subject: Re: Re: please distribute thanksHoma arjomand

Dear Homa,

Thank you for the immediate reaction to my request on the case of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
Ayaan is one of the Brave Minds of the present times who challenges Political Islam.  International Committee to Protect Freethinkers would stand with all of you in support of Ayaan.
The following social activists have telephonically wanted me to send their names as Signers of the Petition:
1. R.S.V. Murali,
General Secretary: Atheist Society of India, Visakhapatnam, India.
2. G.D. Saraiah,
President: Periyar Forum for Social Enlightenment, Karimnagar, India
3. J. Ravi,
Secretary: Society for Promotion of Scientific Temper, Visakhapatnam, India
4. B. Naresh,
President: Scientific Students Federation, Hyderabad, India.
5. J. Sarada,
Member: Atheist Society of India, Visakhapatnam, India
6. J.Syamala,
Member: Atheist Society of India, Visakhapatnam, India
7. J. Suneetha,
Member: Atheist Society of India, Visakhapatnam, India
8. J. Swapna,
Member: Atheist Society of India, Visakhapatnam, India
9. D. Nagaraj,
Member: Atheist Society of India, Karimnagar, India
10. S. Srinivasa Rao,
Member: Atheist Society of India, S.Kota, India
11. S.V. Ramana,
Member: Atheist Society of India, S.Kota, India
Please include the above names in the Petition. If their signed petitions are required for any reason I will be glad to send you by post.
I will communicate your message to all our supporters for signing the Petition.
I am initiating the campaign for Ayaan's support and will be in touch with you soon.
More soon
In Solidarity
Jaya Gopal,
International Committee to Protect Freethinkers (ICOF).


Sent: Monday, May 29, 2006 6:31 PM

Subject: petition Ayaan Hirsi Ali



I would like to express my support to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and I have discovered your email address through a French link (my country!).

My name is Vanessa Duclos, I am an English teacher and simultaneouly doing a PhD at the Sorbonne University in Paris on Samuel Beckett's theatre.

Thanks for your help, to her and to us,

Vanessa Duclos.

To: homa arjomand

Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2006 9:10 PM

Subject: Re: Petition to Support Ayaan Hirsi Ali.doc


Hi Homa,  I support your work against political Islam and I follow their actions as best I can. I have some concerns about this particular petition as I fear it will not accomplish what you want.  I do not feel there is enough information out "there" about the Dutch Government and people will not want to attack the Dutch without more examples.....I want to support Ayaan in her work to educate the world on Political Islam....Will her job in the States do that? What does she suggest?


I wince everytime I read in the paper of the extreme views of political Muslims who kill athletes for wearing shorts or of another woman being killed by her partner in a jealous possessive rage, or of gays in Russia being threatened by religious Muslims who say they should be incarcerated......


I have been 100% involved in raising money for some Grannies in Africa who are raising their grandchildren because of Aids....As of tonight I am finished for awhile so I am getting back to my email.


I'm hoping that NAC gets going in September so we will have a national voice on these issues.....


Please keep me informed of what you are doing.  I keep your speeches for reference.....

Much caring, Bev Lefrancois


Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2006 5:19 PM

Subject: HAC Conference


Ms. Arjomand,


I am the chairperson of the 2006 HAC Conference and I firstly wanted to congratulate you on your being awarded the Humanist of The Year. I sent you an email a few days ago but I fear the address may be incorrect, hence this email.


I am attaching the conference package for your perusal. We would be pleased if, along with your speech at the award dinner, you would agree to sit on the panel on “The Fundamentalist Threat”. We would give you 15 – 20 minutes to give a presentation and allow 10 minute for the other speakers on the panel with the bulk of the session taken up with a Q&A. We hope to make all the sessions as interactive as possible.


The other question is whether you think you will require any extra security during your stay.


We would also appreciate a short (200 word) bio and photo for inclusion in the program.


Many thanks, we look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.




Pat O’Brien


Sent: Friday, May 26, 2006 2:04 PM

Subject: Re: Hi Anna:Would you be able to contact various organizations and promote this petition.We need to put this petition on line with as many organizations as possible.I count on you.But it needs to be done within very short timeThe most by Monday. Thanks Hom

Hello Homa,

I know we have to get confirmation of support for this petition by Monday,
but I am not sure if I will get responses by then. I will try and contact
more organizations today but as I just wanted to confirm if Monday is the
final deadline.
Thank you,
Anna Salim



Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 8:36 PM

Subject: RE: Hello Ms. Dale: would you like to sign this petition? please let me know. Thanks Homa Arjomand

Hi Homa,
I did not receive the petition with this note.
Please send me a copy or let me know if there is a website for me to find
it. If it involves women's rights or is against murder & torture I would
probably want to sign it.

Dale Johnsen



Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 4:58 PM

Subject: Fw: [hac-members] Please distribute this petition thanks Homa arjomand


Hi Homa, recieved from both, J. Perkins and Bill Broderick, and I sign
Dagmar Gontard-Zelinkova


Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 10:57 AM

Subject: Re: petition in support of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Hi Jalil,

I have discussed the matter with my executive and will be happy to support the petition.   You may use the following:


Justin Trottier

President, Toronto Secular Alliance



Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 7:19 AM

Subject: petition to support Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Hello !
I sign the petition you wrote in support of Ayan Hirsi Ali
Claudie Lesselier (Paris, France)
feminist and for migrants/refugees rights activist
Claudie Lesselier


Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005 2:44 AM

Subject: UofT Lecture on Sharia

Dear Ms.Arjomand,

I am Fatma Hassan, President of the Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
Undergraduate Students
Union. My group has been trying very hard to put on a
lecture in regards to the failure of Sharia arbitration in
Canada, and more
importantly who this is tied, if it all, to women's status in the
Middle East
and countries where Sharia is applied.
Given that this is a tremendously important subject, which we believe our
study body deserved to gain a better understanding on, we would like to extend
our invitation to you as one of our key not speakers in regards to the topic.
More importantly, it is essential to have women speakers that are very
passionate and have extensive knowledge on the topic, in order to give the
subject matter its due justice.
As such it would be our honour to have you as one of our speakers in this
Currently our tentative dates are centered on the 29th and 30th of November,
or on the 1st of December.
I understand that this on rather short notice, but given the vital nature of
this topic, which will be a learning experience to both Muslim and non-Muslim
audiences, we would very much appreciate the presence of a person of your
stature at our event.
If you can attend, please do notify me of which date best accomodates your
Thank you in advance and I look forward in hearing from you,
Fatma Hassan,
NMC-Su, President.



Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2006 11:07 PM

Subject: RE: petition in support of Ayaan Hirsi Ali


Hi Homa,

Please add our names to the petition: we are happy to do so and honoured that you called on us for this worthy cause.

All the best,

Kyle Pae

To: homa arjomand

Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2006 10:54 PM

Subject: Ayaan picture link


Hi Homa:
I've attached a picture that can be used to link to

in case anyone wants to use it. It will appear on the safewater site tomorrow.
Ron Hart

Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2006 5:15 PM

Subject: Signature

Hi Homa,

Just received the petition in support of Ayaan Hirsi Ali mailed by Catherine Deudon.
I’m a feminist from the seventies, and the founder of the Centre Audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir...
Thank you for adding my name to those who have already signed.( I live in
Paris )
Best wishes and warm regards

Ioana Wieder



Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2006 4:42 PM

Subject: Re: petition


Dear Homa..... I would very much like to sign the petition to support Ayaan
Hirsi Ali. I am a retired teacher currently working on a MTS... a Masters in
theology with concentration on marginalized females and global homelessness.
I am very much opposed to the seditious ambitions of all forms of ultra
right wing governments worldwide whose greedy policies inhibit the natural
growth of society and foster the interests of the rich. I am  particularly
concerned with the ambitions of the Political Islam both in Iraq and its
neighbours as well as self serving interests in Europe and our Western
hemisphere. Most devout Muslims tell me that they abhor the
misinterpretation of their Sacred Scripts by these factions and terrorists.
We and they pray daily that sanity will prevail if enough people take a
stand as you are doing on Ayaan's behalf. I truly believe in the power of
one. If we add enough "ones" to this petition, it WILL be successful!!!
Congratulations on your intiative and the very best of luck! Sharon
McBride-Pine,member of Brampton Canadian University Women, former
primary and secondary shool teacher

Sharon Mcbride-Pine


To: homa arjomand

Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2006 2:59 PM

Subject: Ayaan Hirsi Ali


Dear Homa Arjomand,


I admire and support your fight against injustice, discrimination and brutality.  

I would like to take the liberty to give you some information about Ayaan Hirsi Ali and that activities of the Dutch Humanist Association. 


You should know that almost all politicians in the Netherlands objected to minister Verdonk's behaviour. Even, all other members of the government were indignant, indeed outraged, with minister Verdonk.  Immediately Verdonk was demanded to account for her behaviour both in a governmental meeting and in parliament. There was no support for her whatsoever, and she is forced to reconsider her decision.


The Humanist Association in the Netherlands did not remain silent on the situation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali but has issued a statement and has written a letter to  minister Verdond. It reads as follows:


Amsterdam, 17 May 2006


The  Humanist Association is shocked by the way minister Verdonk is behaving with regard to the naturalisation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. This particular case is an extremely painfull symbol of her refugee- and asylum policy in which legislation no longer is aimed at justice. The minister opts for a strictly procedural interpretation of politics and does not have an eye, whatsoever for the human measure.

The Humanist Association calls on minister Verdonk to make humanity and humaneness a yardstick of her policy. Not only in the situation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali but also in similar cases that are less protected by the public opinion. Minister Verdonk not only has the opportunity and possibility but also the task and duty to use the law as a tool for justice. She should not use the law as an excuse of her behaviour.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali has very courageously played a role in the questions of immigration and integration. This critical voice forms next to more softer approaches a very important element of the Dutch public debate. It is very sad and deplorable that Ayaan Hirsi Ali's role in the Netherlands has to end in this way.


The Humanist Association is of the view that the minister should be guided by what is the eventual aim of legislation: justice and human dignity. 


With kind regards, and wishing us success in trying to achieve a more humane world, 


Rob Buitenweg

Vice-president IHEU

Member of the board of the Dutch Humanist Association


To: homa arjomand

Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2006 12:17 PM

Subject: RE: Petition to Support Ayaan Hirsi Ali.doc


Dave Bleakney, Canadian Union of Postal Workers


To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005 8:00 AM

Subject: Re: Fw: RE paris


Dear Homa,

So nice to hear from you. I don't read French


 I'm sorry that I have not answered your previous

Email. I hardly have any time online, so couldn't

read it.

 Love and hugs, 



Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005 2:39 AM

Subject: Re: Women Won't Forget


Dear Ms. Arjomand,
Earlier in the month I wrote you requesting a speaker for the Dec 6th vigil.  I
realize that you are extremely busy and, as you do much travelling
internationally, that you may not even have access to your e-mail at times.  As
we did not hear from you we have secured another speaker.  However, both myself
and our entire group remain very interested in, and supportive of, your
organization and your work.  If I can ever be of any assistance to you, please
let me know.
I am still interested in securing a copy of the DVD that was for sale at this
summer's conference and I wish to be added to any e-mail or mailing list you
may have.  When you have a chance, let me know if the DVD is still available.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Shirley Gillett  "Women Won't Forget"


Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2005 5:30 PM

Subject: Sharia Law and globalization of political Islam


Ms. Homa Arjomand aziz;

I red your speech in
Paris, and the authenticity of your speech was grate,that make me to send this e-mail
to you and I greatly appreciated of your work. I am a political activist for secular and free
government for
Iran, and we at our organization; SOS Iran DBA IOTM from day one %100 believe with your
massage, and thank you for your effort. Please let us work together for this grate cues, and
let me know, what I can do to help? With all respect and Love for Human Rights;
Parviz Haddadizadeh



To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2005 12:51 PM

Subject: Sharia



I have gotten your contact info from a friend who attended a demonstration on Parliament Hill against Sharia Law in September.

 I am wondering if you or someone from your organization would be able to contact me. I am a member of the Sowing Circle, which is a group of progressive women who meet every six weeks to talk about issues and concerns affecting our communities and our country.

 At our September meeting we discussed Sharia and found out very quickly we did not have a good understanding of Sharia Law.

We would like to learn more about the implications of Sharia and how it would impact Canadian women.

 Your help would be greatly appreciated.

 Our next meeting is Nov. 30th

 My contact info is:

 I look forward to your reply.


 Nadia Willard


Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2005 10:37 AM

Subject: Georgetown Tuesday


Dera Homa,
How wonderful to hear you speak in
Georgetown this Tuesday! I do hope you
are getting some rest after your world travels. I will check the website for
updates and look forward to offering my support in future.
It was lovely to meet you in person. I am attaching the article I wrote
about August 12, use it in anyway you wish.



Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2005 10:28 AM

Subject: Re: Visual Report on Tour of Homa Arjomand in Europe


Hi Homa,

Hilary Walker here, we met in the summer when I invited you to come in and be interviewed on CBC News: Weekend about Sharia law in
Ontario.  Thank you for keeping me on your email list, I read your emails with great interest.  I was at a banquet last week and heard a wonderful keynote speech by Sally Armstrong; thank you to you & her both for continuing to push for women's rights, I'm there with you, please keep in touch.


Hilary Walker



Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2005 2:04 PM

Subject: Re: Visual Report on Tour of Homa Arjomand in Europe


Hello Homa,
Teresa has moved on to bigger and better things, and the CSU has elected a new womyn's liaison postion at Capilano. I would just like to extend my thanks to all of the great information that you have relayed to Teresa and would love to keep on interacting with you and all of the fantastic work that you do. My name is Suzie Dunn and I'll be running the womyn's centre at Capilano and everyone is still very interested in getting updates on your struggle.
Thanks so much
Suzie Dunn

Letter in Swedish

Jag var där och lyssnade. Mycket intressant och jag  blir så glad över att se så många starka kvinnor.
 Jag stöder er fullt ut och delar era åsikter.Blev dock lite konfunderad när jag kom dit och
 hälsades av någon kvinna i dörren som undrade om jag skulle in på föreläsningen. Hon hade inte fått något
meddelande om det sade hon. Hon var irriterad over detta förstod jag. Hon frågade inte vem jag var och hur det kom sig att jag var där. Jag kände inte att hon tyckte om att jag var där. På det sättet kan man inte få anhängare. Nu var jag så intresserad så jag brydde mig inte, men i en annan situation skulle jag  ha gått därifrån. Inte bra att möta den enda
svenskan i lokalen på det sättet.

För övrigt har jag intresserat andra för detta med politisk islam och många är chockade över att
shariadomstol var så nära att bli införd i Canada. Intresset bland icke iranier är stort då jag  berättar om detta. Jag fick för övrigt klart för mig  att islamska feminister inte tänker annorlunda än  jag vad gäller slöja och islamska skolor och jag
 kommer att skriva om det i min klommande uppsats. Jag skriver om hederstradition men också om genusperspektivet i stort.
Tack för inbjudan. Det var till stor hjälp för mig att lyssna på er. Inbjud mig gärna till fler intressanta föreläsningar m.m.
Marianne Rhedig


Sent: Monday, October 03, 2005 11:09 AM


Hello Homa,

This is Melodie Caruso from Centretown News.  I want to thank you for our conversation last evening.  It was very insightful and important to understand the issue.I also wanted to ask if you have any pictures of the demonstration that you could email me, along with your permission to print the picture beside the story.  There are many pictures on your website that are very good however they do have the proper resolution to be used in the paper.  If you have any pictures that you are willing to send it would
be a wonderful addition to the story.
Thank you,
M. Caruso


Sent: Monday, October 03, 2005 5:33 PM

Dear Homa,


Have been following the battle for the Muslim women and receiving your notices.  I want to congratulate you and all the others who have dedicated so much of your lives for this cause.  It's unthinkable that any Canadian politician or Government would even consider allowing anything like Sharia law in this country!!  Good for all of you.


 Jane Gaudry

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Monday, October 03, 2005 4:56 PM

Subject: Re: Sharia LawThe Globalization of Political Islam and women's rights


You are going to be a very busy lady.
Good Luck to you....take care of yourself
and try not to get "Burnout".
Stefan Matess


Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 12:07 PM

Subject: Congratulations1

Ms Homa,

 Congratulations for  the results of such a long struggle to avoid Sharia law in Ontario. I am a transitional support worker for Oasis Centre des Femmes, a Francophone agency working to prevent Woman abuse, and at Oasis we have closely followed all your hard work in making such a big difference for women in Ontario and all over the world.

I support as well the work on Community education.

 See you there.


To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 1:12 PM

Subject: [Bulk] Re: [Bulk] congratulation to you all for a battle well fought


From: Homa Arjomand

 Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 7:01 PM

Subject: [Bulk] congratulation to you all for a battle well fought

Homa. you've done a great job and a wonderful service to the women of this province and perhaps elsewhere in the world.

Though I am Jewish, I am happy to give up the Jewish Bet Din for the good of all women in the province. It is important that discrimination be eradicated. I hope that something can be done to protect women who may experience discrimination in informal religious mediation processes.

Linda Gruson


Cc: ; ;

Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 1:30 PM

Subject: congratulations

Dear Ms. Homa Arjomand,

I want to thank and congratulate you for your struggle to persuade the Ontario government to disallow Sharia law based family tribunals in this province.   I have been following events for some time now, ever since I attended a meeting of the Humanist Association of Ottawa a couple of years ago where you were the guest speaker, both through the media and through the regular e-mails I have been receiving from you on this matter.  Many of your e-mails I have forwarded to my MPP (Richard Patten) as well as to Premier Dalton McGuinty himself, along with my personal comments supporting what you have been trying to do.  What mystifies me is why it took the Premier so long to come to a decision on this.  While his final decision is clearly one that reflects the values of the vast proportion of the people of Ontario (as demonstrated in several public opinion polls) , it was naturally a delicate and controversial one as well, but it was the only right decision if we are to maintain a clear separation between religion and the state.  I was appalled at the wrong-headed recommendation made by Marion Boyd in her report - and I said so many times to my MPP - when she recommended approval of these religious tribunals.  It would have been a grievous mistake and a dreadful precedent.

In any case, I am deeply relieved that the Premier has finally announced a decision solidly against religiously based tribunals (particularly based on Sharia law) and I hope that this will lead soon, to the complete abolition of the Arbitration Act of 1991.  Religion is a strictly personal matter that each person may or may not subscribe to, but it has no place in public policy, government or in the justice system of this country.


Patrick Mates / Ottawa


To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 1:40 PM

Subject: RE: Petition

Congratulations. I have read that McGuinty has said no to Sharia Law. This
 is wonderful news. I hope it is not proposed again, in the future.

To: <>

Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 3:43 AM

Subject: RE: please join us to celebrate the courageous decision made by the Premiere Dalton McQuinty

Way to go, Homa! Congratulations!
Deborah Scroggins

Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 2:08 AM

Subject: [Bulk] RE: [Bulk] RE: [Bulk] when and where is the Vancouver demonstration?



 Warmest regards,

 G. Lass

To: Homa Arjmnad

Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 1:49 AM

Subject: Thank you very much for saying No to Sharia Law!

Dear Homa,

 On behalf of myself and all my friends in Ottawa I would love to say thank you very  much for all you have done to stop Sharia law in Canada. For sure, we are very proud of you as an Iranian women!


Hounastly, after receiving the wonderful news about cancellation on Sharia law in Ontario the first one I thought about was you, so:

Congratulation congratulatinn and then again congratulation


Love & Peace,

Lila Ghobady


To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 12:08 AM

Subject: [Bulk] RE: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought

Homa, Congratulations! And thank you on behalf of all the women who are going to benefit by this decision that you have so courageously led the battle for so long.  

Warmest wishes,




Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 12:35 AM

Subject: [Bulk] RE: Fw:[Bulk] Re: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought

Hi dear Homa!

Congratulation to you Homa. Thank you for all the hard work that you, your partner, your family and your team did. Once again it was proved that people have the power to chang thing and make them right. We must remain strong on our position in deffence of  human rights. As it has always been said: " The peple's united willnever be deffited".

In solidarity,

Abbas Mohammadi, Victoria, BC.


Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 12:36 AM

Subject: Dorood bar Homa Arjomand


Dorood bar Homa Arjomand,


            I would like to congratulate you on your victory against those who wish to introduce an Islamic judicial system, whatever its mandate, in Ontario. Your fight against those who wish to introduce a system that is inherently sexist and not conducive to any reform what-so-ever is truly inspiring. I hope that you take this time to celebrate your victory and I wish you and your family all the best. I am in the process of writing an article about the fight against the implementation of Sharia Law in Ontario. Thus, I would like to ask you a few questions.


1)       Do you believe that one of the reasons why Dalton McGuinty rejected Sharia Law in Ontario was because Iranians, such as yourself, were directly involved?

2)       It has been difficult to gain information on exactly which groups were collaborating with you on your cause. May I ask you what groups, Iranian or otherwise, helped you?

3)       How do you feel about your victory?


Your thoughts will be included in a short article that I am writing. My name is Ruzbeh Hosseini and I am contacting you on behalf of Jebhe Melli.Once again I wish you all the best and I thank you for your time.



Ruzbeh Hosseini

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 12:53 AM

Subject: [Bulk] Re: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought

Yes !!!!
I am SO happy.Thank you for fighting so hard.
Diane Williams


Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 10:03 PM

Subject: Sharia Law

Dear Homa:


Stay the course in this endeavour until the matter is dealt with according to all Canadian women's wishes against Sharia law.  Thank you for what you are doing.  They (those who advocate for Sharia law) must not win this in our country.


Look forward to hearing you in Hamilton October 4th at Zonta.



Shirley Bailey

Hamilton, Ontario


To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 11:07 PM

Subject: [Bulk] Re: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought

Congratulations and thanks to you, Homa, for your dedication and leadership in the struggle.
In solidarity,
Barry Weisleder



Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 11:29 PM

Subject: Congratulations!


I would like to extend my congratulations on your effort and success in this achievement today! It remains an important day in history now for multiple reasons!


I first heard about Shariah during the reign of the Taliban. Then i read about it when Sally Armstrong wrote about her visit to Afghanistan. Having worked in the middle east, I could not believe my ears when I heard that some men in the muslim community in Toronto (led by a retired lawyer i think, maybe 2-3 years ago) were lobbying the government to allow this method of discipline within their community. Being a Christian and just recently having returned from working a year in the middle east, I could not believe it when i heard Marion Boyd's recommendations to the government. I honestly do not believe that the muslim men in the community would abide by the stipulations she recommended. I spoke with women in the middle east and they literally indicated to me their lives were that of "handcuffed" women, in general.


I am proud to be a Canadian and that our country makes a superb effort at supporting human rights, particularly womens rights. This is especially important when women in so many parts of the world are treated so poorly and I have seen some examples of this. Had Ontario allowed religious rights to supercede women's legal rights would have disappointed me immensely. 


I will continue to follow this cause and I hope we see the status quo remain in Canada for the sake of women. I hope to see improvement for women around the world.


Best Regards,


To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 11:21 PM


homa, you are my hero!

Heather Walker

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 11:36 PM

Subject: Re: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought


Greetings to Homa Arjomand,


Thank you for the news of your success in Ontario (and the good news for all Muslim women in Canada).

 I am a State trial judge (having general jurisdiction) in Kansas, USA. I know the value of the rule of law, and the protection of individual rights. Your battle against Sharia law has captured my attention because I know a little about your personal history, and the evils in your native country from which you escaped. I agree that Sharia courts would have imposed a great abuse on Muslim women who are unwilling or unable to escape their tormentors, and preventing Sharia courts is a great deliverance for them.

 It seems most westerners have held a belief that Muslim cultural extremism is a problem for the Middle East. You have made us aware that it is a problem wherever and whenever it is allowed to prevail. Please continue your courageous efforts.

 Your friend in Kansas,

 Van Z. Hampton    

Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 12:18 AM

Subject: dear Homa Arjomand...


i am please to know you are challenging the established Sharia Court of Canada. i have a radio show that seeks to educate and help people who are subjet to live under the cultural/religious values and practices they lived under,  in the countries of origin. The purpose of the show is to provide those peoples with information that may improve their lives by becoming aware of the choices they have here in Canada. should you have any time available, i would appreciate your appearance on my show. i am sure it can help a lot of people and bring some light on matter of freedom for women. here i am sending you enclosed the profile of the show. should you have any please do no hesitate to contact me or the San Lorenzo Community Centre. "Michelle Marron: thank you. Néstor Gaetán

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 12:07 AM

Subject: Re: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought

ABSOLUTE SUCCESS !! ....... thanks to your efforts.......M.N. Levant

To: <>

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 9:59 AM

Subject: support


Hi dear Homa.....
 I do appreciate about the result of the International Campaign Against Sharia Law.  I hope all together look for ward to save women rights and let
Canada's government understand the real value of human being and women rights.. congratulation and I wish you the


Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 9:05 PM

Subject: [Bulk] RE: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought

YES!!!! Congratulations to YOU. I have heard you on the radio and always follow your actions. I admire your dedication to this cause. Not many would dedicate themselves in such a way. It was worthwhile and a victory for women.

Robyn Cobean

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 9:08 PM

Subject: [Bulk] Re: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought

Most sincere congratulations to you for all your hard work and leadership.

Laurel Anderson


Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 9:13 PM

Subject: Re: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought


And congratulations to you!  Were it not for your courage in tackling this issue, and your determination it is doubtful we would be celebrating this momentous outcome!  Thank you for all you have done.  I am sure it has not been easy for you, and no doubt the battle, while won for now, is not over yet.  We must continue to be vigilant to guard the rights of women everywhere.  Thanks again.  Wonderful news!  Lydia Macdonald, Port Hope, Ont.

To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 10:14 PM

Subject: [Bulk] Fw: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought

Hi all

Women can make a change!!

I am really thrilled by this news.

Thanks to all feminists involved in the campaign "No to Sharee'a Law in Canada", which was initiated by Canadian activist Homa Arjomand.

Best wishes

Awatef Rasheed

To: <>

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 9:24 PM

Subject: RE: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought

Chantal et Marianna Pelosse.
I heard that great new and I was ready to write to you but I wanted first to
be sure .It's beautiful for all the womans ...a great fight !!! bravo . Love

 Chantal et Marianna Pelosse.


Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 9:32 PM

Subject: [Bulk] Réf. : congratulation to you all for a battle well fought


good work religion has nothing to do in the canadian law, keep up the good work gerald menard 

gerald menard

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 9:42 PM

Subject: [Bulk] Re: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought

Congratulations, Homa! Without your leadership, this may not have happened. Now let's fight this barbaric system wherever it surfaces!

Ron Hart

To: Homa Arjmand

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 9:48 PM

Subject: [Bulk] RE: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought

No Homa – it is us that must congratulate you – without you it wouldn’t have happened. 

Well done.



Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 10:03 PM

Subject: Sharia Law

Dear Homa:

 Stay the course in this endeavour until the matter is dealt with according to all Canadian women's wishes against Sharia law.  Thank you for what you are doing.  They (those who advocate for Sharia law) must not win this in our country.

Look forward to hearing you in Hamilton October 4th at Zonta.


Shirley Bailey

Hamilton, Ontario

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 10:05 PM

Subject: Re: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought

Dear Homa, congratulations to all, what an amazing victory. Thanks also to
you for all your hard work.


To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 10:12 PM

Subject: [Bulk] Re: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought

 To Homa and all those who worked so hard to coordinate this campaign
 Heartfelt happiness at this wonderful news. There is most certainly
strength in unity and this decision is encouragement to all of us who
are working towards peace and justice.
In peace, salaam, shalom,
la paz
Michelle Maron

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 10:14 PM

Subject: Re: congratulation to you all for a battle well fought,

Dear Homa:  Excellent. Well done!
Brenda Hogg
Regional and Local Councillor
Richmond Hill,

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 10:44 PM

Subject: Re: Congratulations

Congratulations Homa jan!! Great Achievement!!

Mohsen Ebrahimi


Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 10:45 PM

Subject: Salute


 My salute to all of you. Significantly successful for now But still long way to go.Keep your confidence high.

Don't give up.The fight is not over.

 Hasan Mamun

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 11:06 PM

Subject: News


Dear Homa,
I heard on the CBC news at 9.00 this evening that the Premier has announced that there will be no sharia tribunals in Ontario and also that there will be no religious tribunals of any sort allowed in the future.  That is great news and you must be very pleased.
Congratulations!  It's your hard work over the last year and more which has brought about this result.
That was a really good rally on Thursday - very interesting speakers.  I'm sorry it wasn't better attended however.
I wonder if it had any effect on McGuinty's decision - or if that wonderful letter from all these high profile women did it.  For whatever reason he made the decision, you and your colleagues deserve the credit and our thanks for bringing the whole issue to our attention and making us aware of what was going on.  

To: <>

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 11:06 PM

Subject: congratulations

I was so relieved to read today the premier has agreed to ban
sharia law. I was among the people across
Canada to write him about our
concerns.I just read of your central work on the issue and wanted to say, Well
Gordon Clark

To: <>

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 2:12 PM

Subject: The Sharia Law Campaign

 Dear Ms. Arjomand,
My name is Sayeh Hassa, I'm a 24 year old
Ottawa resident.  I had the pleasure of hearing you speak on 580 CFRA this morning and I was quite impressed with what you had to say. I am very much against Sharia law in Ontario, or anywhere for that matter and I am interested in joining the campaign.  Please let me know what I can do to help. I look forward to hearing from you,

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 11:12 PM

Subject: [Bulk] Re: [Bulk] congratulation to you all for a battle well fought

Thanks for your hard work on this.

Gaetane Dagenais

 Cc: <>

Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 4:03 AM

Subject: Ms. Yakin Ertürk

Dear Ms. Yakin:
I really wish to stop SHARIA court in
Canada or any
 other civilised country on earth.
  I myself have been suffering all my life from this
 SHARIA law in
Egypt and i hate to see other civilised
people suffering from this law too.
 Best Regards.
Fredy Peniamin.

To: <>

Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 11:01 PM

Subject: Interview Request

 My name is Murtz Jaffer and I am a reporter with the Toronto Observer.
I was hoping you would be available for an interview this week, with
regard to a story we are doing concerning the
Shariah Court.
I was hoping we could schedule something for either Thursday, Friday or
 next weekend.
 Murtz Jaffer
Toronto Observer


Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 12:11 PM

Please read the column in today's globe and mail on page A-23

 It's a note to Dalton McGuinty from

some of the most powerful women in Canada.

Lets get a petition on the go....... We could have millions of women sign it before days end.

Any volunteer work you need done, I am available.

Phyllis Galbraith


Sent: Friday, September 09, 2005 2:05 AM

Subject: Good work Homa!


Dear Homa,


I was just reading the article in the Globe and Mail about the protest you orgainized against Shari'a Court. Thank you so much for doing this for all women in Canada to protect their rights. I shudder to think of the Ontario government implementing a law that would erode women's rights in Ontario, especially when gender equality rights have been fought for by women in this country since the middle of the 19th century. The principle of the equality of women and men was adopted into the Constituion in the early 1980s and cannot be subjected to a provincial nothwithstanding clause.  It would be distastrous for such a patriarchial system as Sharia Court to be introduced. I am in Alberta but fully support your cause. Not sure how I can support you - even with a donation - but please let me know.


 Kathleen McWilliams

Calgary, Alberta



Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 2:15 PM



I have followed this cause since the Humanist Association meeting in Waterloo earlier this year and I am THRILLED to see such an immediate and positive result - all due to your very hard work and the work of your wonderful associates.  We can sleep easier at night now!

 Hurray from Margot!



Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 12:20 PM

Subject: UN Convention


 I would like to send you a copy of my piece about conflict of the UN Convention on the elimination of discrimination against women and the Islamic laws. If Canada is a member of the concerned convention, it must observe the rules set in the convention.

Best Regards,

Bahman Aghai Diba


To: <>

Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 12:36 PM

Subject: RE: Fw: Press release in response to the Attorney General statement

Chantal  Pelosse. 
it's a so great new at least  but we must stay vigilant , islums
fondamentalist wiil find another way and manipulation ..pride of you
careful ,with love .

From: "Dr Uzma Qidwai"

To: <>

Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 12:49 PM


Dear Huma
Accept my heartiest congratulations


To: <>

Sent: Friday, September 09, 2005 10:15 PM

Subject: no sharia in Canada

 I have just heard about Shari'a law being used in
Canada. This came as a
 complete surprise. I don't know why this is not widely known. I need to help  get the message out.
I had already sent a letter to my federal MP, the human rights commision, my
 friends etc. about the violation of rights for Muslim women in
Canada saying
 we need to correct this injustice. I just didn't realize it went as far as
 it does. This is an outrage.
The website says there is a petition to sign, a declaration
on religious arbitration in family law, and a letter from all organizations
 to all MPP's. Where can I get copies of these? I will certainly take them
 around to everyone I know.
 I am unable to help financially at the moment but will send what I can at
 the end of the month when my pension cheque comes in.
 What else can I do? The loss of rights for any gorup of women in
Canada is a
 loss for us all.
 Ms. Dale Johnsen,

Barrie, Ont.


To: <>

Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 4:39 PM

Subject: Second Annual International Demonstration against Sharia Court in Canada, Toronto

I attended todays protest in
Toronto against Sharia Court in Canada.
Although I could not stay for the entire time, I very strongly support
 your opposition to civil arbitration based on any religious beliefs.
  I would like to get involved in preventing the Liberal government
 from accepting Boyd's report.  If there are ways that I can assist,
 please let me know.



Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 8:27 PM

Subject: possible legislation allowing sharia law as an option for family law rulings


I strongly support the Muslim women who are organizing protests against this legislation. They have equality rights under the Charter and although resort to Sharia would be "optional",  for many muslim women it would be a struggle to resist inevitable pressure from husbands and their community.Women should not be  subjected to an ancient code of laws which favour men.


 Important decisions concerning custody of childen and inheritance rights should be dealt with under existing Ontario Family law.  We have a separation of church and state and should keep the distinction.  We are not a Theocracy  !


The proposal that women would have the right of appeal from Sharia based decisions  is unrealistic. What woman who has felt obliged to accept a Sharia based arbitration is going to muster the courge to enter an appeal?  Muslim women should have the clear right to the protection afforded all women under Ontario Family Law. 


The fact that Muslim women themselves are leading the opposition  to this possible legislation speaks volumes. I urge you to hear them and reject this legislation.


With respect,

 Dorothy Wyman


Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 4:07 PM

Subject: No faith-based court please

Please, no faith-based court.  No political islam.  Please.  The proposal is obviously  just plain wrong, and very dangerous.


 Paul Davis



Sent: Friday, September 09, 2005 1:07 AM

Subject: I vote against the Sharia Law


Hi Homa Arjomand,

I am a Jamaican Canadian, and I respect everything that you are

doing for the Moslem women. Women must be protected regardless of which racial communities they are from.  In my mind the Sharia Law   is  another  legal rout for right winged unreasonable  men to abuse

women sexually, mentally, and physically. I cannot understand why some Islamic women cannot enjoy the freedom that Canadian society can offer them instead of adhering to this primitive behaviour.

Keep fighting, I will surely vote against the Sharia Law.




Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 6:02 PM

Subject: Oppostion to Sharia

Dear Homa,

I’m writing out of deep concern regarding Sharia law being adopted in the Canadian judicial system.  It’s obvious to me that Marilyn Boyd and the Ontario government have no understanding of Islam and the implications of this type of “arbitration”  To say that they would have “safeguards” in place is laughable.

I noticed there are no protest events scheduled in Alberta.

I’m ready to do whatever it takes to get more support in the prairies and Western Canada to stop this barbaric ideology from creeping into the Canadian judicial system.    


Yours truly,

Amra Stevens



Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 9:49 PM

Subject: no sharia


Hello Homa,

My name is Hala and I have just stumbled upon your activities to prevent the sharia law from forcing its way into Canada. I totally admire your efforts and your determination in the matter.


I live in Windsor Ontario and I have just heard about the sickining news of the mere consideration of our provincial government of implementing the sahria law within our civil court system.  I personally am a muslim female with relatively 'liberal' parents.  I am happily married to a Canadian man whom my father convinced to go through with an Islamic ceremony, ie, have an Imam conduct the marriage according to the Sharia law, and thus my husband had to covert to Isam to comply!

 I am a strong believer in women's rights. In my life time I have seen and heard enough about Islam opressing women's rights and twisting whatever rights they have for the satisfaction of men. Afterall, Islam was founded at a time of male dominance in society and that's excatly what men nowadays strive to maintain.  I have come to the conclusion that Islam is a man's religion, since it's more accomodating to them, and not a woman's!  Women fall under the catagory of 'Objects' or 'Possetions' to men.

 If you ever have a function here in Windsor, please notify me so I can do my part and participate. You have my full support and well wishes.

 You can e-mail me at   

Best Regards,




Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 10:23 PM

Subject: sharia law

Dear Ms. Arjomand,

My name is Dana Sidebottom and I am a Grade 12 student in Manitoba. I am very involved in the debating and public speaking program and am currently writing a speech about the detrimental effects of sharia law being brought in to Canada. I was hoping that you may have some information, statistics or anecdotes that I can use to enhance my speech and reaffirm the idea that sharia law is not in keeping with Canadian values. Anything you can tell me would be a great asset.

Thank you for your time,

Dana Sidebottom

Saint John's Ravenscourt

Winnipeg, Mb


Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 11:20 PM

Subject: Shalom-)

Shalom/Salaamz Homa-)


My name is Yoel and I read your website last night while surfing the web. I was very impressed and just wanted to say I strongly support you and what you are doing. I am in the USA and had family in Tehran up until recently.


I work in the field of audio/video production. If there is anything I could do to assist your efforts, I would love to. I also do programming for the web including database development.


Khoda Hafez,



Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2005 7:01 PM

Subject: image - victoria protest

I have graphic and computer skills. My speciality is CMS (Content Management Systems) and Interactive Web Portals.  I created the above graphic this morning.  There are smaller and bigger images too .. I'm sending out emails and will try to get some posters planted downtown Vic.  I'm looking for the links to information on the protest in Vancouver too. 

  Peace and Freedom, In Sisterhood

Cody Gregory

Victoria, BC

Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2005 10:03 PM

Subject: Against Sharia law in Canada,Sept 8

Dear Friends,

Please spread the word towards demonstration against Sharia court in Canada which takes place on Thursday Sept 8th from 12 to 2pm,front of Parliament,Ottawa.(for other Canadian cities check out the following ad,Please)





Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2005 10:35 PM

Subject: Hello


Do you have any information about the demonstration here in Montreal , when and where.

I am an Algrian left militant,the first feminist killed in Algeria , Nabila Djahnine ( assassinated in fev 15 , 1995) was a camarade.Let stop this islamic fundamentalism here.

Mabrouk rabahi



Cc: ; ; ;

Sent: Sunday, September 04, 2005 10:12 AM

Subject: alternative religious arbitration


Mr. Patten,


I have not heard back from you yet regarding my e-mail of June 15, 2005 (pasted below). I wanted to let you know just how strongly I feel about this issue. I voted for you last election and from what contact I have had with you you seem to be a decent person and hard-working representative. However, I have to tell you that if use of sharia law to resolve family matters goes ahead I will vote against you. Not only that, I will make financial contributions to the campaign of your nearest opponent and I will take time off work to campaign on that person's behalf. I don't care what else your government achieves even if it's affordable electricity or the end of smog. Equality rights are fundamental to this country and this province. I would have thought Liberals would understand the need to protect them more than anyone else (in fact, your counterparts in Quebec do). I mean, you're LIBERALS, for goodness sake!


Darren Schemmer




Dear Mr. Patten,


I have written to you before to express my opposition to the use of alternative religious mechanisms to deal with civil matters. You sent me a copy of Marion Boyd's report. I read it and was not convinced.


It took the idea of having sharia law used as an alternative to wake most Ontarians up to the fact that Ontario has been permitting the use of other religion-based parallel legal systems since the 1990's. This was done to unclog the courts, but such expediency was wrong as it led us to break fundamental principles of separation of church and state and equality before the law. Quebec has stated these principles very clearly. So has Shirin Ebado. When will Ontario do the same?


Darren Schemmer


To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2005 2:09 PM

Subject: Re: cp 8 septembre contre tribunaux islamiques au canada.doc (September 8th Demonstration in Paris)

Dear Homa,

 I am sorry that I have been unable to participate in any organizational meetings for the Sept. 8 demonstration.  I will be present on the 8th at Queen's Park with some colleagues.  If there is any way that I can help out at this point or on the day of the demonstration, please let me know.

 Kind regards,


Lorraine Hudson
Responsable des communications / Communications Coordinator
Oasis Centre des femmes


From: "D. Pask"

To: <>

Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2005 3:55 PM

Subject: Family Law in Canada


Dear Madame Arjomand;
I am writing to encourage you in your good work against the the  introduction of Sharia Law in  arbitrated family law disputes in
Ontario.  I was active  in the work for the development of equality in  Canadian Family Law and  am  angry to see  that work being undermined in Ontario.I have taught Family law to law students at the University of Calgary
Faculty of Law for many years. I am presently teaching Immigration and Refugee Law and am a past member of the Board of Directors of the Calgary Immigrant Women's  Association.  I wonder if you have any contacts with Calgary Muslim women who share your concerns?  I have been talking to the current Advisor to the President of the University on  Women's Issues and we are interested in organizing some concerned women and holding an information session on this topic.  I would very much
appreciate your  suggestions  in this regard.(I notice that a number of  the articles on your website  are not
working in that I cannot access the entirety of the articles.They may be quite useful to students and others as background reading for the seminar that I am thinking about so I look forward to being able to
access them in future.)
Many Thanks
Diane Pask
Professor Emerita of Law


From: "J Batterink"

To: <>; <>; <>

Cc: <>; <>

Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2005 9:00 PM

Subject: Sharia Law

I would like to register my objection to the use of Sharia law within the province of Ontario, as I believe it would adversely affect the rights of women and children.
Jane Batterink
Perry, Ontario


Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2005 9:53 PM

Subject: no sharia demonstrations


Dear Madam,
I'd like to lend my support to your efforts to stop sharia implemention in
Ontario, Canada.
I read in the Globe and Mail that there will be a demonstration on
Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2005. Unfortuneately, Tuesday in the 6th. I'm confused. So too will be my readers, both at and at http://jihadwatch.orgIf you would clarify for me and others where and when we could show our support we would no doubt all be extremely gratful.
Thank you for you time.
Yalla, Dag

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 12:45 PM

Subject: Good luck in Peterborough!
Hi Homa:
31-Aug-05 Protests at Canadian Missions Canada's diplomatic missions in London and Paris are being targeted by anti-Sharia law protestors next week. Nearly 100 international groups denouncing the province of Ontario's decision to allow faith-based arbitration, saying that is suppresses women's rights and sets a bad example for those lobbying for Sharia law in Europe. "A lot of French people cannot believe it, because for us, Canada is a country with very good rights for women. It is unbelievable," Michèle Vianès, president of French NGO Regard de femmes. Embassy

31-Aug-05 Peterborough meeting tonight: Effect of Sharia/faith based Court on Women's Rights Homa Arjomand, the leader of the International Campaign against Shari'a Court in Canada, will describe the effects of Sharia faith-based courts advocated by Muslim fundamentalists here in Ontario and how they could severely limit women's rights unless Ontario's Arbitration Act is repealed. For details click here. safewatergroup
Ron Hart

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 1:22 PM

Subject: Urgent appeal


Dear Homa,
I translated in french your appeal for financial support and it's already on Sisyphe at :
in french

 To: <>

Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 5:13 PM

Subject: Sharia Law


Dear Ms. Arojomand, I have been looking for a group to help fight the adoption of Sharia law in Ontario, and rumour has it at one time the Provincial Govt of B.C. was `looking into it`. I understand a protest is being organised for September 8, in Vancouver could you tell me who to get in touch with? Thank you, I have several friends who are interested so, I think we could add a small group to the Vancouver contingent. We

will all be non-muslims, I assume you are looking for all the support you can get.
Ms. Therese Dobroslavic



Sent: Monday, August 29, 2005 4:45 PM

Subject: Sharia law proposals


Greetings, Homa!

    I'm a friend of Abe Wiebe and was at the talks at the U of T earlier this month. Could you tell us what stage these sharia proposals of Syed Mumtaz Ali's are at now? We want to write up and send letters out to some friends and politicians and want to put current details in.

Thanks so much!

Norine Love


Sent: Monday, August 29, 2005 4:10 PM

Subject: Upcoming meeting, Nov. 05


Hi Homa:
Do you by any chance have any "speaker publicity" information such as a
biography, poster or photo? I know we can download stuff off the internet
but I was hoping you might have something else you could send me. We do a
little display of our upcoming speakers at each meeting and I would love to
have something to display of yours. If not, please let me know so I can try
and get something off the internet instead. Thanks so much!
Lisette Logan,
Financial Planner
Investment and Retirement Planning,
BMO Bank of


Sent: Monday, August 29, 2005 2:12 PM

Subject: sept. 8th demonstration


Hi Homa,

My name is Ryan Hardy, and I was wondering if you could possibly send some more information on the Sept. 8th demonstration? I'd be interested in helping out as much as I can, because I think your campign is really important, and also because I have a great deal of respect for the WPI.


Ryan Hardy


Sent: Saturday, August 27, 2005 1:59 PM

Subject: Call For Papers: Victim No More? Women Resisting the Label of Law


I am wondering whether you could please pass on this Call For Papers to anyone who is researching and writing on the topic of Sharia courts/law and who would be interested in submitting a proposal/paper to our anthology?
I include the CFP below and as an attachment. Our deadline for proposals is September 1st.
Ellen Faulkner. Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
Brock University
St. Catharines,

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Saturday, August 27, 2005 11:39 AM

Subject: Re: cp 8 septembre contre tribunaux islamiques au canada.doc (September 8th Demonstration in Paris)

Dear Homa,
Accept our Wholehearted support on the occassion of he 8th September Protest.
Mokube Innocent Ngoe
Women s Leadership and Support Network
Kumba -

Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2005 1:25 PM

Subject: Re: British Humanists support Sept 8

le 25/08/05 10:34, Homa Arjomand à a écrit :

Hello Mme Arjomand,
I'm journalist for Le Devoir, a
Montreal newspaper.
I would like to make a feature interview with you, probably on the phone.

Every monday we publish a long interview. I guess this one could be published the monday before the september 8th demonstration. Talking both about yourself, your experience, and the cause you have endorsed these recent years.

If you are interested, we could manage a telephonic appointment, maybe for monday morning (I'm in at
10:00) , or tuesday? I guess we'll need something like an hour (maybe less).
I hope this proposition will interest you.
Thank you
Clairandrée Cauchy



Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2005 9:43 AM

Subject: Sept. 8th Demonstration in Toronto


Hi, Homa, I am a Toronto business owner (I work in communications) and political organizer. I am very interested in coming out to the demonstration September 8th and will turn out as many human beings as I possibly can - I will turn my political and business rolodex inside out.

Can you send me any detail on the demonstration and any work that needs to get done in the run up to it - I have media and public relations experience, I can muster print resources, let me know what you are looking for and I'll help in any way I can. I can also fundraise if that is required.

Please give me a call at -----at your convenience.

Best regards,
Rita Smith

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 9:57 AM

Subject: Re: Speech at, public Forum Hamilton 1 Zonta Club,Zonta is an International Organization committed the Advancement


As I won't be able to get to this event, and am very interested in knowing what your speakers have to say, will this be available on your web site


Many thanks,  Cecile



Sent: Friday, August 19, 2005 4:55 PM

Subject: FW: End Sharia campaign in Canada

Dear Ms. Arjomand:

 I have sent your request for help to the two staff members who work on issues in Islamic nations. One of them, Farida Azizi, who works in Afghanistan, gave the response below. I hope this will be of some help, and let me know if there is any other assistance I could provide. I will also immediately forward you any further responses I receive.

Best regards,

Zachary Kagan-Guthrie
Anti-Trafficking and Human Rights Program Assistant
Vital Voices Global Partnership
1050 Connecticut Avenue NW, 10th Floor
Washington DC 20036

From: Farida Azizi
Friday, August 19, 2005 4:50 PM
To: Zack Kagan Guthrie
Subject: RE: End Sharia campaign in Canada


Thanks for asking to share our experience and contact with your friend. Hope it will help her. I know one organization in Canada that supports such programs called Rights and Democracy (International Center for Human rights and democratic development). They have a website that your can for contact and more info. I don't know any other contact.






To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2005 3:47 AM

Subject: [Bulk] Re: Second Annual International Demonstration against Sharia Court in Canada

Dear Homa,


I was very fortunate and pleased to attend the conference organized by you and held in Toronto last Friday, August 12. I admire your commitment and courage in fighting against the attempt of political Islamists to cunningly undermine the freedom and democracy that the West has achieved at a high price of human sacrifices. We, who lived under political Islam, must do our share to defend those who opened their hearts and countries. I will be more than willing to help in any way in the organization of the upcoming demonstration in Montreal


Nabil A. Malek, President

Canadian Egyptian Organization for Human Rights


Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 2:47 PM

Subject: Journalist France


Mrs Homa Arjomand,

I am a french independant journalist, based in
Paris. Safia Lebdi, vice-president of the french association Ni Putes Ni soumises, is a close friend of mine.  She gave me your contact because I am very interested in working about your coordination against sharia court in Ontario. I do work a lot with the french women magazines, such as Biba or DS, which should be interested by the story. I have red on the website that a
demonstration against the sharia court would be held on september 8th in
Toronto.  For me it would certainly be the right moment to come and  stay a week to work on this women movement, that, I think, is so strong and important.
I would like to know if  you could be available at any time of this week to meet me (Let's say between the 7
and the 15 of september), and also if you could connect me with people that could help me to understand the situation. (women involved in associations against the sharia court, lawyers...).

Yours faithfully,
Hugo Van Offel
Journaliste freelance


To: <>

Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 2:49 PM

Subject: Islamic Terrorism against Women

Dear Ms. Homa Arjomand,

I will be direct with you. Just minutes before writing this email I read
the article by Ms. Hirsi Ali in the Wall Street Journal where your name was
mentioned.  This has prompted me to take some kind of action against the
evil that is legalized under Sharia Law.

I want to join the fight for women's rights because they too are human and
the world seems to forget that. This is apparent in the case of
Iraq. The
truth is that the war in
Iraq is a war for Iraqi men not women for their
lives will not improve. Saddam or no Saddam.

 I want to be part of the process that puts an end to male domination over
women, magnified the most by the powers given to men under Islam. I am
angry and now I want to fight back. The physical power that men have, has
been abused and transformed over thousands of years and has resulted in a
perverse religion which considers holy those actions that most civilized
nations consider a crime.

I want to start somewhere, and I have done so by writing to you. I do not
know much about you but what I do know is that you see the danger in Sharia
Law being permitted in
Canada. It is once again a creation of men to keep
the reins in their hands. I firmly believe that once people immigrate to
other nations they have to follow the rules and regulations of that
country. I chose
Canada because of its laws, because of the safety it will
provide to me, especially as a woman. If Muslim men want to maintain their
bully attitude toward women they cannot practice them here and that should
be made clear. All Canadian women have that right. But teh most important
thing is that freedom isn't men's to GIVE to women it is already theirs.
Something that is given or granted is not a right it is a privilege.

I apologize for making this email so long as I understand you must be a
busy woman, but if there are things to be done for your campaign or if you
have any visions for an organized group then please let me know.

As a side note, I no longer consider my self a Muslim and this is something
that became clear to me over the past few years. I have struggled with in
my self with what Islam meant to me in its entirety. I am a person who
cannot live with contradictions and unfortunately that is what Islam is. I
was brought up as Muslim in
Pakistan and from a very young age I have
fought with my family against the differences in treatment between men and
women, even if they are subtle. Even though I come from an educated family
and have lived a very comfortable life, my brother and I were treated
differently in certain matters. Also because the culture in
Pakistan is one
of make dominance, my brother somehow thought it okay to beat me if I
fought with him, event though my parents would never approve of it. This I
did and this I will continue to do so with anybody who gives me any less
respect then I deserve. Now I want to make sure that other women fight back
as well.
Thank you

From: "Stefan Matess"

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 4:24 PM

Subject: Re: Toronto August 12th conference , Speech on Sharia Law and the Globalization of Political Islam

 HUGE SUCCESS!!!!!!!!I said it before, and I
 will say it again, "YOU ARE AN AMAZING
 Keep up your good work.
Take Care

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Monday, August 15, 2005 11:50 AM

Subject: [Bulk] Sharia Law Conference


Homa - You are truly to be congratulated - That was a wonderfully informative and well run meeting on Friday evening.

As you may recall, I was very worried when you had to switch from OISE to the Earth Sciences Building but I thought you had a terrific turnout.

Now, I have a friend who was too ill to attend but  would make a donation. I'm having trouble finding your postal code for the 747 Don Mills Road Address so it would help if you could email that to me.

Again Congratulations - Mary Harlan



Sent: Monday, August 15, 2005 10:30 PM

Subject: International demonstration against Sharia court in Canada


Hello Homa,

 My name is Kari Francis and I'm a master's student at the University of Toronto. I have just recently came back from a month and a half trip to Kolkata, India where I volunteered for Mother Teresa's missionaries of charity. During my trip I truely believe that I heard my vocation and it was to help liberate women oppressed by their religion, in particular the muslim faith. Soon thereafter I read about the fight against the integration of Muslim Family Law into the Ontario Arbitration Act. I got in contact with the YWCA in Toronto and have asked to help them in their No Religious Arbitration Coalition starting up in mid september. Needless to say I will be at Queen's park on Sept 8th. If there is ANYTHING I can do to help, please ask me. I'm ready and willing to do whatever I can to protect muslim women within Canada and set an example of how a country should  be run. You are such and inspiration, thank you!


Kari Franci


Sent: Monday, August 15, 2005 3:14 PM

Subject: National Post

Great coverage in today's National Post-may it keep on coming



Sent: Sunday, August 14, 2005 4:01 PM

Subject: Friday evening


Thank you for Friday evening at U of T.

It was very informative and I, for one, had a wonderful evening.    I couldn't get to sleep for thinking of everything that when on !

Is there a web site that I could access to get more information about Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

 Thank you again for this wonderful interesting evening.

 kind thoughts,   Cecile Pearsall

 Also, if you are planning other evenings like this one, please keep me on your email list.


 To: Homa Arjomand


Sent: Sunday, August 14, 2005 8:35 AM

Subject: Re: TORONTO STAR: Activists speak out against sharia


 Thank you for such a wonder interesting and inspiring evening - what spearkers

I feel I should have asked about the Professors coming to teach Islamic law.

Do you know anything more about this issue and the best way to protest ?


Tessa House


Sent: Saturday, August 13, 2005 8:21 PM

Subject: From Mary-Lou Zeitoun


I very much enjoyed the presentation last night. I was wondering, could you email me your lovely speech so I can make sure I quote you right? Congratulations on a successful evening.


I am writing an article about this for Now but in addition I would like to be  more involved in the campaign, if my energy allows (I have a bit of an immune disorder so I have limited physical resources.)


But I have the added bonus of being a Canadian of Palestinian heritage, although Catholic (Dad's from Nazareth) and grew up in that wonderful culture. As such, no one dares accuse me of racism when I critique Arab attitudes to women. I would speak out anyway, of course. The Christian Palestinians commit honour killings too. Irshad was so dead on about that issue being at the core, although I can't say I enjoyed Irshad's speaking style, I never do (Ms Ali could hardly get a word in!), and I'm afraid I gave her book a pretty bad review in NOW. She is profoundly ignorant about Palestinians. But what she has to say about the Qumran is essential.

 I also have fought against misogyny in the Catholic faith and wrote a novel three years ago called "13". ( It's about what sexism does to a young girl from the inside out. But it's funny too! It did well critically and is optioned for a movie. I'd love to get a copy to Ms Ali. If you could forward this email to her as well that'd be great. Next year I'm being published in an Anthology of Arab women writing in English in the U.S.


As I listened to you speak, I had the idea of writing an article on a day in your life for maybe, Toronto Life magazine or The Globe. Would you be interested? People just don't realize how hard it is for the women under sharia law or "traditional" cultures. Perhaps a story, not a statistic, will move their hearts and open their minds.

Mary Lou Zeitoun


Sent: Saturday, August 13, 2005 7:22 PM

Subject: [Bulk] August 12 event



It was a wonderful event.  The speakers were excellent.


It was very telling to listen to the, the issue was raised that persons who do not speak Arabic (I've heard this before) cannot understand what the Koran is saying.  This would be an argument against sharia law in Canada.  It would mean that not one person on the Supreme Court of Canada  could understand a ruling made by sharia court.  This is absolutely absurd.

 Another young man wanted to have Sharia law used to settle his inheritance, the other inheritor being his sister.  We know where this was going.




To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Saturday, August 13, 2005 1:49 PM

Subject: Re: TORONTO STAR: Activists speak out against sharia

 Homa joon,
>i just wanted to say congratulations to you...the conference was quite a
> success from as far as i could see. I just wanted to thank you for all the work
> that you are doing regarding this issue and the personal sacrifices that you
> have made to get this campaign off the ground.
> zendebad,
> samira.



Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2005 1:42 AM

Subject: How can I help?

Hi ...


We don't know each other, but I am a sister in any action against faith based so-called justice. 

I live in Victoria, British Columbia.  I learned about the oppression of women at my mother's knee, she was a founding member of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women.  She is brilliant.  I, her daughter, can only hope to follow in some small way to promote freedom for women. 

 I own and run a website that connects about 650 women, lesbians and friends, mostly on Vancouver Island, but some are from around the world.  We have one member who is Turkish.

 Anyways ... rocks!  These poltical times are so very difficult for the cause of reason and humanity. If those who say they know the mind of God would see that more freedom is way better than less freedom, then we wouldn't be having this discussion.  Religion, organized faith in the supernatural, would rather have women oppressed, barefoot and pregnant, clueless and depressed. It must be stopped. 

As a middle class, middle aged, Canadian-born woman, I could not know the deep problems or joys that face women in islamic families and faith communities ... I can only know that I am not really free until the day comes when all women on the planet free.

One may call *it* culture ... but if it looks like oppression, talks like oppression and smells like oppression .. then it isn't just culture, it's also oppression.

 What I need to know ... how can I help?  What can I do here on the west coast of Canada to halt the oppression of women in the name of religion?  Is someone organizing a demonstration on Sept 8th in Vancouver?

 In Sisterhood,

Cody (Catherin) Gregory

Victoria, British Columbia


Sent: Friday, July 15, 2005 12:43 AM

Subject: hello


Dear Homa: 

 my name is Kazhal. I used to be a women's right activist in Kurdistan-Iraq.  I’m a writer as well.  Now I live in Toronto.

 I have information about the campaign against shari'a court. so i like to join that campaign, and work together.

 I like to tell you that I used to be a member of the communist party of Iraq, but I quit working with them.

  now I work independently, but i still belief in Marxism strongly.

 I hope that is not going to be a problem to be able to work together.

 with all my regards

To: <>

Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2005 4:03 PM

Subject: Michael Coren Show


> Hi Homa, would you be available to join us for a special panel
> discussion regarding the
London bombings and reaction within the Islamic
> community, pre-taped
11:30 AM to 12:30 PM, Tuesday, July 19.  We can
> provide ground transportation to and from our studios.
>Michael Zwiep
> Researcher, 'The Michael Coren Show'
> CTS Crossroads Television System
> 1295 North Service Road
Burlington, ON
> L7R 4X5

Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2005 9:47 AM

Subject: URGENT

Dear Homa

further to our conversation, I am keeping my filming crew on hold for Friday 22 or Sat 23 July at 7pm in the evening so that you will confirm to me about your steering committee meeting. Pls let me know asap and I thank you for your consideration. Waiting to hear from you. Raheel

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 8:49 AM

Subject: FYI

14-June-05 Ebadi decries Islamic law for Canada MONTREAL -- Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi, a leading human-rights crusader in her native Iran, took a firm stand against the introduction of Islamic tribunals in Canada yesterday, warning they open the door to potential rights abuses. "I'm against having several courts and separate laws," said Ms. Ebadi, who was in Montreal to receive an honorary degree from Concordia University. "One country, one legal code, one court -- for everybody." Globe and Mail

From: "Korosh Khalili"

To: <>

Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 8:57 PM

Subject: Your TVO interview

Dear Ms. Arjomand
I heard you for the first time on TVO tonight.  I wish to commend you on all 
of your efforts and congratulate you on the clarity of your message and the 
power with which you conveyed them.

Korosh Khalili

To: homa arjomand

Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 8:54 PM

Subject: TVO interview

Hi Homa,

I just wanted to say that was a superb interview you did with Paula tonight on Studio 2.

You are a very impressive person and I admire your courage enormously.


 Lynda Hurst

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 8:40 PM

Subject: RE : invitation to Fatima Houda-Pepin


Bonjour madame Arjomand,


Votre invitation à participer à votre 2e manifestation internationale contre l'implantation de la Charia en Ontario m'est parvenue et je vous en remercie.

 C'est à regret que je ne peux être présente à cet événement, étant retenue par d'autres engagements à Québec.

La Motion adoptée par l'Assemblée nationale du Québec est en cours de traduction, dès que j'aurais la version anglaise, il me fera plaisir de vous la communiquer.

 Salutations !


Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 3:30 PM

Subject: FW: HAN Summer Solstice

Hi Arjomand,

 We meet in Kitchener a month or so ago at your presentation for Kathy (nice hug).  We in the Niagara region (Humanist Association of Niagara) are holding a Summer Solstice (for lack of a better excuse) BBQ.  I would like to be able to show as many of the areas where Humanist have been active, so I am looking for any kind of relevant display or literature.  Is there anything you could send me regarding the Shari' a law issue?

 rene chouinard

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 10:26 AM

Subject: Queen's Park puts off decision on Islamic law's role in family cases

well done Homa! The battle may be ours but the war has still to be won.


Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 7:47 AM

Subject: RE: [hac-members] Queen's Park puts off decision on Islamic law's role in family cases

Congratulations !! Well done.

But we cannot - CANNOT- let up the pressure.

Neera Singh
Senior Policy/Program Officer
Income Security Programs, Social Development Canada

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Monday, June 13, 2005 9:07 PM

Subject: Re: [hac-members] Queen's Park puts off decision on Islamic law'srole in family cases

congratulations!   keep up the pressure.

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Monday, June 13, 2005 6:56 PM

Subject: Re: [hac-members] Queen's Park puts off decision on Islamic law's role in family cases

Congratulations. You have the first battle, and I am sure, you will win the last battle too.

Mohammed Jalaluddin, Ottawa 


Sent: Monday, June 13, 2005 7:11 AM

Subject: Sharia


I support your fight against Sharia Law in Canada and I would gladly sign a petition to that effect.

Jonathan Usher

Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2005 10:28 PM

Subject: Back home

Hi Zeiba, Homa and Janice. I am back from vacationing  now and would like to start up again the process of getting
email  info on Afghanistan and in particular info/articles that you were sending me on Afghan Women which I will distribute to our CSAW [Canadians in support of Afghan Women] members.
Thanks so much.
Liz Watson

To: "Homa Arjomand"

Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2005 4:53 PM

Subject: Documentaire

Hello Homa,
 It is a long time since I saw you at the meeting of the feseration of
 women. Things are going well for the nosharia cause specially since the
quebec motion against the tribunal.
 I Am still working on the documentary with Valery and I was hoping we could
 have a talk on the phone to organise a shoot with you and some of your
 My phone is -------,---,Thanks again for your commitment to secularism.

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 8:00 PM

Subject: Re: Sharia and Canada on the Int.News


I just wanted to let you know that one year later I constantly run into people who thank me for writing to them about Sharia law and tell me that they have written their MPP's but have received no replies.

Just thought you would want to know that I am still working.

Mary d'Eon


Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 4:56 PM

Subject: Appreciation

Dear Mrs. Arjomand,

I would like to thank you again for answering my questions and really wish you the best of luck in your endless struggles and campaigns for women’s rights in Iran. Further, I would like to commend all your honorable and admirable work for the pursuit of equality in an environment of difficulties.

Actually, like you I have been extremely busy so I understand where you are comming from. I currently hold the position of Director in an NGO in Beirut called: Lebanese Down Syndrome Association (LDSA). As such, I have put my thesis on hold for a while and will get back to it as soon as possible. In conclusion, I hope my thesis and future book can aid and encourage you in your struggles. I will be sending you a copy of my thesis when completed, which I hope will be to your liking.Good luck!

Sincerely,Tania Atalla

To: Homa Arjmand

Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 3:20 PM

Subject: a much wider problem

Thank you for sending me the different items.  I had no idea that you were dealing with such a widespread problem.

 Discrimination agaist women is almost universal even in so-called democratic countries.  To this very day women do not receive the same salaries as men do for similar work.  Men generally give lip service to equality, but when it comes to actually practising it, women still have a way to go.  My husband once said that if he had a woman and a man applying for a job, he would choose the man, "because women take time out to have babies".  We had three daughters and one foster daughter, no sons, and he must have been quite taken aback at the storm of protest that  comment provoked.

Carry on with your crusade Homa, my prayers are with you.  Sincerely, Pomona 


To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 12:15 PM

 Hi Homa,
It will be my great pleasure to be able to do something about these
courts. I live in
Montreal. Please let me know if there is anything I
can do from here. I have been thinking that it will be great to have a
bus going to
Toronto from here for the demonstration.
At the end, thank you very much for all your effort to save our rights
as humans.

Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2005 3:21 PM

Subject: Re: your help is needed to organize Sept 8th demonstration in front of Canadi...

Hello Homa,

I called M.Vianes, so we will work together.

Sincerely, CERF

To: Homa Arjmand

Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2005 2:12 PM

Subject: Paltalk

Dear Homa,

I have made a note  in my appointment book to remind myself to participate (by computer) in your September meeting,  I will see whether I can link up with PALTALK in the meantime.  At least I have time to get help from my grandson if I have any problem hooking up.  (I already have a microphone)

 I must make a note to remind myself because ,at nearly 85 years of age, I might very well forget!! 

 I am one of the fortunate women who were brought up by an enlightened father, to believe fiercely in the independence of women.  Fortunately, my husband  was equally enlightened.------------I suppose I wouldn't have married him other wise!!

 Even if I cannot attend (via computer) I will still pray for the success of your crusade.  It is a pity that a crusade should be necessary.  Keep up the good fight.                   Sincerely,  Pomona


To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2005 2:41 PM

Subject: RE: call to organize september 8th international demonstration against Sharia/ faith based court in Canada

Dear Homa,
> I would very much like to. Please put me in touch with anyone organising
> events in
Calgary. Also please let me know is there any way we can bring in a similar bill to
> what was recently passed in
Quebec to the Alberta Legislative assembly? I
> believe
Alberta being more conservative may have greater sympathy with this
> cause.
 Best wishes,
> Sriya

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2005 10:39 AM

Subject: Audio-Visual requirements for conference presentation


Hello Homa:

 Please confirm your need for audo-visual equipment

for your presentation at the conference....

 Equipment needed    I can bring


Overhead transparency projector     

Slide projector                                 

Power Point projector                       

Lap top computer                           

Do not require any equipment         


 Bill Broderick


Sent: Monday, June 06, 2005 10:43 AM

Subject: Fwd: Sharia and Canada on the Int.News


Hiya Homa....

The following was sent to me by a friend who's currently living in
Australia. Just thought you might find the article interesting. :)
Begin forwarded message:A note to you all regarding the sharia law. It has made news on the International Scene in Le Monde, and no doubt in the Guardian. Short report, but informative for us nymphoids. Kind of makes me wonder how they deal with the large Islamic population in
Thanks to Liz Cuddy for making us aware of it as it was going on, because I think, for the most part, many of us had no idea.... Family Law, most important on the home front.


Sent: Monday, June 06, 2005 1:36 AM

Subject: Sharia Law Pedition, Ursula Baer


 I was looking for your petition to sign it. Where can I find it?


Ursula Baer, Vancouver BC

From: "Left Radical of Afghanistan LRA

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Monday, June 06, 2005 1:18 AM

Subject: Re: About the Left
> Dear Homa
> We are waiting answer from our friends in
Kabul to
> meet Linda and discuss about different issues on
> AFghan women.surely we will tell her about you. as
> soon as we got infomation from our
kabul section then
> we will inform you about the development.
> Thanks
> Adina

From: "Élaine Audet"

To: <>

Sent: Sunday, June 05, 2005 12:13 PM

Subject: book and information


Dear Homa,

I want to advise you that your communiqué was published in french on
Sisyphe, the 28th :
If you publish it, please mention the above url.

Sisyphe will launch its publishing house next fall. It will publish 3 books
: The Resistance to Islamic Courts in
Canada, The Early Sexualisation of
Young Girls, Prostitution/ Feminist Perspectives. For the first book on the
Islamic Courts, I had your conference on September 17th in
Ottawa,  translated in french to be in that book, if you agree, which will
contain my articles on that subject and that of others like the interview
with Elaheh Machouf and, if she agrees,  2 articles of Vida Amirmokri which
were published in the newspaper Le Devoir. I'm looking for her e-mail
address, if you have it, would you please send it to me as soon as possible.

I would like to have your authorization for the publication of your text in
our book. As Sisyphe receives around 2500 visitors daily, the publicity for
these small books, on one topic, at popular prizes, will be well made for
Canada and Europe from where half of our readers come from.

Best thoughts,

Elaine Audet


From : Farid AMEUR / Free lance reporter.

Documentary: the sharia court in Canada

Production: Sunset Presse (

Broadcaster: Arte reprtage (

Montreal, the 4th June 2005


Mrs Arjoman.


Following my phone call, here are information about the documentary, I’m preparing for the french-german TV called « Arte » on the sharia court in Canada.

As I explained, this important european TV is almost ready to send a team in Canada.

Almost, because in this type of documentary, broadcasted on a great audience time, I have to be able to give the telespectators, all the elements to understand what are the risks of  the application of islamic laws in Canada.

I have to be close to the daily reality. In the present case, I have to be sure to able to film victims of those sharia courts, to interview them, and follow them in their live, to be able to show the people that the difficulties they’re facing are not only a problem of interpretation of religion. I have to get the attention of the telespectators from the first to the last minute of the documentary.

If women in that case accept to participate, they will stay completely anounymous – it will be their choice.

I have been reading carfully the information on your website – and saw your biography. I really would like to have your interview and to follow you in a meeting, in your work.

Everything, is now a matter of organization, I hope to speak with you soon to prepare your intervention in this documentary. I just have two weeks to be ready to start filming... so please don’t hesitate to call me in Montreal:---... in the evening, if it’s more possible for you.

I know that my english isn’t Sheakspear’s....


Thank-you in advance.



To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Friday, June 03, 2005 9:42 PM

Subject: Re: hi Polina; would you like to become part of team to organize sept 8th demonstration?

 Hi Homa,
 I am very interested in organizing this event.  I live in
Vancouver now so
 please let me know who I can contact here in
Vancouver.  I also have friends in
 the media here who may be willing to help.
My phone number is ---or email me.
I hope all is well with you and look forward to your reply.

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2005 11:23 PM

Subject: tv interview


> Dear Mz Arjomand;
> I saw a bit of your interview on tv.  You and another lady were giving
> your opinions about the use of Sharia law in
Canada.  I was appalled at
> her unwavering insistence that it should be an accepted.  She would not
> hear any reasoning but insisted it should be accepted as an equal law
> process in Canadian law.
> I am appalled that the suggestion is even made.  We have a law that
> applies to all.  There is no need for another set of laws to be applied
> to a certain group of people.  There should be no 'special' treatment
> for a 'special' group.  All should be equal under the law.
>   Frankly,I do feel that if people do not want to be ruled by Canadian
> law then they should move to a country where the laws are to their
> liking or preference.  If you do not want to be governed by our laws
> then leave the country.  I do hope
Ontario takes another look at where
> their softness is leading.
>   Thankyou for your stand against Sharia.
> Yours truly,
> Ann Zelter


To: Arjomand, Homa

Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2005 9:21 PM

Subject: Press Kit -- Information for Talk on October 4, 2005 - Zonta Hamilton 1, ON


Hi Homa.  It was lovely to speak with you this evening.  Hope that you are taking care of yourself -- the demands on your time on energy sound extreme!

Zonta Hamilton 1 is wanting information from your Press Kit.  such as:  Press Release: Picture; biography; short report of all you are doing; survey of awareness in Ontario -- and anything else that you think we should have for our advertising.

Please send Hard Copy to:

Donna Paige




Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2005 3:13 PM

Subject: FW: press release Quebec

Please see my previous e-mail on this subject.  I am in complete agreement with Homa Arjomand on this matter - and I am in complete agreement with the recent actions taken by the Province of Quebec.   I am puzzled about what "values and aspirations of the people of Ontario Premier McGuinty is talking about.  I am a citizen of Ontario and I have expressed my values in my earlier note - and they certainly do not agree with the implementation of Sharia Law in this province (nor in this country) nor with the highly questionable conclusions of Marion Boyd on this matter!   I am eagerly waiting for Premier McGuinty to act appropriately and in the interest of Ontario -not in the interests of Iran, Afghanistan or other Islamic countries!   Thank you. Patrick Mates


To: <>

Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2005 9:28 AM

Subject: Sharia


 Thank you for taking the time to speak with me this morning.
 I really appreciate your voice and your comments for my story.
 Can you please e mail me the survey and any other information you were 
 talking about?
 Thank you,
 Michele Henry
 Reporter The Sun


To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2005 2:25 AM

Subject: Re: Interview


Bonjour Homa,


Je reviens vers vous pour les manifestations du 8 septembre.

Nous sommes prêtes à relayer le combat en France et à organiser une manifestation devant l'Ambassade du Canada à Paris.

Quels sont les différents relais que vous avez pour que nous prenions contact et préparons notre action ensemble?

Merci de me répondre assez rapidement, le 8 septembre est proche pour préparer une manifestation importante.
A très bientôt,

Michèle Vianès


To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Monday, May 30, 2005 3:20 PM

Subject: Re: Sharia Law in Quebec


Dear Homa,


I want to thank you for the information you have sent so far. I can use everything I can lay me hands on.


The Ontario Women's Liberal Commission will be having a plenary dealing with the possible adoption of Sharia law at our AGM in Ottawa June 10-12th. That discussion will form the basis of our formal position on the matter. Overwhelmingly, we are dead-set against its introduction anywhere in Canada and intend to lobby the Premier and all the MPPs attending the convention to see that we follow Quebec's lead.


Kind regards,



Michelle Simson,

President, OWLC

To: <>

Sent: Monday, May 30, 2005 11:31 AM

Subject: Rép. : press release Quebec

Good morning,
May I give you a little explanation about
Quebec's Law.
Yes, we obey and respect the Canadian Charter of Rights.  However,
Quebec is governed also with  a Civil Code that is very near or is a result of the Napoleon Code (French Law).  I've heard that other provinces are ruled under the Common Law which would be British Law).
Am I right or wrong... Anyway that difference would explain why we cannot and will not accept the Sharia in our Province.
I also have written to our provincial Head of Justice (Minister) at the time:  Jacques Dupuis, and he answered me something to that effect.
But keep on the good work. 

Sent: Monday, May 30, 2005 1:31 AM


Yes I shall plan another demonstration for Sept. 8, 2005.

I shall have to let you know where and what times.

Jane Turnell

Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2005 11:40 PM

Subject: Ontario Liberal Party Annual General Meeting

Dear Homa Arjomand - At the Liberal Convention in Ottawa on June 10th, the Ontario Women's Liberal Commission will be highlighting and focusing on Sharia  Law. It would help if you could direct me to your most pertinent points. We also want to urge our members to be present on September 8th at Queens Park.

Is there any chance that you are a Liberal or, that you might be in Ottawa on June 10th?

Do you have any literature that you would like us to circulate at the OLP convention?

You can reach me at ----- or you can email me here.

As you can see time is of the essence.

Thank you for your attention.

Mary Harlan


Toronto Women's Liberal Association

To: homa

Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2005 8:13 PM

Subject: press release Quebec congratulations

Congratulations for this victory! We just tallked about your fight this week-end in the Marche Mondiale des Femmes in Marseille and at my return , i learn this excellent new! Don't stop the movement, let's continue all together with solidarity across the whole world! Fraternity and freedom, parity and equality. No war, no poverty, we are the humanity.Thousand Congratulations!Ginette Lefèvre

From: Yasaman Soudagar
Date: May 29, 2005 2:55 PM
Subject: No Sharia courts in Canada
Dear Mr. McGuinty,
I have immigrated from Iran to Canada to escape from the injustice of
religious ruling. I have paid a high price for my freedom as other
Canadians have in the process of building this beautiful country and
keeping it free. Allowing Sharia courts will be a big blow to all the
hard work of Canadians to reserve their freedom and a big blow to
likes of me, who have paid a high price to be free of religious
ruling. The rules of Islam are directly against human rights and the
Islamic regimes on the globe have proved this fact over and over
In the name of millions of women and men suffering under Islamic rules
and those who have freed themselves by moving to a society where state
and religion are separated, I beg you to call Sharia courts illegal.
Please, do not ruin
Yours sincerely,
Yasaman Soudagar

From: "joanne scullion"

To: "Homa

Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2005 12:39 PM

Dear Homa I would love to as you know I live in
montreal, I would like to know if there is anything
that I can do here , I am very happy about the Quebec
ruling I would like to know what is the exact status
of the Sharia in Ontairo I have a lot of people asking
me Questions about it please reply love Joanne

From: "omidg"

To: <homa

Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2005 12:00 PM

Subject: Interview with The Epoch Times


 Salam Khanume Arjomand,
My name is Omid Ghoreishi and I am a reporter for the international news
organization "The Epoch Times" (  As you know,
Quebec has recently ruled against the Islamic groups who want to use Islamic
law (Sharia) in some arbitration cases.  Since you are the Co-ordinator of the
International campaign against Sharia's court in
Canada, I would appreciate
the opportunity to conduct an interview with you and ask your opinion on this
issue.  I called you earlier but unfortunately I got the machine.  Please
reply to this email if you are willing to be interviewed.
Kind Regards,
Omid Ghoreishi
The Epoch Times
Reporter (Edmonton/Canada)

To: ""Homa Arjomand""

Sent: Saturday, May 28, 2005 5:26 PM

 Thank you for the update,I forwarded the news to an American
  website that is also trying to stem the spread of Shariah based
  laws for Muslim Females.
    I refer to Females because I have yet to see one Law that punishes
  the Men,this attempt to bring archaic oppressive misogynistic
  mindsets to Western culture is a ruse since the argument for it
  uses the Charter Of Rights,the same Charter that protects everyone
  with a uniform code of equality befor a personally selected religion
  has standing.
Gamil Gharbi shot and killed 14 Female students in a
 school and wounded several others because his abusive Algerian father believed Shariah allowed him to beat his wife and mete out justice for Allah.
 Here's the link to Canada's worse killing spree based on gender
 and overt hatred,sadly,all Men in Canada now suffer the shame for this horrific act of Jihad since he also was on a suicide mission.

To: Homa

Sent: Saturday, May 28, 2005 4:55 PM

Congratulations to all the Muslem women in CanadaAlberta will be like Quebec for sure. Sonia Bitar

Sent: Saturday, May 28, 2005 12:14 PM

Hi :

I am so happy for your victory in Québec. I am thinking about your offer to organize something on Sept. 8th. I am getting in touch with people who would be interested to participate to a demonstration or evening of information. 



To: <homa

Sent: Saturday, May 28, 2005 9:15 AM

Thank you and thank you for coming in this morning.  Your interview was wonderful.  Congratulations in your victory.

To: homa

Sent: Saturday, May 28, 2005 4:57 AM



My salute to everybody and all organizations who was behind you.

Keep going.

Enjoy the attachment.

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Friday, May 27, 2005 5:25 PM

Awesome!!! I'm glad to hear it!
By the way, are you familiar with the case of Ms. Falluci (I want to take action to help her!):
ROME (Reuters) - A judge has ordered best-selling writer and journalist Oriana Fallaci to stand trial in
her native Italy on charges she defamed Islam in a recent book.
The decision angered
Italy 's justice minister but delighted Muslim activists, who accused Fallaci of
inciting religious hatred in her 2004 work "La Forza della Ragione" (The Force of Reason).
Fallaci lives in
New York and has regularly provoked the wrath of Muslims with her outspoken criticism
of Islam following the
Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on U.S. cities.
In "La Forza della Ragione," Fallaci wrote that terrorists had killed 6,000 people over the past 20 years
in the name of the Koran and said the Islamic faith "sows hatred in the place of love and slavery in the
place of freedom."
State prosecutors originally dismissed accusations of defamation from an Italian Muslim organization,
and said Fallaci should not stand trial because she was merely exercising her right to freedom of
But a preliminary judge in the northern Italian city of
Bergamo , Armando Grasso, rejected the
prosecutors advice at a hearing on Tuesday and said Fallaci should be indicted.
Grasso's ruling homed in on 18 sentences in the book, saying some of Fallaci's words were "without
doubt offensive to Islam and to those who practice that religious faith."

Adel Smith, a high-profile Muslim activist who brought the original law suit, hailed the decision.
"It is the first time a judge has ordered a trial for defamation of the Islamic faith," he told reporters. "But
this isn't just about defamation. We would also like (the court) to recognize that this is an incitement to
religious hatred."
Justice Minister Roberto Castelli, who has a prickly relationship with the Italian judiciary, said the ruling
represented an attack on freedom of expression.
"In Europe we are seeing the birth of a movement that is looking to silence those who don't follow a
single mindset, within which it is forbidden to speak ill of Islam, of homosexuals or of the children of
homosexuals," Castelli was quoted as saying in an interview with Radio Padania
'No good Islam'
The Force of Reason is said to have gone to print about 24 hours after the 11 March 2004 train
bombings in Spain.
In it, Ms Fallaci argues that
Europe is turning into "an Islamic province, an Islamic colony" and that "to
believe that a good Islam and a bad Islam exist goes against all reason".
Italian preliminary investigative judge Armando Grasso ordered the formulation of charges against the
author, saying the book had expressions which were "unequivocally offensive to Islam".
Adel Smith, president of the Muslim Union of Italy, sued the writer on
8 April 2004. He says Ms Fallaci
has been advocating and spreading hate against Islam and Muslims, sometimes by allegedly distorting
real historical facts and inventing others.

From: "Stefan Matess"

To: "Homa Arjomand"

Sent: Friday, May 27, 2005 4:13 PM

Subject: Re: Another Victory! The battle continues for total separation of Religion from State in Canada

YES....ANOTHER VICTORY....I read it this the Globe & Mail.   Hard work
eventually pays off.   Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!



Sent: Friday, May 27, 2005 3:38 PM

Subject: Fwd: Sharia law in Quebec

Hi Homa,
We're looking forward to having you come on to talk about Sharia law and the ban in
Quebec.  Your live television interview will be at 8:35 AM and we'd like you to arrive at least 20 minutes early. 

Please plan to be here by
8:15AM.  We are at the CBC building at Front  St and John St in Toronto (25 John Street), you'll want to come in the John Street door.  When you get there, one of us will come down and get you.  There is a phone on the wall, you can try calling----  to let us know you're here.
Thank you,
Hilary Walker


Sent: Friday, May 27, 2005 2:15 PM

Subject: Sharia law in Quebec

Hi Homa,
My name is Hilary Walker.  I'm with the CBC in
Toronto and would love to have a conversation with you about the Sharia ban in Quebec.
Please call me at ---- (I have no access to voicemail, please don't leave a message) or email me at this address.

From: "arezoosh"

Sent: Friday, May 27, 2005 12:52 PM

Subject: Good News

Dear Ms. Arjomand,
I just heard the good news about Sharia law being
banned in
Quebec. I've been following your activities
specially in this matter. I hope
Ontario does the same
soon. Thanks to you and your efforts.

All the best,

Sent: Friday, May 27, 2005 11:40 AM

Yes I would like to help in any way possible.  I live in the Yonge and Eglinton area of Toronto. Maureen

Sent: Friday, May 27, 2005 11:08 AM

Hi Homa, I would like to speak to you ASAP. I am following up today on the Quebec legislature's decision to oppose Islamic tribunals in Quebec and in all of Canada. Please call me at ----Thanks, Sharon

Sent: Friday, May 27, 2005 10:14 AM

Subject: Re: Another Victory! The battle continues for total separation of Religion from State in Canada


Congradulations! This is indeed a major victory. Natalie Bjorklund

From: "Chaitanya Kalevar"

Sent: Friday, May 27, 2005 9:45 AM

Great news!  Homa.
Good precedent for
May be arrange a speaking tour of MNA Fatima Houda-Pepin!

From: "Elizabeth Cuddy"

To: "Homa Arjomand"

Sent: Friday, May 27, 2005 8:29 AM

Hi Homa...:)
Thank you, I'd be honoured to be a part of the organizing team,
honoured. I live in
Ottawa, so it'd be on Parliament Hill.  Here's
hoping the weather will be as nice as it was last September.  :)

Thanks and I guess I'll be hearing more about this from you over the
next while.

Yours, Elizabeth

From: "Zaklama, Christine

To: "'Homa Arjomand'"

Sent: Friday, May 27, 2005 8:21 AM

Hi Homa,
Just wanted to let you know, we have booked Mrs. Fatima Houda-Pepin on our
morning show Monday, as well as Salem Elmenyawi from the
Montreal Muslim
Council for another point of view.
Perhaps we can still organize somthing and have you in on the show, for the
anniversary in September.
Let me know if you will be in
Montreal at that time.
Christine Zaklama
Field Producer
Global Television Network

Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 11:10 PM

Subject: RE: Another Victory! The battle continues for total separation of Religion from State in Canada


Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! suzanne legault

Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 10:45 PM

Subject: News about Quebec

Hi Homa – I have been so very busy but watching with care on the events. Good news about Quebec – the people in Quebec are good solid people. Thank goodness for that.


Sharia law will be on the talk show of Dave Rutherford tomorrow  morning (9-1pm) (Friday May 27th) and I did forward the announcement you sent to me about Quebec. Dave also cannot understand WHY Ontario is being so slow in rejecting Sharia law – hopefully callers will shed some light on that.


I won’t be able to phone into his show since I will be traveling to Calgary tomorrow morning for a 2-day conference – but will be listening carefully.


Take care and best wishes – when I see your picture in the papers etc. I feel so proud I have met you – Lynda Anderson

From: "Bostom, Andrew G

To: "'Homa Arjomand '" <>

Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 10:20 PM

Subject: Congratulations on Quebec///See Website for My New Book

Dear Homa,

Congratulations on the vote in
Quebec !!!!

See website for new book whose cover features a beautiful Persian miniature
(of a gruesome scene)...

Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 6:34 PM

Dear Homa,
Your campaign is impressive and I am being supportive; sending your messages to others, sending letters, looking for examples to support your concerns for I am very fearful of any intolerance to women and the concomitant tragedies that follow. I am wondering if you and your lead supporters have sought a meeting with the Premier and if not, urge that you do.

Take your cause to the women in Cabinet like Marie Boutrigianni and Sandra Pupatello, but go in person. Bring others, of other faiths, and Ms. Irshad Manji who is so eloquently supporting the same position.

Bring Men, Muslim Men to the meeting, who will support you. There must be moderates who will. Get an event  with the media in the house to clearly enunciate what the government responds to you, and  of course, I hope that you can identify strong journalists to support your cause on a consistent basis.

I am reading articles that suggest  Shari'a courts will be allowed in
Britain. I am sure that you will be aware and concerned if this comes to pass. I think you are going to have to get clear about a larger strategic goal--it is not just the courts that are to be opposed; they are but one institution in a system that is nilistic, bigotted, tyrannical and unjust. Not Islam but its fundamentalist perpetrators who care not for history, for culture, for tolerance, only for control and with it jihad. The issues are very large Homa, and very very  important. You truly are to be commended.

Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 2:00 PM

Subject: re:Islamic arbitration tribunals

Good afternoon.  I've followed this story since I read about it in a
newspaper awhile ago.  Below is a copy of a letter I sent to the
Attorney General for Ontarion, the premier and my mpp.

I would like to make a comment about the proposed Islamic Arbitration
Tribunals.  I agree with Jean-Lois Roy, President of Rights and
Democarcy when he states "Everywhere in the world people are fighting
to abolish references to religion and here we want to back up on such
a principle?"  I also agree with the
Quebec minister for
international relations, Monique Gagnon-Tremblay' comment "Those who
want to change our values can go elsewhere."  The Muslim community
itself is deeply divided on this issue.  The traditional leaders (the
Imans) wish to keep their traditional control on the Muslim people. 
For many Muslim immigrants, they left their home countries to get
away from the control of the Imams. The last point I agree with is
 from Homa Arjomand, who states that ""according to sharia, women are
under trusteeship," and "many arrive destitute, dependent on their
husbands, without knowledge of their rights.  They live in a ghetto
and Islamic courts will isolate them even more."

Bob Shiell

Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 10:55 AM

Dear Homa, I fear I am not able to rally Kingstonians. I am a very old woman, and since I am not originally from this area, I only know about a dozen people.  But I really agree wholeheartedly with your crusade.  I wish you every success.   Pomona

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 10:55 AM

Subject: Re: Your help is needed to become part of a team to organize Sept 8th demonstration in your home town

Dear Homa, I fear I am not able to rally Kingstonians. I am a very old woman, and since I am not originally from this area, I only know about a dozen people.  But I really agree wholeheartedly with your crusade.  I wish you every success.   Pomona

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 10:05 AM

Hi Homa:
Can you give me more information about the organizing team.  How are you
doing and I know that you are coming to
Edmonton in December. Sonia Bitar

Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 4:42 AM

Subject: RE : Hi Samia: your help is needed more than ever

Hi Homa,


It’s ok for me if you can pay all charge for my travel…I can speak about application of sharia in North Africa and how we fight against for more freedom for wemeneven in europecan I speak in frensh or not ???


See you sonn. Frendly.Samia Labidi

Tahir Aslam"

Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 1:14 AM

Subject: RE:

Hi Homa,
Sure. Not only me, all of our members of "New Islam Foundation" ready to
come forward and participate against Sharia Law. Personally, I can handle in
Hamilton, Burlington and Halton Region, but we are ready to extent our help
in GTA as well.
Keep in touch and let me know what you have plan in your mind.


Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 1:10 AM

Subject: Re: your help is needed to organize Sept 8th demonstration in front of Canadi...




we will certainly organize a demonstration, in Paris,

and also on internet in french.

if you have informations for a file for the press : please send it to us.





Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 10:59 PM

Subject: Re: would you like to be part of a team to organize Sept 8th demonstration?


Dear Homa,


Yes, I would like to help organize a demonstration against the adoption of sharia law in Canada. I am in Calgary, Alberta.


My participation would, however, be limited to protesting the establishment of any type of sharia-based courts, tribunals, or decision-making bodies empowered by the Canadian legal system, in any jurisdiction, at any level of government.


My main concern is the establishment of any level of precedent for the use of sharia in Canadian jurisprudence. The fact that sharia law carries penalties of death and grievous bodily harm for changing one's religion or seeking guidance outside religious circles (as well as many other punishments that are incompatible with the Canadian system) means that with the acceptance of sharia anywhere in our legal system, in any jurisdiction, a precedent for these types of punishment and judgment would become a permanent part of our legal history, and could be called upon at any future date to form the basis for changing the Canadian legal system to establish and/or expand the jurisdiction of sharia courts or tribunals. Neither Judaism nor Christianity seeks to establish legal jurisdiction. Sharia does, as evidenced around the world, and right here in Canada when Syed Mumtaz Ali stated that "opting out of Sharia would be a far greater crime than breach of would be tantamount to blasphemy or apostasy."


Neither Judaism nor Christianity threatens their adherents with such dire consequences as death or dismemberment; in fact, both are the basis for Western legal systems, which hold all of human life to be sacred (both religious traditions have gone through deep introspective reformations and continue to do so as the world evolves). As such, it is unnecessary, in my view, to demand their removal from this Ontario process, and could, in fact, be damaging to the system we now have in Canada.


In Western Canada, Native sentencing circles have been used to successfully rehabilitate young offenders and prevent further lawless behaviour. Within the prison system, itself, religious leaders have the right to minister to their co-religionists for purposes of comfort and rehabilitation. Pressing for total removal of all faith-based options and recourses could destroy these initiatives.


While I may seem to be mixing "family" law with "criminal" law, please remember that much of what is required under sharia, either in response to individual activity or in the establishment of legal and quasi-legal rulings includes actions that fall under the Criminal Code of Canada (e.g., female circumcision, child marriage, plural marriage, decapitation, amputation, prison rape to ensure a young woman 'goes to hell,' stoning, flogging, etc.) Other sharia judgments violate civil laws across this country (e.g. financial abandonment of divorced spouse and children, exluding women from rightful inheritance because they are women, other forms of discrimination based on gender, shunning, disenfranchisment through any means, etc.)


In short, I am protesting the establishment of sharia law in this country because it violates the Magna Carta, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


So, I'm giving you a qualified "yes." I am attaching the paper I sent to every MP in the House of Commons in February of this year, entitled Safeguarding Human Rights in Canada. It outlines my position in much more detail than would be feasible in an email.


Looking forward to your response.




Gayl Veinotte

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 10:35 PM

Subject: RE: call to organize september 8th international demonstration against Sharia/ faith based court in Canada

Hi Homa,

Firstly I'd like to thank you for your efforts and request that you carry on
the good work.

With respect to the demonstrations, certainly I am interested in helping
out. However, I am living in
Calgary and work fulltime so I am not sure how
I can contribute. Please let me know what tasks, etc the team would like
help with and I can make a decision as to how best I can participate.


Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 8:59 PM

Subject: articles request from vancouver

Hello Ms. Arjomand,

My name is Marian and I'm a Simon Fraser university student from B.C. I am
writing a paper on Shari'a in
Canada and  I was wondering if your
organization could suggest any articles on the issue from academic journals?
Thank you.

Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 8:49 PM

Subject: October 4/05 - Breakfast in Hamilton - Press Kit


Hi Homa.  I am sure that you are very busy.  I appreciate receiving the emails informing of such vast activities in which you are involved.


I would appreciate receiving a "press kit" or promotional information and material from you so that we can plan our marketing strategy for advertising our Zonta Breakfast in February.  Is there someone you would like me to contact about this?  

Also, I think that I have informed you that Marion Boyd has agreed to be on the panel with you on October 4th.  Is there anything that you would like us to know regarding your relationship with Marion -- or focus that you would like us to take in our advertising?


I look forward to your reply.  Thanks very much.


Donna Paige

From: "Al Parsons"

To: "Blodwen Piercy"

Cc: "Homa Arjmand" <>

Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 6:16 PM

Subject: interested orgamizations????????

Hi Blodwen.   It's Al.       I am getting a lot of information via E mail
from Homa A.  and feel that it should be passed on to other interested
parties.  When I asked Sheila for feminen organizations she suggested that I
contact you.   Your phone line is busy and the Em. is a better for this kind
of job anyway.   I believe there is also an Organization interested in
furthering international democratic actions, do you know them?  Best
regards.  Al

To: <>

Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 8:59 PM

Subject: articles request from vancouver


> Hello Ms. Arjomand,
> My name is Marian and I'm a Simon Fraser university student from B.C. I am
> writing a paper on Shari'a in
Canada and  I was wondering if your
> organization could suggest any articles on the issue from academic journals?
>Thank you.
> Marian

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 7:44 AM

Subject: September 8th


Hi Homa,

Sisyphe will do everything to sensitize and mobilize people for September
8th march through its website and networking.

The Fédération des femmes du Québec (FFQ) and Women World March (WWM)
should be the ones to organize it in
Montreal and in Quebec other major
Keep me informed, best thoughts,

Élaine Audet

Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 11:15 AM


Hi Homa,


Yes, I would be happy to help organize the Sept. 8th demonstration.  Please let me know how I can contribute...


Kind regards,

Lorraine Hudson

Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 3:05 AM

Subject: [Bulk] Re: no charia

Dear Homa,


I am very sorry but I won't be home in Paris during July, August and September.

I suppose that if there is any demonstration or action it will be held in Paris.

How could I help then ?

Les me know however who is leading this action in France and I will get in touch with her (or him!) to see how I can help in any way.


Your friend


To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 2:42 AM

Subject: Re: call for organizing Sept 8th demonstration


> Thank you Homa, for inviting me.
> Yes, i would love to support the organising of Sept 8 demostration.
> If it is possible, could you assign me to the PR person of the team? I
> can help with online promotion and outreach.
> Also, thanks for linking to ShariaHaunt.
> I am in the process of sending you ShariaHaunt Update in a couple of
> days.Warm Regards 
> fauzi

Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 3:18 AM

Subject: Re: procès de l'imam Bouziane


Bonjour Homa,


Regards de Femmes soutient totalement vos actions contre l'établissement de "sharia court" au Canada (et partout dans le monde).
Donnez-nous plus d'informations sur "Sept 8th the international demonstration against Sharia court in



Michèle Vianè

Sent: Monday, May 23, 2005 11:31 PM

Subject: Sharia Law Articles.


Homa,  Thank you for the articles and all the work that you are doing to protect women's rights.  I would like to see you include the exclusion of all religious courts in Canada in your speeches.  If we focus on Sharia we can be accused of being anti Muslim.  The Jewish Court bothers me as much as the Sharia.

Thank you.
Karen Kilbride

Sent: Monday, May 23, 2005 2:51 PM

Subject: RE: English paper saz no 23


I met someone last week in Holland who knew you.  We were staying at the Kontact des Kontinenten in Soesterberg, and there was a human rights conference going on with lawyers from Azerbaijan, Russia and Georgia.


Small world!


Keep up the fight.


Rosemary Gretton

Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2005 9:40 AM

Subject: Re: invitation to June Callwood


I am honored to be invited to speak at this important protest. June Callwood.

From: "Left Radical of Afghanistan LRA"

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Saturday, May 14, 2005 1:27 AM



> Dear friends
> thanks for  the call. we understand the implementation
> of Sharia law results and are the victims of Sharia
> and Islam in
AFghanistan. women of Afghanistan still
> suffering from acute islamic rules and the religion
> and new constitution which writen and printed out by
> the direct help of US and EU consultation and
> dictation gave suprime postion to islam where no body
> can touch it, where if you are not muslim can not be
> president or minister or member of provincial
> councils. so still the women are beaten, imperoned and
> deprived thier rights, still in some part of
Afghanistan women facing problems like the time of
> Taliban, they have to wear veil and not go outside
> their homes, not go to school or work.
> as you know in
Herat province to university students
> were expled from university becuase they critisiezed
> some laws of Islam.
> so we have a lot to tell. we are very interested to
> send at least one representative to you September 8,
> second interantional demonstration against sharia
> court in
Canada, where she will talk about the women
> situation in
AFghanistan, needs of secularims or is
> there rights for women in Islam? how the women should
> defend their rights and creat relations and
> solidarities? and also our representative would expose
> the
US backed reactionary and anti women nature and
> the oppression of women. So, is it possible for you to
> help us in this regard. could you send official strong
> invitation to enable her to participate at that
> gathering. if yes, then inform us to start our
> preparatin and collect the travel expense and other
> needy documens.
> in solidarity
> Adina Majeed
> Left Radical of AFghanistan(LRA)
> Women Branch/Mazar-E- Sharif

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Friday, May 13, 2005 8:07 PM

Subject: Re: political announcment


> Dear Homa,
> I am going to be a  gathering with the other candidates tomorrow---Saturday.
> Please tell me about "the Uniform Act"
> Is it all ready in existance or must it be written?
> If you have a copy or a rough draft please send it to me so I can explain it
> to my political opponents and the constituants of this area.
> Thanks,
> Jane Turnell


Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 2:02 PM

Subject: about petition

> Dear Homa,
> I have signed the petition against setting up sharia court in
> Do you know what happens to the Patiskan woman who was raped by her village's
> men as punishment for her brother's fault She was involved in a lawsuit with
> them and I don't know anything about her now. She had been very brave I think.
> Thank you for any informations
> Sincerely yours
> Myriam Scheidecker (France Alsace)


Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 11:09 AM



Dear Homa,

 Could you please add me to your list serv?  Oasis Centre des femmes firmly supports your position against Sharia Courts in Ontario.

 Thank you in advance.


Kind regards,

Lorraine Hudson
Responsable des communications / Communications Coordinator
Oasis Centre des femmes

From: "Fauzia 

Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2005 1:55 PM

Subject: Action posted on Znet to vote.


> Hi Homa,
> I sent you an email earlier to introduce, and
> hope that you received it.
> ZNet has come out with a section where users can propose an action for
> the week, and if there are enough votes, they will take it on.
> I have posted an action to email and sign petitions (link to your
> petition) against shari'a laws, please see it at
> Please see if we can bring up enough support for it by voting on it.
> It is this kind of thing that encourages me to work through a Yahoo
> group.
> Fauzia


Sent: Monday, May 09, 2005 4:41 PM

Subject: from HIMANI at the SUN


Hey there and thanks for the chat!

I wish you luck in all your endeavours and it's great hearing there are women like you, out there, fighting for such a cause!!!!

My cell ---work number ----and emails are below


Take care and GOOD LUCK!



To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Sunday, May 08, 2005 9:40 PM

Subject: contact info


>I had planned to send a letter to Marion Boyd about not allowing the
> Shari'a court. Do you still advise we do this and can you supply her
> email address and also that of AG, Michael Bryant?
> thanks

From: "Linda

Sent: Saturday, May 07, 2005 10:59 PM

Subject: sharia law=subordination of women


> My husband and I want to add our names to the petition against allowing
> the sharia law in
Canada.  We are appalled and disgusted that such a law
> would be given serious consideration in
Canada.  In the year 2005, our
> society supposedly recognizes the equality of women.  Let's focus on
> perfecting that ideal, not destroying it.
> Sincerely,
> Linda Lombard & Patrick Saxton

From: "Ann

Sent: Saturday, May 07, 2005 4:25 PM

Subject: Monday


> Hello, Homa.  We are looking forward very much to Monday night and I'm
> hoping we'll have a larger number of people than usual to make it worth your
> time to come to
Brampton.  I hope my directions were clear and I'm looking
> forward to meeting you and hearing you on Monday.  I'll be at the club from
> 7.00 on to meet you.
> Ann

Sent: Friday, May 06, 2005 2:58 PM

Subject: petition


Dear Homa,


I wanted to sign the petition to suport your fight but I didn't found it. So I want to tell you  that I support your fight againt  a faith based arbitration that is sexist and anti-democratic.

Democrat Women from all countries should be fighting along with you. If a door is open to this kind of arbitration  in a democratic state as  Ontario it will be more difficult to figth against it in other countries and there is a risk of spreading all over the wolrd.

Thank you very much to you.

annie BOULAY

Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2005 8:53 PM

Subject: no charia


Dear Homa,


I see your fight against Shari'a is gaining momentum in Ontario and I congratulate you on your endeavors.


Please be careful in your security because I realize what you are up against.  Islam is a beautiful religion and there have been many deeply religious muslims, both male and female, who have stood against this Wahhabi lobby that wishes to instate Shari'a all over the World.  Please be security conscious!  For me!


Sometimes, people can contact others who wish them harm, but appear as your friend, so keep your residency secure and do not reveal it to others.





Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2005 4:59 PM

Subject: Sharia...


Hi Homa,

I'm looking for the following:
contacts of Imam's in
Montreal that you think could be of interest on this story, from Quebec.
Someone's personal story, hopefully from someone who is no longer in danger.. someone who feels free to tell their story.
I would be very interested as well in doing a quick interview with you sometime early next week... hopefully Monday, or Tuesday.
Thanks for this,


Amanda Pfeffer
CBC Television News
Montreal, CANADA

Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2005 4:13 AM

Subject: no charia


Dear Homa,


I wanted to sign the petition to suport your fight but I didn't found it. So I want to tell you  that I support your fight againt  a faith based arbitration that is sexist and anti-democratic.

Democrat Women from all countries should be fighting along with you. If a door is open to this kind of arbitration  in a democratic state as  Ontario it will be more difficult to figth against it in other countries and there is a risk of spreading all over the wolrd.

Thank you very much to you.

Nicole ERNEST  Sèvres France

Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 1:17 PM

Subject: Against sharia courts



I've been reading many articles 'for and against' sharia courts in Canada or any of the provinces.  I am totally against any faith-based arbitration and the Canadian laws and tribunal systems must continue as they are.

I wish to sign a petition, but cannot find one.

Tks for reading me,

Danielle Gagnon

St-Cyrille-de-Wendover, Quebec.

Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 1:54 PM

Subject: french




you should have a french version of the petition form. (Maybe I didnt see it).

 You would have more signature with a french version since they want to do in Quebec what they did in Ontario.



To: "Homa Arjomand" <>;

Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2005 10:22 AM

> Hi Homa, nice to meet you!
> I didn't know that Mexican workers came with their
> children.
> How you got involve in that? (just a question)
> Who support this program?
> The scenario doesn't seem to be nice at all, and how
> are you helping those kids?
> I would like to help you, but I don/t know how.
> Sorry, I have a lo of questions on my mind now, sorry
> about that.
> Please let me know how can we be in touch.
> Thank you
> Elia

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2005 4:04 AM

Subject: Re :Form[1][1].E_nophoto_19.11.05


Dear Homa Arjomand,

We thank you for joining the international coalition that marks the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse. We are very happy to count Children First Now among the organizations participating in the creation of a culture of prevention of child abuse.

Please let us know whether you wish to become an active member or a supporting member.
1) Active members commit to organize activities on 19 November and send a brief report to WWSF, convener of the World Day.  They also agree to be mentioned on the global poster, as well as on the WWSF Internet site.  As active member, they are eligible for the Prize for prevention of child abuse activities and for their program to be featured in the annual report and on Internet.

2) Supporting members don’t organize any event on
19 November 2004. They are therefore not eligible for the Prize for prevention of child abuse and will not be mentioned in the annual report. However, they accept to be mentioned as a supporter on the global poster and on Internet.
Laure Maitrejean
Children’s Section Co-ordinator

Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2005 6:06 PM

Subject: Re: story for french newspaper


Thanks a lot for all these informations. It's enough for now but don't hesitate to send me further informations.

As member of Quebec Women Federation, I am personaly revolted and will do my best to help the cause !!

I will inform you when my story will pass in Le Monde, so that you could pick it directly on .

Courage !!

Best wishes

Anne Pélouas


Sent: Saturday, April 30, 2005 6:07 AM

Subject: Introduction

Shalom from Israel Homa and Elia -

I wanted to introduce you to each other as I see a good fit:

Homa is a wonderful person and a very active advocate for women right and children! She is now working with the government of Mexico to help with child slavery, and she might need your help Elia.

Elia is a hard worker from Mexico, we met about 3 years ago. She has a masters in business management (did i get it right?) and speaks fluent spanish.


see if one of you can help the other - i think it wil be nice!




Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 5:03 PM

Subject: story for french newspaper




My name is Anne Pélouas. I'm jounalist in Montreal, working as Canadian correspondant for french newspaper Le Monde.

I am working on a story about islamic court in Canada (to be finished this week-end) and will for sure speak about your campaign. Could you please give me some news about the number of persons who signed your international petition.

I would like alson have some information about what happened since the Boyd report at the Ontario government ? I see nothing on their websites, on the report and after that ?? Are they so embarassed with the reactions or are they wainting for less reactions to pass a bill. What do you think about that ???

Thanks a lot.

Anne Pélouas

(I will sign myself the petition...)

 From: "Millar, Nancy"

Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 4:30 PM

Subject: media request-Jane


Hi Homa,
I got your voicemail. I was wondering if you could do a phone interview on Monday at
3 p.m. New York time? Give me a call or send me an e-mail and let me know.

Nancy Millar
Senior Editor
7 W. 34th St.
New York

Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 4:05 PM

Subject: RE: Film Festival - Film re Religious Tribunals in Israel - concerns re rights of women



I just saw the film “Sentenced to Marriage” again and it has even a more powerful message than I recalled about the impact of religious tribunals in Israel.  It is clear that the effect of these tribunals (Bet Din’s) has been devastating for some women and children. I think that anyone who is considering extending – or continuing the use of such tribunals in Ontario or Canada, should see this film.


The film will be shown at the Jewish Film Festival on Monday May 9th at 5pm and repeated at noon on Sunday May 15th. I think it is at the Bloor Cinema – please check It is 65mins & the Director and Producer are here. It has been shown to the Rabbis who run the Bet Dins and to the Knesset.


As I said before, this film is a “must see” in order to observe the abuses that can arise from a system that is NOT open, ACCOUNTABLE or subject to the law – and where there is traditionally NOT gender equality.


Happy Passover!


Barbara Landau  

To: "Homa Arjomand"

Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 1:52 PM

Subject: Re: Sharia tribunals

> Dear Homa,
> I thought that you were probably busy, since you seem to have a heavy
> schedule these days. I too am pressed for time now, but I will be
> supporting a resolution (which I wrote myself with help from a retired
> social worker) within the provincial NDP against the use of religious
> arbitration in
Ontario this weekend at a provincial council meeting. If
> I get a chance to phone you this afternoon I will. Otherwise, I will
> report back to you next week.
> I am also preparing two resolutions for the Federal NDP which will come
> up in July, if we can squeeze by without an election. Your imput on both
> would help me greatly. Are you home on Sunday afernoon? If not, can I
> reach you somewhere else? I need time to finish the drafts of my two
> resolutions.
> In the meantime, best wishes,
> Janet

From: "Amanda Pfeffer" 

Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 2:07 PM

Subject: request for information

Hi Homa,

My name is Amanda Pfeffer.   I'm a journalist with CBC Television in
I have tried to reach you by phone.  When you have an opportunity, can you please contact me.
Amanda Pfeffer
CBC Television News
Montreal, CANADA

Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 9:58 AM

Subject: u of t conference CILSS


> Dear Homa,
> We met after your speach at U of t last feb/march.  I am the student from
> Osgoode writing a paper on the Sharia tribunals with the womens studies
> background.  You were kind enough to give me your copy of the speach from
> that day -- thank you again.  My paper is due next week and the prof knows
> that i am a feminist.  As a result, I want to ensure that i present both
> sides of the issue before giving my own conclusions.  Would you happen to
> know how I can contact Habin Shaikh about getting a copy of his speach from
> that day?  Sorry to bother you with this - but i have looked everywhere
> online.  If you can help me once more, i would greatly appreaciate it.
> thank you,
> bettyann degeus

Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 12:31 PM

Subject: October 4, 2005 -- Zonta Hamilton 1 Breakfast

Dear Homa


In preparation for your upcoming speaking engagement in Hamilton for our October 4th Zonta Breakfast, our Committee (Legislative Awareness) has a few questions for you that will be helpful in our planning to make this a very successful event.


First of all, would you prefer to stay in a hotel -- or would you like to be a guest in my home in Dundas?  I would be delighted to host your stay on the evening of October 3rd and this could also include a dinner with some of the Zonta members.  We have booked you a room at the----- in Hamilton, but thought we would like you to have this option and trust that you will inform as to what would work best for you and within the confines of your very busy schedule.


Secondly, we are thinking ahead to advertising for this event.  Do you have a press kit, video, or any promotional materials or information that you would like us to use?  We hope to have early information out by June.


Also, what will you be needing with regards to microphone, overhead, audio-visual etc. for your talk? 


If there is anything else that you need or if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to address these with us.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Best Regards

Donna Paige

Dear Ms. Arjomand,


Many thanks for your insightful comments about political Islam. I will be doing a follow-up article on Prof. Ramadan and reactions to his proposals, and would like to include some of your comments in that article. I will send you a link to the article when it appears.

 Thank you again for taking time to think about this issue.

 Bill Fisher


In a message dated 4/25/2005 8:29:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Homa Arjomand



April 25, 2005


Dear  William Fisher:


I would like to thank you for bringing Tariq Ramadan’s suggestion to my attention. Mr. Tariq has called for a “moratorium” on the application of Sharia. He wants to put an end to stoning, beheading, child marriages, forced marriages, the segregation of boys and girls, and he wants to gain social justice and political freedom by “robust debate over the future of relations between civilizations, religions and culture”.


Mr. Ramadan identifies the power of the West and of the “Islamic world”, but he does not acknowledge the rise of political Islam. He ignores people who are confronted by Political Islam on a daily bases. People in so called ‘Islamic countries’ have no interest in moderating Islam. The way he talks makes it seem that people are interested in debating Islamic law and regulations as if some Hadith have been interpreted wrongfully and some are ok. What he does not acknowledge is what people want: a modern society where they can benefit from the individual and civil rights according to today’s standards and where they have unconditional freedom of belief and expression. This cannot be achieved by modifying Islam.


Mr. Ramadan assumes that all people in Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Malaysia are having one homogeneous Islamic belief. That is why he uses notions such as “Muslim world” and “Muslim population” and due to this assumption he wants “to engage the Muslim world in this debate serenely within Islamic’s interior.”  



Mr. Ramadan aims to moderate Islam so he calls upon the “Moslem world” to agree on a “moratorium” while the debate is happening. He either is misleading people or does not know much about the goal of political Islam. To ask leaders of Islam to suspend stoning, beheading, chopping hands, oppressing women, segregating boys and girls in their toddler age, is equivalent to  asking them to end their existence and to give up all the political power and influences that they have gained by committing all those crimes and mass executions in so called Islamic countries


Let’s see where the idea of moderating Islam came from? It was raised when the world witnessed the development of a series of extreme right wing, anti human and violent movements that attack modern civilization. These inhuman activities started in the Middle East then they spread to other countries where the official religion was Islam. This Islamic movement wants to run the state on the basis of Islamic ideology.  People witnessed the activities of the Taliban in Afghanistan and of Khomeini in Iran and the disturbing action on Sept 11 in the west.  Recent attempts to establishment Sharia courts  in Canada, England, and India are likewise related to these movements.


 Political Islam was, and is, opposed by all defenders of secularism, and  by all women’s rights movements. Islam as an ideology and as a way of life is challenged on daily basis. With all the crimes committed by Islamic leaders for the past 25 years in the name of Islam and its holy book, the Koran, the view of  the Koran changed totally. One can never dissociate the fact that all these crimes had their basis in the Koran itself since the Koran is regarded as the exact world of Allah and Hadith.  As result, an anti Islamic movement is ascending not only in the so called Islamic regions but also worldwide.  The chances of people in the so called Islamic regions such as Iran to push back the Islamists and to quash the political-social expression of Islam for good is very high. Because of this probability, the notion of moderating Islam in order to save Islam and its move has been forward mainly by its supporters in the West .Terminology such as ‘fundamentalism’, ‘hard liners’ and ‘reformers’ were high lighted by the media.



 As result of this policy, president Rafsanjani and Khatami in Iran were announced as leaders of Islamic reformers. They too claimed Islam can be moderated. They even promoted a notion of “Islamic feminist” in Iran and outside of Iran and proclaimed that women’s freedom can be achieved within Islam.  Despite all these attempt and all the help received from the West, in spite of millions of dollars being spent on advocating the notion of moderation by Islamic regimes and with the help of scholar such as Mr. Ramadan, the people who lived in countries run by Islamic state and who experienced Islamic oppression know that the only way that Islam can be moderated is by confronting its every aspect exactly the way that Christianity was confronted in Europe.


Intellectual giants are needed to stand up to the power of mosques and be able to criticize their views on scientific, philosophical and social levels. A revolution against the Islamic movement is needed in order to establish  an international tribunal for all the leaders of Islam who  participated directly or indirectly in violence against humanity. And might take one century.


Today we are emphasizing on separation of religion from State and education. That is the only way we can grantee women and children’s rights.


Best Wishes

Homa Arjomand


Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2005 12:01 PM





I am a correspondent for InterPress News Service. Tariq Ramadan, in a recent article in LeMonde, has called for a 'moratorium' in the application of so-called Shariah Law. His idea is that Muslims need this moratorium in order to have a fuller discussion of the issue.


I would be very interested to have a brief opinion from you on his proposal (most of which is below), for attribution.


If you wish to discuss this with me poersonally, I can be reached at 518 794 7120.


I look forward to hearing from you.


William Fisher

InterPress News Service

Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 12:50 AM

Subject: Re: Information Enquiry to the International campaign for the defense of Women's Rights in Iran


Hi Antoinette:

By law of Islamic regime of Iran, all Women need consent from a man so called responsible for her well being, (husband, brother, father, uncle, grandfather  or even son and ...). One might be able to get a passport without permission received by any man in her family by simply bribe the authorities. 


as for your second question. By the Islamic law of Iran, the rapist will face the least penalty and unmarried women gets all

the blame and might face death even by stoning. If the rapist is a Baseji,  I doubt if he receives any penalty at all.  


If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me

Best Wishes

Homa Arjomand


Sent: Monday, April 25, 2005 11:04 PM

Subject: Information Enquiry to the International campaign for the defense of Women's Rights in Iran


To whom it may concern,


My name is Antoinette Tanguay. I am a student of  law and women's rights at Massey university in New Zealand. I am currently researching a case involving an Iranian woman and am hopeful that you may be able to help me with some information regarding some specific aspects of women’s rights in Iran.


I have two questions:


  1. Whether it is possible for an unmarried Iranian women to obtain a genuine Iranian passport and leave Iran legally without the permission of her father or a male relative; specifically, whether it was possible for this to happen in late 2003 and early 2004;




  1. What would be likely to happen to an unmarried Iranian woman who had been raped and reported her situation to the Iranian authorities? Also, would the authorities react any different if she was raped by a family member, such as a brother, who was a Basij member.


Any information you have on these issues would be of great assistance to me.


Thanks you very much for your time.


Antoinette Tanguay

From: "Zaklama, Christine (CKMI Montreal)"

To: "'Homa Arjomand'" <>

Sent: Monday, April 25, 2005 12:08 PM

Subject: RE: Another documentry film on "Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada"

> Hi Homa,

> Just wondering if you know when/ if you'll be in
Montreal anytime soon. I'd
> still love to do that interview with you on the morning show.

> Thanks
> Christine

Sent: Monday, April 25, 2005 11:36 AM

Subject: questions

Can I submit you some questions for an italian newspaper about your activities ?

 Thank you in advance


Best regards

 Aldo Torchiaro

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Saturday, April 23, 2005 2:18 PM

Subject: Re: Another documentry film on "Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada"


> Hello,
> We met at one of your speaches at U of T. I am the older feminist/law
> student from Osgoode.  Thank you very much for including me in your mass
> emails.  If I am unable to find paid work this summer,I will be happy to
> volunteer at your office.  In the meantime, I am still working on a
> comparative law paper and the Sharia tribunals.  I was not aware that there
> were any film documentaries on the subject.  I know you are busy, but could
> you possibly send me the names of some of these titles?  They would be most
> useful for my paper.
> Thank you,
> Bettyann DeGeus
> MA Women's Studies
> LLB candidate,
Osgoode Hall Law School

Sent: Friday, April 22, 2005 4:09 PM

Subject: Re: Thanks and email

Hello Homa.

I so enjoyed meeting you the other night in Hamilton.You are such a motivating influence for many, calling them to action. Thanks so much for your passion for this project!!!! I feel it may become a reality...eliminating religion from Canadian law!!!!

I wanted to let you know that I will be away from April 23rd to May 14th and would like you to take my name off your list for that time. Please put me back on the list when I return.

Thanks so much and take care....keep on with the struggle..there are many supporting you!

Your Sister,

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Friday, April 22, 2005 7:24 PM

Subject: Re: Thanks to organizers od Status of Women Committee'sSolidarity and Sisterhood

Congratulations Homa,  The word is getting out.

I'm looking forward to meeting you in

Karen Kilbride

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Friday, April 22, 2005 9:53 AM

Subject: [Bulk] Re: Thanks to organizers od Status of Women Committee's Solidarity and Sisterhood

Dear Homa - please let me know if you are speaking somewhere in the next couple of months as it would be ideal for our documentary and we can use that time to also interview you. thanks


Sent: Friday, April 22, 2005 6:52 AM

Subject: Request from ELLE, France


Dear Ms Homa Arjomand,


I am a journalist for the french ELLE. My magazine is very active in France in promoting secularism and in fighting the political fundamentalist groups.


I plan to go to Ontario in order to write an article about the possible introduction of charia in Canada's law. France is not aware of the issue, and I want to inform people, and especially women, of what is at stake in your country.


I could be in Ontario on may 16 th, and would stay a week.


Would it be possible to meet you there?

I would like, thanks to you, to understand better the situation of women in Ontario, the impact of your campaign "no charia", the weight of the fundamentalist groups, etc...


Thank you for answering as soon as possible.

My name is Annick Le Floc'hmoan

My telephone :

My e-mail


I look forward to reading and meeting you,




Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2005 11:32 PM

Subject: RE: SPAM-LOW: Thanks to organizers od Status of Women Committee's Solidarity and Sisterhood

hi Homa Jan,


I have created a link to your website from persianmirror editorial page under "news" about the pledge and need for this cause. I am sorry I could not be there and I am sure you are doing an amazing job.



thanks again and hope you are well.



Shabnam Rezaei


PersianMirror - The Modern Magazine for Persian Celebrations, Culture, Cuisine & Community



Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2005 7:27 PM

Subject: Re: Status of Women presentation - Paris Ont.

Thank you Homa,
> I received your response, and yes I have visited the website for the
> Canadian Council of Muslim Women.  Just a note to let you know, I visited a
> couple of different schools today - and all of them had dicussions happening
> in the staff room surrounding your presentation - you were very highly
> regarded and your message is getting passed along to many people.
> Please take care of yourself, and thank you again for representing these
> women.
> Sincerely,
> Jennifer Palmer

Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2005 11:54 PM

Subject: Teacher's Federation Presentation


Dear Homa,


Thank you so much for presenting and advocating on behalf of so many voiceless women.  I strongly believe in your cause and will support in the best way I can. 


I have a question for you:


In regards to the Muslim women, this may sound silly, but do you have their support?  Where do they stand in regards to voicing a need for change?  I have a few friends that are Muslim, all men, and all of them support your cause 100%.  They brought forth a good point though, that being most woman might be too afraid to advocate on their own behalf, or on the behalf of this organization.  You spoke of this as well, but can you tell Muslim woman groups openly support you, affiliated wtih your organization, and/or are involved in your fight? 


As a Canadian woman, who has done research into the Islamic religion, I have to say that I think you have summed up my concerns - although I was confused - when trying to understand a religion, yet try to bridge Canadian society.


Multi-culturalism is not always a good thing as we have come to see - and the new money that has been put into Immigration - scares me a little.   Canada doesn't have the backbone to stand up to all of these cultural differences coming into our country - and the greater the numbers of Islamic politicals/strong political Islamics - the more problems I foresee. 


Where are the strong Islamic woman - they should be beside you - as we all support you.


Thank you again,



Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2005 12:01 PM





I am a correspondent for InterPress News Service. Tariq Ramadan, in a recent article in LeMonde, has called for a 'moratorium' in the application of so-called Shariah Law. His idea is that Muslims need this moratorium in order to have a fuller discussion of the issue.


I would be very interested to have a brief opinion from you on his proposal (most of which is below), for attribution.


If you wish to discuss this with me poersonally, I can be reached at 518 794 7120.


I look forward to hearing from you.


William Fisher

InterPress News Service


Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2005 7:47 AM

Subject: Hamilton Meeting


Homa; Thanks for the very enlightening words last evening. I was familiar with the campaign, but learned a lot more.

If you remember, aside from your husband, I was the only other guy there. I am the President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees in Hamilton.

                                                 Arch Walker

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Monday, April 18, 2005 10:32 PM

Subject: Humanist Assoc of Canada Conference


Hello Homa:


I am happy to advise you that you are scheduled to speak at our

Humanist Conference 2005 in Ottawa on Friday, June 24, at 11 a.m.

A draft coply of the program is attached.


Could you please let me know the title of your talk so that I can

finalize the program?  


Could you also let me know if we may video-tape or audio-tape

your talk?


If it has not already been explained to you, all of our speakers will

be our guests during the Conference, which takes place at the

Best Western Victoria Park Suites Hotel, 377 O'Connor Street,

Ottawa, June 24 to 26.  We hope that you will join us for the

Reception at 7 p.m. on Thursday, for the 6 p.m. BBQ on Friday,

and for the Banquet and Awards at 7 p.m. on Saturday.  We also

invite you to attend any and all of the various sessions of the

Conference.  We thank you for helping to make this Conference

the success we're sure it will be.


Thank you very much.


Bill Broderick



Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2005 2:46 PM

Subject: Humanists and atheists prepare to do battle against religious fundamentalism


Dear Homa Arjomand

Paul Nilsson ( spotted this article on the Cape Times website and thought you'd find it interesting.

Humanists and atheists prepare to do battle against religious fundamentalism

Humanist and atheist groups around the world are looking to boost their profile in 2005 to counter religious fundamentalism and efforts by some Western leaders to relaunch faith as a keystone of national life.

(Click here for the full story )

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2005 11:18 AM

Subject: Re: Alberta ...

Thank you dearest Homa,


We're behind you 100%. Alberta seems to be dead against it.

 what's also important to mention and be exposed is:

without large sums of money behind it, no one in their right mind would even start tackling this idea or debating such criminal law!

 I suggest concentrating on Conservative Party of Canada and asking them to expose the links and bribes...since they're at it these days!


More power to all freedom loving human beings.





Sent: Friday, April 15, 2005 12:47 PM

Subject: FYI

Hi Homa:

Faith-based arbitration seen by some as authoritarian, sexist, anti-democratic

The notion of faith-based arbitration of family matters took another pummeling yesterday. The Montreal-based group Rights and Democracy has sent a letter to Ontario's attorney-general expressing concerns about the impact on women's equality rights. A report prepared for the Ontario government recommends allowing Islamic sharia law to settle family disputes. "If the threat becomes more evident we'll go before the courts," said Jean-Louis Roy, the organization's president, who suggested they would do so with other groups.
class: social justice
Ron Hart

From: "Patricia Webber-Callaghan"

Sent: Friday, April 15, 2005 10:35 AM

Subject: Re: Zonta Hamilton 1 Breakfast mtg October 2005

 Dear Homa, I am pleased to let you know that our Board has confirmed our
> decision and supports the plan for the breakfast meeting.  I will write to
> you with the details  soon. Patricia

To: 'Homa Arjomand'

Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 10:06 PM

Subject: Film Festival - Film re Religious Tribunals in Israel - concerns re rights of women



On Wed night April 27th there is a “HotDocs” film entitled “Sentenced to Marriage” at the Isabel Bader Theatre at U of T that will be shown from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm. It is a powerful and disturbing film about the Religious tribunals in Israel – Sy & I saw the film in Israel recently. In Israel divorce is a religious matter although the civil courts can decide corollary issues such as custody, support and property. However a divorce decree is granted only by the Religious Tribunal and the result may not support the decision of the civil courts. This film documents the frustrating experiences of several women.


I suggest that the all those concerned about the issue of religious tribunals should see this film in order to observe the abuses that can arise from a system that is NOT open, ACCOUNTABLE or subject to the law – and where there is traditionally NOT gender equality.  


Barbara Landau


This is the link to the Israeli films at Hotdocs.

To: <>

Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 11:12 AM

Subject: Re: Interview - CLKN 88.1 FM Thurs Apr 14 btwn 7-8pm

 Hello Ms. Arjomand:
> I want to first thank you for your participation on our show. As per your
> request during our discussion this morning, I am sending this message
> about our interview which will take place tomorrow evening, Thursday Apr
> 14 between 7 and 8 pm.
> We will most likely be calling at about 7:10-15pm. The interview will be
> conducted by myself Marshalette McTyson and my co-host Mr. Usheak Koroma
> and it will last about 15 minutes.
> The topic of discussion: Is Saudi Arabia's use of Sharia Law to govern
> slowly being discarded in the wake of the country's top cleric banning
> forced marriages? And how does this influence the desire of some to bring
> Sharia Law to
Canada and the campaign to stop it?
> Again I would like to say thank you on behalf of myself and my co-host.
> Take care until we speak again.
> Sincerely,
> Usheak Koroma & Marshalette McTyson, Co-Hosts
> Word of Mouth
> CKLN 88.1 FM
> 380
Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1W7
> Listen to Word of Mouth on the radio or the internet every Thursday


To: <>

Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2005 3:52 PM

Subject: sharia report

> Dear Ms.Arjomand,
> I am a high school student at T.A. Blakelock in
Oakville, Ontario. I
> have been following the Sharia campaign over some time and am
> extremely opposed to using religious laws in resolving legal issues. I
> understand that such means of arbitration are extremely oppressive,
> especially to Muslim women. I believe in complete separation of the
> church and the state; however, do not agree with the fact that
> lobbying the Canadian government is going to do so.
> I am currently working on a report for a law class and my topic is
> Sharia courts. I have found your website very useful while doing
> research. I'm wondering if it would be possible for you to email me
> more information on the issue such as the pro arguments for Sharia,
> how the Arbitration Act of 1991 supports the campaign, perhaps how
> people of other religions have used it in the same manner. Also if you
> perhaps have any statistics, or any other details on both sides of the
> argument, I would appreciate that greatly.
> Thank you very much in advance,
> Liza Kolesnik

To: <>;

Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2005 7:35 PM

Subject: Todays Sharia discussion - thank you

 Dear Homa and Elka,
> It was a pleasure to attend your talks today, thank you. I will on my part try
> to organise a discussion at the
University of Guelph, for the beginning of next
> semester.
> We have a student organisation named 'Science For Peace' that regularly arranges
> concurrent debates and videoshowings. Maybe we could invite you to come and
> speak through that venue?
> Many thanks and good luck in the future (I don't believe in luck, but I think
> you know what I mean).
> Ted

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2005 7:10 PM

Subject: Re: Fw: Australia, and a victory for secular movement

 --- Homa Arjomand <> wrote:
April 5,2005
>> this is something that should be made public in
> order to futher the battle against the sharia in
canada  joanne
>> Another attempt of Islamists' movement was defeated!

The Campaign Against
Sharia Court in Canada, right
>> from beginning announced that the move for the
>> establishing sharia court in
Canada by Islamists is
>> a universal attempt.
>> We informed the public by emphasizing on the fact
>> that this move is making some progress because of
>> all the help and great source of financial support,
>> receiving from governments and parties on power. We
>> also called on concern individuals and progressive
>> organizations to join a progressive force to prevent
>> it from growing. We let public know that under the
>> name of "Religious freedoms" and with the help of
>> defenders of multiculturalism the initiators of this
>> move are trying to persuade its repressive measures
>> against women and children. And if we let "Sharia
>> Court" happen in
Ontario, it won't take much time
>> before we notice its appearance in not only in all
>> other provinces in
Canada but also outside of
>> To days head line news once again proved the
>> universal move of Islamists, cross the Ocean in
Australia. And a victory for us and secular
>> movement.
>> Homa Arjomand

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 11:00 PM

Subject: Beijing + 10

Dear Homa:


We met briefly when you spoke to the Ottawa Humanists about the pressure for Sharia arbitration in Ontario. I admire very much the great effort you are making to force the government to change its apparent acceptance of the consequences of the Arbitration Act.  It was a shock to learn  that Marion Boyd would tolerate the danger of reducing women's rights here.


I have just received a copy of the excellent statement  "A Call by the Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies on the 10th Anniversary of the Fourth Women's World Conference" which I am about to use in writing a letter to the premier, several other members of the government and Boyd..  I realize you most likely know all about Women for Women's Human Rights, but am writing on the small chance that you do not have it, because then I would want to send it to you immediately. (I can send by mail or fax, but would have to get it scanned for email.) I guess you also know that someone like Janis Alton, Voice of Women, in Toronto might  be able to tell you more detail about the status of this Call, since the VOW presented their fine anti-war and violence resolution at the same New York UN meeting. Perhaps, even better, you were able to get to New York yourself?


You don't need to waste your time replying if you already have this statement.  You've made this issue so much better known, that the government has to take it far more seriously.  Thank you for all you are doing.



Blodwen Piercy



Sent: Friday, April 08, 2005 4:05 PM

Subject: Re: Petition

Please let me know what you are doing with all of our signatures.  I fully support a strong and clear rejection of Sharia Law tribunals replacing Family Law arbitration procedures in
Ontario or anywhere else in Canada.  What has the response been from the premier and Attorney General?  Hw else can someone help?


ZZ. Geurts



Sent: Friday, April 08, 2005 10:08 AM

Subject: No to Islamic Courts

Dear Mrs., Mr.,

 As a member of Amnesty International Belgium, as a woman, academic historian and lover of peace and human rights I wish to support all of you  in your resistance against the introduction of so-called "Shari'a Courts" in the resolution of family matters in Canada.

I believe secular courts and especially the Canadian and Ontario family statutes and regulations are the best way to settle family matters in your country.

There is no need, not in Canada nor in any other country, for separate arbitration tribunals to settle family matters under religious/Muslim family law.

I believe universally accepted secular human rights values, especially in relation to women, are to be upheld for every citizen, notwithstanding his/her religious faith.  

I wish the Canadian Council of Muslim Women success with the Symposium in Toronto next Saturday.


In solidarity,

Prof.Dr. Thérèse de Hemptinne
Vakgroep Middeleeuwse Geschiedenis
Blandijnberg 2
B 9000


To: Homa Arjamand

Sent: Friday, April 08, 2005 12:44 AM

Subject: Zahra Kazemi Case

I'm sure you know this, but, just in case you didn't.


 On March 30, 2005, Dr. Shahram Azam, the doctor who examined Zahra Kazemi in an Iranian hospital days prior to her death, held a press conference laying out the medical evidence that Ms. Kazemi had been beaten, tortured and violated at the time of her imprisonment in Iran.  Dr. Azam gave a disturbing account of his first-hand recollection of the horrible physical state of Zahra Kazemi.


This new evidence simply reinforces Canada's position that this was no accident.


Canada continues to exercise every available avenue to build an international concensus to pressure Iran to respond constructively.

Key Quotes

"We know this was a murder, not an accident."  (Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pierre Pettigrew)


"Canada has the intention and has already shown clearly that we will defend Canadians and that the position of the Iranian government is unacceptable.  We do not accept it.  Iranis in the wrong.  It was murder.  Thisis why we brought Dr. Azam here.  We want to show the facts clearly."  Prime Minister Paul Martin - Hansard April 4, 2005


"For two years, it is Canada at the very United Nations...has been sponsoring a resolution condemning the situation of human rights in Iran.  Two years in a row, we got the support of the international community, and we will continue to put the pressure on Iran, as I did this morning when I called the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran...."  (Pierre Pettigrew-Hansard April 5, 2005)  Heidy (519) 291-5480 NO SHARI'A LAWS IN CANADA

 Heidy Schmidt


Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 3:58 PM

Subject: a response to your call to the Canadian Government to cut ties with Iran

To the International Compaign Against Sharia Court in Canada,

As a Trotskyist I absolutely support your campaign against the Sharia Court in Canada and lament the Islamic state in Iran, but I cannot hold illusions about addressing the Canadian government in relation to the butcher of Zahra Kazemi because the Canadian government was so obviously complicit in allowing this state of affairs to take place. I feel it is naive and misplaced to make such a call.  The only position I can take is to protest both the Canadian government and the Iranian governing council over what happened to her and campaign against both regimes.

  I have written my share of letters and signed petitions regarding the Iranian Islamic state and court and I have done the same here in Canada regarding the Canadian allowance of religious civil courts, not to mention a myriad of other civil rights abuses in this country. 

   I am sorry I can't follow through on this request you make, but I just wanted to make you aware of my political position on this question.  I feel any request of a diplomatic nature to the Canadian government is futile because with regard to foreign policy it only acts on economic interests, not human rights interests.


    Ellen Ramsay

Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 9:57 PM

Subject: Re: Signature Confirmation - We demand the Canadian Government to break all i...


Thanks for your email.I did exactly what are you suggesting. It was done 2 hrs. ago. Many of my friend are working on it at this very moment. Good luck. We shall prevail, because our cause is just and our people are with us.Keep up the good work.As the  French say: "courage ,courage..." .Unity,leadership ,plan of action and a Grande strategy is what we need today to free our country from it's ordeal. Good luck to you and the likes of you. With you all around and active I am very optimistic. Sincerely,  Manouchehr Ganji

Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 7:25 PM

Subject: Re: We demand the Canadian Government to break all its diplomatic relations with the Iranian regime for its heinous state crime!

Dear Homa,

May I recommend that you not waste your credibility on this file: the Government is NOT interested to do anything substantial, since many Canadian companies are deply involved with the Iranian Mollahs.

keep your energy for the fight against Sharia in Ontario.




To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 8:12 AM

Subject: Re: Fw: We demand the Canadian Government to...

Will you give a radio interview to our radio show (see details below) this Friday (live) at about 4.00pm
London time?

Please provide a landline number if you accept

Best regards,



Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 5:42 AM

Subject: Re: Fw: We demand the Canadian Government to break all its diplomatic relatio...

I signed and sent the petition to 30 activist friends. Thank you!


Deborah May

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Monday, April 04, 2005 3:25 AM

Subject: Re: Iranian killer regime!!!


Dear Homa,  I cannot believe the "complacent" attitude of Paul Martin.  "Outrage"  is a horrible understatement when you think of how she must have suffered.  I feel sick when I think of it.

I hope that you have sent this article to every politician in
Canada.  Perhaps NAC can help you do this.  Zari prepared a petition today for a women's meeting in Vancouver today.

Karen Kilbride

To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Sunday, April 03, 2005 5:09 PM

Subject: Re: Alberta ...

Hi dear Homa,   (khaste nabashid)


I'm in Edmonton, and just had a meeting with the conservative party candidate - Paul Yewchuk  and his wife.  I game them this statement, and they were assuring me that shaira will never become law in Alberta, or Canada for that matter.


They want to know how far ottawa or ontario had gone as to accepting or implimenting it.


there was an agreement that conservative party would never allow it. and will raise the issue.


could you please send me recent info on shaira law in canada and how far they've gone so far with it?


thank you so much.




Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2005 9:41 PM

Subject: Re: An Iranian-Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi was brutally murdered

Dear Homa:

Remember, I will do anything I can to assist contact numbers are:....,...






Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2005 5:09 PM

Subject: April 19 dinner


Hi Homa,


I hope you are keeping well.  Our Status committee is really looking forward to meeting you and to hearing you speak.  They are wondering if it would be okay to move the times up a little:  cash bar from 5 until 6, and dinner at 6:00 instead of 6:30.  Please let me know if this is okay.

They are also wondering if you think we should arrange for security that evening?

 Homa, if you are arriving in Hamilton by bus or train, please let me know and I will arrange for someone to pick you up.  Feel free to bring a couple of guests.  If you let me know, I will have tickets waiting for them.

Take care Homa,

Lisa Hammond
Vice President
Hamilton-Wentworth Elementary Teachers' Local

To: "'Homa Arjomand'" <>

Sent: Friday, April 01, 2005 9:21 AM


Hi Homa,
> We can do the interview on the morning of Friday April 15th, at
8:45 a.m.
> It would mean you being at our
Ottawa station for about 8:30 a.m.
> Is this possible?  
> Christine Zaklama
> Field Producer
> Global Television Network

From: "Denise Groulx"

Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2005 12:07 PM

Subject: Rép. : Fw: Sharia law out of question, Quebec

> May I say that I am very proud of my province and its legislation which
> is to my knowledge a good protection for our rights as human beings and
> as women.
>  I really think that whatever a religion is , if it is discriminating
> agains women or children or even men, it should have no right to decide
> what are our civil laws and how to interpret them.
> Have a nice day and keep the good fight.


Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 6:22 AM

Subject: Television documentary


Conserning: TV documentary Sharia Courts


Dear mrs Arjomand

 I’m a journalist from Belgium, I work for VRT, the national public television.

I’ve heard from a friend that since the beginning of this year there are Sharia courts installed

in Ontario in Canada. I find this very interesting, and it’s strange that we didn’t hear of it in Belgium.

I’ve found your name on the internet, so I contact you, in order to get some more information.

The questions I have are basically:

Since when exactly are these courts installed?

Who can go to this sharia courts, what is their jurisprudiction?

What about the separation between state and religion, in modern state like Canada?

 Could you please mail me your telephone number, so I could call you directly?

 I ‘m considering  to come to Canada to make a documentary about this.


Thank you very much.

My best regards;

 Wim Van den Eynde


Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 11:03 AM

Subject: Concerning information on upcoming events


Ms. Arjomand:

As an evangelical Christian in the GTA and retired missionary to the Arab World I am watching the

debate on the "Sharia Law" issue here in Ontario closely.

I find myself on the side of those who pray that this law will not be introduced as requested.

At any rate, I called your number this morning asking when and where there would be upcoming

events where Ms. Arjomand might be speaking or where the issue would be discussed in a

public forum.

Please forward such data to me with the email

Thank you,

Abe Weibe

Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 1:20 PM

Subject: Re: Sharia law out of question, Quebec



Many thanks for this paper. It led to the May 22, 2004 article by Lynda Hurst entitled "Ontario sharia tribunals assailed," which begins with a moving account of your escape from Iran. I hope your position of international recognition and leadership helps to protect you from retaliation. Your courage is admirable.


From: "Patricia Webber-Callaghan"  To: <>

 Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 4:55 PM

Subject: Zonta Hamilton 1 Breakfast mtg October 2005

Dear Ms. Arjomand, Thank you for agreeing to speak at our breakfast in
> October.  I am the chair of our Legislative Awareness and Advocacy Committee
> and I am writing because Donna Paige with whom you have been corresponding
> is on vacation.  This is just an update on the plans for October.  I will be
> meeting with our Board on April 5th at which time I will receive final
> confirmation of our plans.  I will then write to you outlining our contract.
>  As it now stands, we have made arrangements for you to stay at the
 ------- in Hamilton overnight so that you do not have to travel early
> in the morning.  We have agreed to pay an honorarium and mileage.  Our
> committee is very excited about this project and look forward to meeting
> with you in the Fall.  Donna will continue to liaise with you to ensure that
> anything you need for the presentation is available to you.  Regards,
> Patricia Webber-Callaghan

 From: "Zaklama, Christine (CKMI Montreal)"

To: "'Homa Arjomand'" <>

Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 10:13 AM

Hi Homa,
> I'd like to have someone come in and talk about Sharia and its risks. I'm
> also trying to book an interview that would express some of the views of its
> supporters, in an attempt to portray both sides of the question.
> If you think you will be in
Montreal again soon, I would wait for you as I
> believe you would be the best person for this interview.
> Otherwise, if you have any suggestions of someone else, let me know.
>  Thanks
> Christine
> Christine Zaklama
> Field Producer
> Global Television Network

From: "KWCG Humanists" 

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 12:26 AM

Subject: April 9 meeting :

> Hi Homa,
> Click on the KWCG Humanists link below to see the Shari'a Law flyer I am
> going to print off and post around
Waterloo and Kitchener for our upcoming
> event in
>  I have also sent you a copy of our latest newsletter (which includes the
> Shari'a Law event).
> Cheers,
>  Kathy

 From: "Lee Nikiforuk" 

Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2005 4:49 PM

Subject: RE: speaking engagement

> On behalf of the status committee, we are delighted to have you speak at our
> Spring Dinner Banquet. The committee felt very strongly that you could
> provide insight into the difficult situation facing many Muslim women in
> this country which in turn affects their children who are students in our
> classrooms.

To: "'Homa Arjomand'" <>

Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2005 1:35 PM

Hi Homa,
> Do you plan to visit
Montreal anytime soon?
> Perhaps we can plan an interview on Global's morning program.
>  Christine Zaklama
> Field Producer
> Global Television Network

Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2005 3:36 PM

Subject: friend of Dara Malek


Hi Homa. I spoke with you once by telephone at Dara Malek's house, last year some time. We were colleagues at Dixon Hall and I now work at another organization.

I'm researching an issue I thought you may have some suggestions about. I'm looking into the situation of girls being taken to South Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh) and subjected to marriage against their will. Specifically, if there is any screening done at the airport to see if girls travelling to these countries are headed to forced marriages.


There is some such service in England that I'm learning about, whereby girls are asked separately what their situation is and offered legal counsel and other supports. But I can't find reference to anything similar here.


I would appreciate hearing from you if you have any ideas.



Wendy Miller

Children's Project Manager



Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 1:00 AM

Subject: Re: friend of Dara Malek

Hi Wendy:

I really wishes there was a system in place at the airport in this regard. Right now I have an Iraqi client who is just 16 years old and is at the shelter. Her father  at the age of 13 took her to Iraq and forced her to marry to a man at least three times older than her. Her life story is unbelievable. She finally managed to flee from Iraq to Iran then return back to Canada with the help of one concern individual and Canadian Embassy in Tehran. The journey took her three years. She would need at least 10 years to recover turmoil she went through.


We must run an international campaign to save these children. We must force governments to put an act in place. Child Bride and forced marriage should be recognized as a crime.


Right now in Canada we are facing "Faith base court".  Hopefully after over coming this barrier (Religious court), we will be able to concentrate on the above mentioned campaign.  I am counting on your support. Together we can make a huge progressive change towards women's rights.

Best Wishes

Homa Arjomand


To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Saturday, March 19, 2005 7:28 PM

Subject: Re: Your current fight against Shari'a in Canada

 Dear Homa,
> Your letter states there were 700 in attendance to fight the installation of Shari'a Law in
Canada.  I am with you in your fight against Shari'a perhaps for the same reasons as you, but also, it could be for different reasons as well.
 I would like to know "who" presented the paperwork to institute Shari'a in
Toronto?  How many support the installation of Shari'a in Toronto?  Is it entirely funded by Saudi's? Was your turn out larger than theirs?
> Other than the fact Shari'a, which is not instituted in any other Middle Eastern Nation, other than Saudi, Arabia and of course, Iran, is archaic, brutal and totally disregards the existence of women as well as their rights.  I believe Shari'a is active in
Nigeria, Malaysia, Sudan, but these were Nations recently taken over by muslims.  The atrocities began soon after, like Father's being beheaded for protecting their wives and daughters from being raped, starvation, and the most unspeakable horrors against human beings.  Shari'a was instated after all the carnage.  Little girls, 12-13 years of age, giving birth to children forced into Islam.  No choice, and no voice. 
> The absolute destruction of family ties is what really gets me in all this carnage.  Death of good and innocent people and the rape not just of their families but their National resources as well.  
> Yes, they can argue that they want Shari'a but Shari'a is anathema to any Democracy and a gross violation of human rights. Perhaps the worst violations known to mankind.  First, it will be allegedly to deal with family and religious issues, then, it will be to instate human dismemberment against those they feel need to have it done.   Including against those they consider "dhimmi".  Like the Fatwa issued against Van Gogh in
Holland.  The backlash from the slaughter of Mr. Van Gogh has brought a backlash against the religion of Islam as well as hatred against muslims there.  
> I would also be against Shari'a because it is a hostile Law which stands against the Nation that hosts those who want it.  It is beyond arrogant for any immigrant to tell the Nation where they either seek asylum and or citizenship and insist their Laws from the Nations they are fleeing are the Laws of choice.   It makes their desire to migrate highly suspect since they appear to want to live in the conditions they already left.  To insist these Laws exist in their New Nations, is a slap in the face to those who hosted them, their Government, and all they stand for including their tolerance.  It would only be a matter of time before people would revolt in the Host Nation.
>  Sincerely,
>  Deborah

Homa Arjomand <> wrote:

To the staff of Federation des femmes du Quebec and organizers of the Panel discussion, “Sharia and women’s rights” held at University of Quebec Montreal (UQAM) March 17, 2005


I must say it was a pleasure for me to have met you all.  I also would like to thank the Federation des femmes du Quebec organizers for managing to bring together 700 people   on March 17, 2005 and I want to thank Monique for chairing the panel. It really made my day. I returned back home with lots of hope and positive energy. It gave me confidence that a gathering such as this one will draw attentions for the urgent need for secularism and towards the establishment of a society where all people are equal regardless of gender, race, nationality or country of origin.

I have always relied on secular movement which is already present in our society and the “March 17th gathering”, once more convinced me that we can covert this movement to a strong force and push back “faith-based court” in
Canada once for all. Together we can make huge-progressive changes towards women’s rights. 


Best wishes

Homa Arjomand  

Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005 10:30 AM

Subject: Thank you to Homa Arjomand

We  would like to say thank to Homa  Arjomand  for  the meeting  in UQAM
in Quebec  for  her intervention  in march 17 against  sharia. We  are
some  women  in Montreal in reaction against   the negative religeous
influence  against  women   with  the  relativisme culturel  and the
dangerous  speech  done  by   federation des femmes from Quebec.   We are
feminist and  against  sharia . We  doesn't understand  why none politic
action's are planned in Quebec  We would like to participated and to know
about  future action's and international manifestation
We say again Thank you and  Bravo  for  your  speech
Francoise Goulnik


Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 7:34 PM

To whom it may concern.

  I am against the sharia here in Canada.  Canadians should be treated as canadians and obeys out law. 

 Ghislaine Auger

Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 5:11 AM

Subject: [Bulk] Petition

Congratulations on your initiative. The third item in you letter of explanation (I was not sure if it was the petition) about education might be a little more nuanced. For instance, such statements have been used to forbid Christmas celebrations in Canadian schools, which surely goes against the grain of Canadian culture as much as would the introduction of Charia law. Sincerely, John Trent

 John Trent, Fellow, Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa.
John & Colette Trent,

Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 11:38 PM


Dear Mrs. Arjomand:

Here is my contribution to establishing legal and constitutional perimeters in religious arbitrations.

It is in the form of an answer to Dr. Pipes of the "Which privileges for Islam?".

Karole du Pont


To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 6:37 PM

Subject: Re: Zonta Hamilton 1 - Speaking Engagement

Thank you so much Homa.  We are thrilled that you have agreed to come.  I received your phone message today stating that your emails to me were being returned.  This is to confirm that I have received this information.

 I would like to send you a letter of Confirmation to you from our Zonta club.  I will need an address from you please.

 Hopefully there won't be any further difficulties with email communication.  I find that sometimes one person's address will be returned to me for no known reason.



Donna Paige

From: "Dorothee Giroux"


Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 3:38 PM




Following our telephone conversation yesterday, I wish to confirm that I am extremely interested to meet with you tomorrow, March 17,
in order to do an interview regarding the International Campaign No Sharia.

I also wish to bring to your attention the fact that I am working on a 12 to 14 minutes radio documentary and it would be very useful to me
if I could record your arrival at the airport, the welcoming from the representative of Fédération des femmes du Québec and
your travel from Dorval to the site of the forum .
The story is on the fall out of the Marion Boyd report and your help would be highly appreciated.
I am a journalist working  for the french network of CBC, Société Radio
Canada. I am assigned to a public affairs program called Dimanche Magazine, which is broadcast every Sunday from 10  to 12 .
I will be at the
Pierre-Eliott Trudeau Airport, in Dorval, for your 2 o'clock arrival with West Jet.
If you want to contact me, please, do not hesitate.

Regards .
Dorothée Giroux

To: <>

Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 11:55 AM

Subject: Your current fight against Shari'a in Canada

Dear Miss Ajomound,
> I read your biography with great interest. There was a link to it in Daniel Pipes Article which I received this morning via E-mail.
>  All the things you stand for, so do I.  Womens rights, gay rights, HUMAN rights, as well as rights for the elderly and I am totally against any abuse of humans and or animals. 
It is refreshing to see another kindred soul, filled with the spirit to fight such atrocities and I commend you for your current fight against Shari'a.  I know what it means to have to fight this inhumane and archaic Law that stifles the rights of women and ignores them as human beings.  Not only that, I believe that women can only testify in
Shari'a Court in matters of child birth only.  This is outrageous!
>Women today are much more rounded, intelligent and capable of being not just witnesses in Court cases, as well as dignified representatives of the Courts, but highly trained experts in so many different areas of life with a keen sense of what is right and wrong with people, places and Societies as a whole.
 From my perspective, when the rights of others are abused such as what happened to you and your friend, and your family, then there is definitely a sociopathic or psychopathic personality in charge that ordered it.  Those who would carryout such an atrocity against another human being would be equally affected.
 This is a condition that affects the entire human race.  It is just as true in
America as it is in Iran.  I too, as an American, came across such an individual, and people asked me, how could this happen to you?  Why would these people do such a thing to you?  What did you do to deserve it?
> The answer to that became the motivating question which led me to my studies on sociopathy/psychopathy, and now I have my answer to that very question.
> It is an honor to know you, and the conditions which led you out of
Iran, which you continue to fight from another border.  I am glad you managed to escape.  My empathy to you and your family for having to leave your Country under such circumstances, and to you personally for the loss of your dear and faithful friend.  May you remember her/him always.
> Sincerely,
> Deborah


Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2005 7:12 PM

Subject: NO SHARIA





To: <>

Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2005 12:51 PM

Subject: donation and help

Dear Homa Arjomand,
> I read about your work on I'm inspired by your courage and strong stand. I would like to support you. I am only a poor college student, however I would be honored to make a small donation. If you can send me more info I will try to make people aware of this issue at my university here in
Seattle, Washington state, USA.
> I am actually a Christian and I don't know what religion you are, but I don't want to see this happen in
> Sincerely,
> Aaron Martin

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Monday, March 14, 2005 8:39 PM

Subject: Re: New Petition Submitted By Homa Arjomand

> Dear Homa,
 It's Caitlin Hicks here again.
> Playwright. I'd like to interview a woman or women
> who have been persecuted by the Shariah law --
>Is it possible for you to put me in touch with someone?
>There is a woman who was written up in the
Vancouver Sun named Mina Berouz --
> would you know how to be in touch with her?
>I look forward to hearing from you,
> Caitlin Hicks

Sent: Monday, March 14, 2005 11:00 AM

Subject: Sharia Law


Hello Homa:

We just spoke on the phone. My name is Larissa. I'm a researcher at CBC Montreal. We want to do a story about Islamic women who are against Sharia Law. This is for English television news. Please forward this email on to as many people as you know in Montreal. My phone number is #  

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,

Larissa Moore

From: "Stefan Matess"

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2005 11:04 PM

Subject: Re: Fw: Not long way to go in order to have separation of religion from Canadian Justice system.

> I think "all your hard work" will finally pay
> off one day.....You are a GREAT LADY FIGHTING
> Fran

Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2005 8:31 PM

Subject: RE: International Campaign to Stop Sharia Court in Canada

Hi Homa


I am a student at George Brown College enrolled in the community worker program. We asked to write about a campaign and chose to write about the International Campaign to Stop Sharia Court in Canada. In was not included in the choices that we given and that's why I chose it. I do not hear much about it at school. I am also doing a presentation on the sharia law in another class from two articles but this campign assignment I would like more detailed information from the start of the campaign to its present status. I thought you are the best person I should contact since the assignment request that we interview some who knowledgeable on the issue.I hope it is not too much to ask of you but I would appreciate very much you support me in doing this assignment. We can communicate by email or phone but email would be best because I am not always home but I can access my email any time.


These are some of the questions I am to focus on, for April 1 2001:


1. The Issue: What problem is the campaign addressing? How does the campaign "cut" the issue so that a solution to the problem is suggested?


2. Goals: Clearly identify the long-term and short-term goals of this campaign


3.Organizers: Who is working with to organise this campaign


4.Constituency: Who is most directly affected by this issue? How are they affected? Be specific.


5. Allies: Who else has an interest in this issue and why? Be specific


6. Opponents: Who opposes this campaign? (e.g.Canadian Islamic congress) Why are they opposed (what is their self interest)? Who has the power to make the decision on this issue that would lead to the desired solution and is, therefore, a target of the campaign? Be specific


7. Organizational and Process:What is the organizational sructure to carry out this campaign (for example, a coalition, a membership organization, an umbrella organization with member groups) Are there any paid organizers? who? how are decisions made? How is the campaign funded?


8. Preparation for Action: What research and investigation has been done? How were constituents and allies mobilized? (eg. doorknocking, public education materials. In case of campaign involving mass direct action, was training provided? (eg. doredt actop training, legal training, medical training, jail solidarity training ect. Describe)


9. Action timeline: Forms of action used up to date in order in which they were used. If tactics were used in combination or escalated, say why. Are additional actions currently being planned?


10. Reaction of Opponents: have opponents/targets responded to the campaign and if so, how/ (eg. have decision makers agreed to meet with you or answered letters)? Have participants in the campaign been ignored or repressed? (eg. have there been arrests, intimidated, ridicule, or counter-campaign? Describe)


11. Results: Has there been progress on the long-term goals of the campaign? On the short-term goals? If the campaign has included events, what was the turnout? Was there media coverage? If so, what impact did the coverage have on the campaign? Did it build public awareness of the issue? Did the opponents lose support?


Is there anything you think you could or can do differently to improve the campaign? If so what?

Are you happy with the progress you have made so far?


I thank you so much for your time and support and is looking forward to hear from you.

 Yours Truly

 Whynant Prince

From: "Chaitanya Kalevar"

Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2005 1:59 PM

Subject: Re: no sharia

> Pl keep me posted of your activiities.
> Today's star has an interesting article by Saman Rushdi on Page A17.

From: "isabelle roberge"

Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2005 8:14 AM

Subject: Encouragements

 Thank you for doing this for my friends, some of whom are moslem, and for
> all of us in general.
> I.R.

Sent: Friday, March 11, 2005 7:45 PM

Subject: Barrie Murder

> Dear Homa,
 On May 21 2004, Mimi Khonsari wa brutally murdered in Barrie Ontario. I
> write to you on brhalf of the young man who is currently in prison, charged
> with her murder. He proclaims his innocence. He has a troubled past, but, to
> our knowledge, not a violent one. He has no apparent motive for this murder.
> If it is proven, after a fair and thorough trial, that he is responsible for
> this vile act, his family, including his mother want him to accept
> theconsequences, but he is financially disadvantaged and depending soley
> upon a legal aide defence. his can sometimes be equal to no defence. We
> cannot afford to hire detectives to search fo the facts, and must therefore
> do the leg work ourselves.
 Mimi was a 61 year old lady who left Iran in 1980 with her husband, Dr.
> Homayoun Khonsari, returning to Canada and settling in Barrie Ontario. She
> attended the mosque at the Islamic Iranian Cntre on Bermondsey Rd. in
> Toronto where Kazeem Mesbah Moosavi was her Imam. Mimi's obituary speaks of
> her as a person whom family and friends counted on to talk to, even late in
> the evening for financial help. She sounds like a beautiful person.
 I wonder if paths ever crossed. Perhaps you know what Mimi's politics
> were, and if this could have put her in any danger.
>Some of the facts that have been published about this crime do not
> point to a random act of violence by a stranger. Mimi's eleven month old
> grand daughter was driven by the killer, from the murder site, in daylight,
> through the city and left unharmed by the killer in front of an apartment
> building. Mimi's body was found on her son's friend's property. Some two
> hours passed between Mimi's FRANTIC cry for help, and the time that the
> person who Mimi was talking to on her cell phone and Mimi's husband
> simultaneously notified the police. If you are not familiar with this murder
> you can find the media coverage on the internet under "Mimi Khonsari".
>     In searching for answers online, I stumbled upon your name and your
> cause. I am in awe of your courage. I'm second generation Canadian, and
> realize how I have taken for granted my equal rights as a woman. If I can do
> anything to promote your cause, which must be the cause of all Canadians,
> men and women, please tell me how.
You can contact me at:

Riley Frazer

Sent: Friday, March 11, 2005 7:39 PM

Subject: Shariah Law

 Dear Canadian Friends,
> I am deeply impressed by your website and the
> campaign to save
Canada from the barbaric Shariah Law.
> I am amazed that educated people - even those at
> government level - can be so naive as to not
> recognise the true nature of Islam. Most
> "Politically Correct" supporters of Islam have
> read nothing of the Koran / Hadith.
> I lived in or near Islamic communities in
> and
Bangladesh for 31 years so have seen Islam
> from the inside.
> Long before "9/11" I also became aware of the
> desire of Islamic zealots to establish the
> Kalifat worldwide, beginning in the
U.S.A. and
> that would include
> I found that most Muslims have not read all the
> Koran / Hadith which accounts for the fact that
> most Muslims are decent, friendly people. It is
> only when Islam is taken seriously and when the
> Koran is taken to heart that Muslims can become
> violent and aggressive.
> I am living in Australia so cannot share in your
> campaign but I wish you well as you seek to
> educate the people of Canada to open their eyes
> before Islam takes over not only Canada but also
> the whole civilized world.
> Every Best Wish,
> Keith Skillicorn

Sent: Friday, March 11, 2005 5:20 PM

Subject: No Sharia


Dear Ms. Arjomand,


 I am a newspaper editor from Colorado. I have been following the Sharia debate in Canada

 from here.Could you please inform me what has happened so far? Has the provincial

government passed the law?


    Thank you and good luck,

    Mohan Ashtakala
    The Himalayan News

Sent: Friday, March 11, 2005 4:30 PM

Subject: Sharia


> Hi Homa,
> Your work is very important.  Please keep up the work in fighting Sharia law
> here.  You certainly have my support.   This issue had a higher media
> profile several months ago; what is the current status of Sharia in
> I have signed your petition.
> Hilary Walker.

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 8:09 AM

Subject: Re: Please help my friend Nzinga (Wendy Maxwell)


> Homa,
> Thank you so much for your help.  I just feel so
> helpless right now. 
> Some people at Ryerson are starting a hunger strike
> today to bring some attention to Wendy's case.
> I am sending you some information about that now.
> Take care and I hope to see you tonight.  You are
> fantastic!
> Odelia


Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 10:42 PM

Subject: a copy of letter to Michael Bryant


Dear MPP Bryant,

I am writing to you once again because I want to re-iterate my disgust and dismay at your government's policy

with regard to Islamic courts. I attended a meeting at U of T to hear Ms. Boyd's reasoning behind her report

of December 2004.  I was amazed at some of her comments.  "We will try it for a period of time to see how it

works" she said. Is playing with people's lives in their best interest, I would have liked to ask her, if given the chance.  

 She told us about all the safeguards that  the government will put into place and I wondered to myself,

why so many safeguards are needed if it is such a great thing, this sharia court.  I thought of how I let my daughter

walk to school every day and if I needed to put a policeman on every corner to ensure her safety, would I still think

it such a great idea?  Perhaps someone should ask Ms. Boyd that question as well.


Just yesterday, I was at a cocktail party when the subject of Sharia law came up.  I was surprised by the outrage

 that many of the people (well educated, well travelled and well read, I might add) displayed with regard to your

decision about Sharia law.  It was obvious that these people feel betrayed and outraged by your decision

even though it doesn't directly impact their lives.  I, of course, requested that they all write to you once

again and I hope that they do so that you can see for yourself what a mistake you are making by turning

your back on your voting public and that they feel is their perogative to have a say in this decision.


Perhaps you will discover in your next election just how outraged people really are with regard to this subject.


Thank you.

Your constituent,

Mary d'Eon


Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2005 10:34 PM


Hello !

Since hearing on the news about Hale Sahba’s deportation I have been very angry and concerned about her situation.  I am interested in helping to or  starting a petition or somehow helping her.  I need more information on her situation though as I don’t want to be misinformed.

I am not an Islamic woman nor am I Middle Eastern but I am so upset about the injustice of our Canadian Immigration.  Please can you tell me as much as you know about her story, and what you know of on what grounds she was deported, what is being done now and  by whom  (protests, etc)

I have emailed various people and authorities but without response and am hoping you would be able to shed more light on this sad situation.

Thank you


..Ilse Phillips

  Vancouver BC


Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2005 5:26 PM

Subject: Happy International women's day

> Hi:
> I hope you were listening to the CBC today. In any event, I nominate you
> for their
> Great Canadian Women contest
> Bravo and vive la fem...
> Tali

Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2005 1:00 PM

Subject: Patriarchy, patriarchalism and the Right to Education

Dear Homa Arjomand:


We are preparing a compilation on the theme “Patriarchy, patriarchalism and the Right to Education”. With this eventual

publication we are looking to promote the reflection and discussion about the necessity to transcend the patriarchal regimen

in order to build a Human Rights Culture and how learning processes and educative experiences constitute pertinent options

 for that aim.


We’re requesting articles on this specific theme.  My good friend Alda Facio recommended me to contact you, taking into

consideration your vast expertise and knowledge, so I’ll be honoured if you consider the possibility to send me an article 

for this book. Maybe you can also recommend me another colleague interested in this iniciative.


I’ll be happy to receive your collaboration written in English, before may 14th (no less than 7000, not more than 15000 words,

but we're flexible).


We will try to disseminate this publication worldwide, including authors of representative regions or the world.


Looking forward to hear from you, grateful, my consideration and best regards,


Vernor Muñoz

Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education
Commission on Human Rights
United Nations

No Islamic tribunals !

The group called « 20 ans Barakat » (Twenty years, enough is enough!) regroups several women’s organizations in France and acts as a relay for Algerian women fighting for their rights and against the country’s Family code.

This code based on allegedly Moslem laws provides, among other things, for women to remain inferior with a second class citizen status and it is a brutal violation of their basic rights.

Over the past twenty years, a large Algerian community has chosen Canada as a sanctuary to flee the violence generated by the unfair code.

The introduction of Islamic tribunals in Canada will make it possible for Moslem fundamentalist ideas and practices to thrive in the form of allegedly Islamic laws.

On the eve of the celebration of International Women’s Day our group which is watchful regarding  violations of women’s rights in the world extends support to the Canadian Council of Moslem Women and to other groups of immigrant women and to their claims including:

  • A rejection of  any religion based or inspired laws
  • Equal rights for all regardless of gender or sex and particularly in the field of family law


We strongly denounce the Boyd report supporting the introduction of Islamic tribunals because wherever the Islamic law is implemented women’s human rights are violated.

We say No to:

      -family rights privatization

-any violations of human rights of women  in the name of multiculturalism

-to a double standard justice




To: "Ms. Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Sunday, March 06, 2005 10:55 PM

Subject: RE: CILSC 2005


> Dear Ms. Arjomand,
> >
> I write on behalf of the international law societies of Osgoode Hall Law
> School and the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, to thank you for your
> participation in the 12th Annual Canadian International Law Students'
> Conference (CILSC) on Saturday, February 26, 2005.
> Your expertise and leadership in the area of Shari'a law made a valuable
> and timely contribution to the panel and the CILS Conference as a whole. In
> light of the rapidly changing global socio-economic climate, you helped to
> ground and stimulate discussion on one of the most important issues of
> international and domestic law.
> Please know that we deeply appreciate the time you took from your busy
> schedule to prepare your remarks and to be with us. Once again, thank you
> very much for your expertise and generosity. We look forward to following
> your work and hope to meet again in the near future.
> Most appreciatively,
> Paul Jonathan Saguil
> Panel Chair, on behalf of
> The CILS Conference Committee

To: "Ms. Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Sunday, March 06, 2005 10:55 PM

Subject: RE: CILSC 2005

> Dear Ms. Arjomand,

> I write on behalf of the international law societies of Osgoode Hall Law
> School and the
University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, to thank you for your
> participation in the 12th Annual Canadian International Law Students'
> Conference (CILSC) on
Saturday, February 26, 2005.
> Your expertise and leadership in the area of Shari'a law made a valuable
> and timely contribution to the panel and the CILS Conference as a whole. In
> light of the rapidly changing global socio-economic climate, you helped to
> ground and stimulate discussion on one of the most important issues of
> international and domestic law.
> Please know that we deeply appreciate the time you took from your busy
> schedule to prepare your remarks and to be with us. Once again, thank you
> very much for your expertise and generosity. We look forward to following
> your work and hope to meet again in the near future.
> Most appreciatively,
> Paul Jonathan Saguil
> Panel Chair, on behalf of
> The CILS Conference Committee

Sent: Saturday, March 05, 2005 12:16 AM

Subject: Re: March 8th 2005

Dear Homa:


Comgratulations upon all your remarkable achievements....remember, I stand ready to support you in thought,

word and deed!


Sincerely in Christ,



 From: "Lucian Pata"
> To: <>
> Sent:
Wednesday, March 02, 2005 6:06 AM
> Subject: Petition to be signed
>> I found out from an article in the french/quebequois magazine
>> "l'Actualite"
>> that there is a petition to be signed on line by those who oppose the
>> implementation of sharia in
Canada on the site "". I would
>> like to sign it, but I was unable to find it. Can you help? Thank you

> Posted at
> Iranian activist questions use of Sharia law in Canadian provinces
> In 1989, women's rights advocate Homa Arjomand and her husband paid
> smugglers $15 000 to flee
Iran with their two young children. Had she
> stayed, Arjomand would have been executed because of her activism.
> Today, more than a decade later, she's still fighting against the
> oppression of Muslim women, but this time it's in
Canada. Since the
> 1991 Ontario Arbitration Act, people wanting to settle family-law and
> inheritance issues outside of Canadian courts may do so by consulting
> faith-based arbitrators. This provision has led to the growing use of
> Sharia law—the basis of Islamic law—within Muslim communities in
Ontario. "To myself and other opponents of Sharia law this is a sign
> of political Islam; they are trying to interfere with the justice
> system," Arjomand said.
> class: social justice; democracy
> Adoption of the Women's Global Charter for Humanity
> free download available
> Delegates of the World March of Women gathered in
Kigali, Rwanda,
> adopted the Women's Global Charter for Humanity on
December 10, 2004.
> The Women's Global Charter for Humanity is a proposal to build a world
> where exploitation, oppression, intolerance and exclusion no longer
> exist and where integrity, diversity and the rights and freedoms of
> all are respected. This world is founded on equality, freedom,
> solidarity, justice and peace.
> class: education; tools & resources; social justice



" Sharia "

And women's rights

What are the stakes?



The Women's Federation of Quebec (Federation des Femmes du Quebec – FFQ) organizes an information panel about stake triggered by Muslim Civil Justice System based on Sharia in Canada



March, 17th , 2005

From 19:00 pm to 21:00 pm


Room Marie Gérin Lajoie

University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM)


405 Ste-Catherine Est (corner of St-Denis)

Exit : metro Berri-Uqam



Four speakers will inform the public and in particular the women in Quebec about their insights and their analysis, concerning threats of institutionalization of the Civil Justice System based on Sharia relating to women's rights. The FFQ will take a stand against such tribunals and will suggest actions in that sens.


The guests speakers are :

  1. Mrs. Alia Hougben, President of Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW).
  2. Mrs. Andrée Coté, Lawyer, National Association of Women and the Law ;
  3. Mrs. Homa Arjomand, social worker and founder of the International Campaign

   " No Sharia " ;

  4. Mrs. Pascale Fournier, lawyer and SJD candidate at Harvard Law School.


Mrs. Michele Asselin, President of FFQ, will chair this panel. This activity will be also animated by Mrs. Monique Simard, President of Alternatives's board of directors.


The discussions will be held in English and French with simultaneous translations.


A contribution of 5.00$ or more will be greatly appreciat

Supported by : Alternatives

                      Foundation Solstice


To: Homa Arjmand

Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 10:30 AM

Subject: HONOR?

'How many more women have to die before this society wakes up?'
By Tony Paterson
(Filed: 27/02/2005)  The Telegraph (London)

Shortly before nine o'clock one Monday evening earlier this month, Hatin Sürücü left her five-year-old son asleep in their small apartment n

the Tempelhof district of Berlin and made her way to a bus stop in the main Oberlandgarten Strasse.
Minutes later, a volley of pistol shots rang out but no one came to help Mrs Sürücü, 23, who was of Turkish origin. A bus driver discovered

her body with multiple wounds to the head and chest, about 40 minutes later and called the police.Last week, Mrs Sürücü's three brothers,

aged 18 to 25, who were arrested six days after the attack, were formally

charged with the murder. They have pleaded not guilty and were remanded in custody.

Police are investigating whether Mrs Sürücü was the victim of a so-called "honour killing" after she made

 the decision to leave the cousin with whom she had been forced into an arranged marriage eight years earlier.

The police said that Mrs Sürücü had frequently complained of being threatened by her brothers.

If they are found guilty, Mrs Sürücü's murder will be the sixth "honour killing" within
Berlin's 200,000-strong

Muslim community in four months. Shocking as that is, the reactions of some Turkish immigrant children at a school whose main gates

are yards from the scene of the shooting has caused even graver concern.Asked by teachers what they thought of the murder,

 several 13-year-old pupils are said to have implied that they thought Mrs Sürücü had "earned" her death.

 "Well, she lived like a German, didn't she?" remarked one. Mrs Sürücü got married in Turkey at the age of 15 but returned with her son

to her birthplace, Berlin, more than five years ago.She broke with her family, refused to wear the Muslim headscarf and lived with her child

in a hostel.She had recently completed training as an electrical engineer and friends said that she simply "wanted to live

 her own life".The murder has shocked politicians, police and community leaders, and prompted criticism that successive German

governments have ignored ritual injustices within immigrant communities for decades. "How many more women

have to die before this society wakes up?" asked Necla Kelek, the author of a controversial book on arranged marriages.

In an open letter last week, the headmaster of the school publicly denounced the attitude of his pupils. Other head teachers in
Berlin, however,

said that they were not surprised by the children's reaction."This type of thinking is latent in their minds," said the head of another predominantly

Turkish immigrant school in the district, who asked not to be identified. Their remarks, he said, reminded him of the spontaneous

"victory dances" which immigrant pupils at his school had staged after the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington.

The five Muslim women killed in recent months were murdered by their husbands or partners because they had "insulted" the family honour

by wanting to end the relationship.

One woman was strangled; another drowned in a bath. In another case, a 21-year-old Turkish woman who was forcibly married to

her cousin was stabbed to death on the street by her husband in front of their three-year-old daughter. Police records show that

45 "honour killings" have been committed within Germany's two million-plus Muslim community in the past eight years. Now that

 at least five have occurred in just four months in Berlin alone, the German authorities and local Turkish leaders are desperately

rying to find out why.

Karl Mollenhauer, a Berlin police psychologist, blamed Islamic religious leaders for failing to address the problem. Last week,

he also suggested that the German authorities were at fault for failing to intervene in case they were branded racist.

"We have silently allowed a parallel society to develop because of fears that we would sow hatred by talking openly about its injustices.

The women have paid the price for this," he said. Serap Cileli, a German-born Turkish woman who finds homes for women threatened by

"honour murders", said: "If I criticise the Islamic community over these problems, I find that the Germans criticise me for being anti-foreigner.

At the same time, many Turks say I am fouling my own nest.

"I am sad to say that we have a Turkish problem in
Germany. Official claims that the majority of Turks are well integrated here are pure eyewash.

To: <>
Saturday, February 26, 2005 12:08 PM
Subject: request for interview on CKLN
 Dear Homa,
> Thank you very much for your willingness to find time
> in your schedule for an interview with me.  I am
> thrilled to hear that you and your important message
> are in such high demand.
> As I mentioned to you on the phone, I would like to
> speak with you about your experiences as a woman
> living in
Iran.  The interview will be part of a
> special hour long show about the life of women in
> after the
US occupation and recent election.  The
> program will air on Tuesday, March 8th at
7 pm.  I
> think your experiences will be able to help shed some
> light on what Iraqi women may have to contend with
> given increasing religious influence in government and
> other aspects of their lives.  The interview itself
> will be about 15 minutes in length.
> I would like very much to meet you in person for the
> interview at a location of your choice, but will
> understand if that is not possible and am prepared to
> do the interview by phone.  The following times work
> best for me:
> Mon., Feb. 28 - any time after
4 pm
> Tues., March
1 - 4 to 6 pm, or after 8 pm
> Wed., March 2 - any time after
4 pm
> Thurs., March 3 - Between 4 and
6 pm
> Thank you, yet again, for all of your work and
> assistance.
> Yours truly,
Odelia Bay
> CKLN 88.1 FM


Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 8:20 AM

Subject: Question regarding an article on your site


Dear Ms. Arjomand - I am a lawyer at Cassels Brock and am considering citing one of the articles which appears on your

website, but in order to properly reference it, I need to get some further information regarding the author, if possible. 

In particular, I am interested in using the articles which are listed under Azar Majedi.  Do you know if these have

been published anywhere aside from your web site?  Further, I have read your articles and speeches and would be

 interested in getting a copy of some of them , if possible.  I am particularly interested in articles that cover the issue

of the alleged "voluntary" nature of participation in a shariah arbitration, and that if consent is conscripted by culture, etc,

it cannot, by definition be voluntary.   I realize you are an incredibly busy woman but wonder if you could give me a call to

 discuss this email for a few minutes.  I am in the office all day today and can be reached directly at the information below. 

Thank you in advance for your attention to this email.

Your truly,
Robyn Campbell
Robyn E. Campbell
Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP


To: <>
> Sent:
Tuesday, February 22, 2005 3:29 PM
> Subject: conference on Edmonton
>> Good afternoon, Homa!
>> I hope you have received my previous message with the more information on the panel that we, the Ethnocultural Coalition, s planning

 for the November 2005.If you agree to participate with Marion Boyd and another speaker that we have still not identified, please

let me know about your speaker's fee and other possible expenses.
>> Sincerely,
>> Tatjana Alvadj
>> Sexual Health Educator for Ethnocultural Communities
>> Planned Parenthood

Dear Ms. Arjomand,
> I write on behalf of the international law societies of Osgoode Hall LawSchool and the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, to

thank you for your participation in the 12th Annual Canadian International Law Students'Conference (CILSC) on Saturday,

February 26, 2005.
> Your expertise and leadership in the area of Shari'a law made a valuable and timely contribution to the panel and

the CILS Conference as a whole. In light of the rapidly changing global socio-economic climate, you helped to
> ground and stimulate discussion on one of the most  important issues of international and domestic law.
 Please know that we deeply appreciate the time you took from your busy schedule to prepare your remarks and to be with us.

Once again, thank you very much for your expertise and generosity. We look forward to following
> your work and hope to meet again in the near future.
> Most appreciatively,
> Paul Jonathan Saguil
> Panel Chair, on behalf of
> The CILS Conference Committee



Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2005 11:36 PM

Subject: campaign


Madame Homa,


please find hereunder the translation we made of your petition in France, on our forum,

we ask the same respect of secularisme ("laicité" in french) in France,

our web site is :


we published among other texts, an article called "laicarde puisque feministes" :  secularistist because feminists

in the journal "Le monde" in may 2003.


we wrote texts to explain that laws for minorities are racistes and against democraty


and to explain what happen in the french island of "mayotte" where Charia is the officiel law for natives (!!!)


to summarize, in Mayotte, there is a "racist" distinction among native and other, the first being submitted

to charia law for civils matters, so men have to right to be polygames,recently (2003), the french

parliament ( becomed rightist) voted a law forbidding in mayotte the regulations of the charia wich are 

against equality between men and women, so polygamy will no more be permitted.




cercle of study of feminist reforms

pour signer :



> To: "Homa Arjmand" <>
> Sent:
Thursday, February 17, 2005 12:22 PM
> Subject: dutch radio
>> Hi Homa,
>> I just want to let you know that you were on Dutch Radio 1 today  (February 17).
>> Thank you again for being on our program.
>> There were two reactions on our website. Both of them said the same: no  sharia in
>> Sincerely,
>> Margot Grant>

To: <>
> Sent:
Wednesday, February 16, 2005 12:55 PM
> Subject: Dalhousie speaker follow up
>> Hi Homa,
 I am sending you a scanned copy of the article that appeared in the  Dalhousie Gazette Issue 137-19 February 10th, 2005 describing

your visit.
 Also, we have a thank you gift from the Dalhousie Association of Women and  the LAw and Law Hour to thank you for your visit. 

However I need an address  to send it to that is not a P.O. Box.  Would you please let me know where to  send this small token of

our thanks?
>> Thanks,
>> Polina.



To: Homa Arjomand

Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 12:28 PM

Subject: Inquiry


Hello Homa,

I'm wondering if you could let me know how close the government is on making a decision about

Muslim Courts in Canada.  I received a few emails from you thus far on the issue but would really like

to know where it stands right now.



Alisha Kraushar


Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 4:48 PM

Subject: Availability for Speaking Engagements - Zonta Club of Hamilton 1


Hello Homa.


I saw you interviewed on TVO a number of weeks ago and I was most interested in your presentation

and history.I am writing as a member of the Hamilton 1 Zonta Club -- and a member of the Legislative

Awareness Committee of that Club.  Zonta is an International Organization committed to the Advancement

of the Status of Women world wide.


Our committee is seeking people interested and available to speak at a public forum in the fall --

a breakfast venue in Hamilton -- regarding issues pertaining to Legislative Awareness.  We are particularly

 interested in the topic of  Sharia Law in Canada.  When I saw your interview I thought that you could

contribute greatly to our task of further understanding this legislation and its impact on Muslim woman in



If you are interested nad/or if you would like further information and details from me you can reach

me via email or by telephone at:-----


Yours Sincerely

Donna Paige, MSW, RMFT


Cc: Paul Saguil

Sent: Sunday, February 13, 2005 10:39 PM

Subject: Canadian International Law Students' Conference 2005


Homa Arjomand,


We hope that you may be able to attend the CILSC Opening Night Dinner as our Guest of Distinction

Please see the attached invitation and Dinner Acceptance Form.  We request your electronic response

as soon as possible, and your hard copy and cheque response for receipt by February 22, 2005.


You may respond to this e-mail account or my other Osgoode account specified in the forms.


Kindest regards,


Zara Merali

CILSC Finance Chair &

Opening Night Dinner Coordinator



To: "Homa Arjomand"
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2005 6:57 PM
Subject: letters

> Hi Homa:
> Thank you so much for forwarding your correspondence to Justice Colter. Yesterday I received a letter

 from the PM's office, written by S. Russell,Executive Correspondence Officer, regarding my concerns of

Sharia law in Ontario. I was advised that the matter "does not fall within the jurisdiction of the federal

government" and I should pursue my enquiries with the "appropriate provincial authority". I will continue to

correspond with the Prime Minister and my MP, Dr. Carolyn Bennett as this is definitely an issue that affects

all Canadians.
 I have indeed been corresponding with Mr. McGuinty, Mr. Bryant and Mr.  Leach
> of the Ontario Government and will continue to do so.
I am very concerned over proposed changes to the laws as outlined in the website of the Islamic Institute

of Civil Justice. I would be happy to share these concerns with you. I know how very busy you are but

want you to know that I will continue to work diligently to ensure that there will be only one law for all in 

 Ontario and Canada.
 Again, thank you so much for your unrelenting efforts.
> Regards,
 Jane Moseley



Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 11:21 PM

Subject: Re: build a coalition to prevent Sharia court/ faith based court in your Prov...


... Very good -- so who's the coalition in Alberta? and who does one contact if one wishes to join? > Leo

The Community Networks Group (

. Social Marketing . Information Broadcasting . Public Relations . Fund Raising . Events Management . Topical Speakers .
. Organizational Development . Meeting Facilitation . Leadership Development Workshops . Strategic Counsel . Advocacy .
Media Workshops . Resource Research . Spanish & English Interpreting & Translations . Proposal Development . Happenings . 

PS. Wish to be removed (or) receive duplicates of our postings? Be kind and let us know

Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 11:11 PM

Subject: RE: Build a coalition in order to prevent sharia court/ any faith based court in your provinces

 Dear Homa,
> I extended my offer to be a part of coalition against "Shriah in
Canada" on
> behalf of my two organizations, "The New Islam Foundation" and "Independent
> Muslim Media Network", but I didn't get any 'cut to cut' reply from you.
> Instead I am just receiving group emails, that's all. We have no idea how to
> proceed for such coalition and what you mean by coalition.
> If you are serious in any coalition, please write us 'cut to cut'.
> Regards
> Tahir Gora
Hamilton Canada
> President "The New Islam Foundation" (
> President "Independent Muslim Media Network"

 From: "Tatjana" 

Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 11:50 AM

Subject: Panel in Edmonton

> Dear Ms. Arjomand:
> I am a member of the Ethno-cultural Coalition in
Edmonton, an interagency
> group of individuals working on different aspects of family relations in
> ethno-cultural communities. The Coalition participates every year in
> organizing the national conference on family violence here in
> This year, the organizers of the conference are planning to have a section
> on religion and family. Our Coalition is proposing a panel of three to four
> presenters who would address the Sharia law from different perspectives. We
> believe that your view on the issue will enrich the discussion and provide
> the audience with important insight.
> The conference is held usually at the beginning of November (I still don't
> have an exact date). For now, if you are willing and able to come, please,
> let me know about your standard fee and other possible requirements.
> If you need any additional information, please, do not hesitate to ask.
> Sincerely,
> Tatjana Alvadj
> Sexual Health Educator for Ethnocultural Communities
> Planned Parenthood
> #50, 9912 - 106 Street

 From: "Susan Russell" < 

To: "'Homa Arjomand'" <>

Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 8:44 AM

Subject: RE: Speaker Invitation Dalhousie Law School

We will do that.  I am trying to educate our group in the issue and so get
> peripheral support for what you are doing since this is a human rights issue
> important to all of us.
> Susan A.C. Russell

 From: "Trenchard More

To: "Homa Arjomand" <>

Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 2:22 PM

Subject: Re: Speaker Invitation Dalhousie Law School

> Congratulations. Your work is most important. Thanks for your March 8th
> announcement. Excellent theme.
> Theme:
> Separation of Religion from state, in defense of secularism, Against Sharia
> court in
Canada for removal of family law from Ontario Arbitration act 1991.
> Trenchard

 From: "Frank Kuin" 

Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 1:03 PM

Subject: Holland newspaper


> Dear Ms. Arjomand,
> Following up on our telephone conversation this morning, I would like to
> make a request to attend your speech at
McGill University this coming
> Friday, and make an appointment for an interview.
> As I mentioned, my name is Frank Kuin, I am a Montreal-based correspondent
> with NRC Handelsblad, a leading daily newspaper in the
Netherlands that is
> comparable to the Globe and Mail. Based in
Rotterdam, NRC Handelsblad has a
> circulation of about 275,000 and is widely read by politicians, academics
> and opinion leaders.
> I am preparing an article about the proposed arbitration by Islamic courts
> in
Ontario, a subject I have already written about once last year.
> I would like to ask you about your efforts to stop this initiative and your
> response to the Boyd report. Specifically, I would like to find out more
> about mediation and arbitration in practice. Are you familiar with any
> mediated cases of family disputes in
Ontario's Muslim Community? Have any
> such cases ended badly from your perspective?
> In terms of the logistics for Friday, I have two questions:
> - Is there anyone in particular at McGill whom I should approach to arrange
> for my attendance at your speech?
> - When would be a good time for us to meet? I am available all day Friday,
> or even on Thursday if you're already in
Montreal by then. If it would be
> possible to meet anytime before your speech rather than after, that would be
> great.
> Thank you very much and I'm looking forward to speaking with you,
> Best Regards,
> Frank Kuin
> Correspondent, NRC Handelsblad (


 From: "Denise Groulx"

Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 9:16 AM

Subject: Rép. : Fw: Speaker Invitation Dalhousie Law School


> Thanks for informing me of the different actions you are taking to
> prevent  civil (religious) courts in
> I sent a letter to our Justice MInister in
Quebec as well as in Ottawa
> and both answered me .  In the case of
Quebec, we have a Civil Code with
> enough teeth to prevent such an occurrence.  However, we must remain
> vigilant.
> Have a nice day.

Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2005 9:00 PM

Subject: Re: Peter Goldring's speech

Dear Homa


Thanks for keeping us informed.  I agree 100% with Peter Goldring, that the issue of Sharia Court is a federal issue, because if it becomes entrenched in any province, it would be only a matter of time before it would be demanded in all provinces.  I hope that the letter sent to MPP's on Jan. 19 2005 was also sent to all the MP's.  If not, I hope you will consider doing so.  It is important to get the nosharia point of view across to as many people in power as possible.  I would like to obtain the list of signatories to the letter of Jan 19.  Is it available on the website?  Or would you forward it to me?  I want to write to my own MPP (not the first time), and MP, and it would be helpful to know who has already supported the "nosharia" position when I write my letter to him.


The International Campaign against Sharia Court in Canada should be asking the Canadian Government for tax exemptions for donations, as the supporters of Sharia Court have that privilege through the mosques.


We need more "brand recognition", so maybe we could have small lapel pins "nosharia" that we could ask supporters to wear.


Thank you for being so strong.  We will prevail.